Old soundtrack for Hideout Music Player

Dear GGG,

First let me thank you for the awesome music you always add to the game.

I miss the old one, though: I enjoyed the original musical theme of Lioneye's watch so much! Is it possible to add some of old soundtracks to the Hideout Music Player? I always wanted to have an old musical theme of Lioneye's watch in my HO. Besides - I think it will make Music Player for your "old" players as well :)
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I like the old soundtracks. Lioneye's Watch, Dominus and Malachai fights stood out to me on my recent run through in league. These new songs sound so out of place, and some of them like Heart of Corruption are not good at all. Actually first time in PoE I genuinely thought about muting the music.

https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2701415 was a disappointment to hear.

With current game policy, it is questionable to even replace the music files with the old ones as well. Dumb change.

No reason to outright remove the music. Make it a toggle in options, or make it available in hideout music player... Now you just drove players to edit files.

Edit: Fat chance. Looks like licensing was lost for Adgio Hutchings tracks. What a shame.
† You were a good man in a bad situation, Fairgraves. †
See what I am currently after here: 1767138
Thanks Chris! 2797098
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