Metamorph Tane Octavius Voice Better in ExileCon than Subsequently Published Trailer?

Hi all!

(re-posted from general discussion, because I subsequently realized there is a more on-topic forum for this).

Anyone else notice the difference in Tane Octavius' voice between the trailer shown on the ExileCon live stream and the subsequently published trailer?

I like the one played at ExileCon more - the effect on his voice sounds cool to me. It sounds like he's wearing the helmet while speaking in the ExileCon trailer version and he has the helmet off while speaking in the YouTube trailer version.

Anyone else have thoughts on it?

Clip from ExileCon stream:

Subsequently posted trailer on YouTube:
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I like exilecon version. But it might be slightly more difficult to understand for non-english people.
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...

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