3.5.0c Patch Notes

It's appeared went i start game. Please fix it.
Krivoruky developers bought top-end armor made it with 6 sockets, made it with 3 white sockets in the shelter of thugs and in the zoo it was written to improve to 30% of quality as a result I have this armor became defiled and what fig I need it now, where to talk about it that we will give 30% of quality by imposing on it a defilement, why would I kill a crowd of fat mobs running all over the map getting this shit in your bestinariy.

Also a question about the balance of catching on t4 animals, I discovered a recipe for the creation of 4 spheres of the goldsmith? Why do I need this stuff for such my attached works at level 80+

I have not played the previous 2 leagues just because of the menagerie and the mines, and now you forcefully push players who are interested in a free game after the plot there.
And new bug occured now - I cant choose right option many times after defeating syndicate member - I can always interrogate but many times I cant choose second option on the right...Button not react...
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No Pain No Gain!!!
What the *&^(% did you guys do with last patch? When the league was introduced I was running perfectly (computer only 5 months old). No disconnects to lags etc.

They came the big update. Keeping my fingers crossed (oh gods don't let it be bad).

I signed on in Wash DC near where I live. Within 10 minutes CRASH. Old style crash where everything freezes and I force restart my entire machine.

Brought up machine etc signed on this time in Texas. Within 15 minutes. CRASH again. Complete freeze forcing another reboot.

Went to California and CRASH almost immediately. Again total freeze. Tried again in Wash DC. CRASH once again, forcing another reboot.

This after running perfectly for over a month.

God don't let this turn out like last league. I barely played and crashed over and over. I'M NOT DOING THAT AGAIN FOR THIS DAMN GAME.

At the first crash I'm gone for the day, then the week then the month until this shit is fixed. I can't standing facing this again.
Standard used to be for players that didn't mind waiting for new content they prioritise a stable game .. Has GGG changed this..? Why not test the massive amount of changes on League first..???? Is that not the whole point of having leagues in first place. It almost seems like you now have testing everywhere ( although to different degrees )... Please get back to core stable game & leagues with testing new ideas or any changes, this way at least there is 1 area of the game that is free of major bugs

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