3.5.0d Hotfix Patch Notes

Glad to see that GGG is STILL SANE, EXILE
Orcasauce написал:
What possible reason do you have to use a short to store anything that only happens once per account? Is storage so strapped 2 extra bytes per account would break the bank?

It's to encourage players to buy long integers in the shop. /s
Hey guys, i'm having issues with the syndicate not spawning on burials chambers if it's in a fortification encounter, it spawns off limits on the map 80% of the time. You guys might be aware of this tho. In that case ingnore this :)
I keep getting dc'd every 5 minutes in Sao Paulo realm. Unplayable.
Awesome, now tell me how this qualifies as "substantially increased". This was the 3rd and the highest I found in a T2 map.

You got some splainin to do, Lucy!
Is anyone else having to run packcheck.exe every few hours to keep their game in sync? Haven't had this issue before 3.5.0c but it's a major nuisance now.

Tried reinstalling. Tried re-downloading. Tried deleting .dlls. even tried sacrificing a goat in Chris' name, but nothing has worked so far.

Same level of frustration, but different gripe... I think y'all fucked up Niko. My sulphite cap went up by 4.5x (Sweet!) but I've only seen Niko twice in the last 8 hours of play for a total of 1600ish sulphite. His "daily's" constantly spawn on maps I don't have and haven't completed (SSF) so it's feeling like Delve has left the league for me. Kinda sucks to be banging out t14s fast and dirty to be stuck at depth 114.

I still have Einhar and all 12 useless unique/flask recipes he has, but he's my comic relief when I'm missing Niko so that's cool. He's a stand up dude. Alva's still around having me run her errands, it's just Niko that seems to be giving me to cold shoulder. What a drama queen right?

Oh snap! Niko just poped up to say hey! Only once in the map, same as the last two, so I think he's still frigid, but at least he's taking baby steps.
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines. Do you like gladiator movies?
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I know it wasn't touched with this hotfix, however in the last patch there was a fix for two and three socket crafting. Yet some of us even though we did the first encounter of delve still do not have the two and three socket crafting.

Edit: Nevermind for me I just never grabbed it.
Последняя редакция: Dorky106. Время: 20 дек. 2018 г., 15:28:36

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