Mirror service -249 ES, 35MS 55INT, 1abyss Boots, "8L" hand casting gloves and other stuff.

Welcome to my mirror thread. PM here or in game if any item is intresting for you.

Nice boots for any ES build :)
~b/o 300 exalt
Fee: 20ex

"Hand Casting Gloves" with aoe and projectile lvl. Had this for Winter Orb, really smooth casting and fast clear. Will work well with new self cast gems :)
~b/o 10 mirror
Fee: 80ex
Copies: 2

Delve items:

Insanity gloves with Delve prefix (% life) and Delve suffix (attack and cast speed). Really hard to craft similar gloves.
~b/o 2 mirror
Fee: 20ex

Really strong leech amulet (maybe strongest in game atm?) (very good to not have instant-leech in deep delves, zombie goo and other degens is mitigated with good leech!) I managed to get Delve 1100 with blade flurry and had no problem with that Zombie goo.

~b/o 4 mirror
Fee: 30ex
Copies: 1

Big life and res boots with Delve %life prefix and 35ms. 141 life, 124% total res.
~b/o 3 mirror
Fee: 20ex
Copies: 1

Two good helmets with abyss sockets. One with good int/str and one with good life with delve prefix and +3 (!) minion gems. Really good for empower and 21 herald of purity.
~b/o 2 mirror
~b/o 2 mirror
Fee: 20ex

Other items:
Good amulets:
~b/o 3 mirror
Fee: 50ex

Some items are not perfect, if needed to be perfect let me know and we can work something out.

Fees can be negotiated, come with good argument then.

Ingame: @SnurrS
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