3.5.1 Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where Safehouse rewards were entirely based on the leader's rank, rather than each reward being based on the rank of the syndicate member associated with that reward.

In a strange way, every patch set I read just gets me more and more glad I can't play POE due to RL for approximately 2 weeks.

Keep up the great work. When I resume playing, most of the bugs will probably be taken care of.
I'm probably stupid, but I didn't understood the mastermind's fight mechanics (and died). They become invincible, but fights back and can be attacked? I need to do something to advance the fight (destroy a pillar?), but in the next stage there is something else? I guess I will need to read a guide if I will ever get to another mastermind fight.

On an other note, I find it pretty annoying that after every encounter I need to consult a web site about what immortal syndicate members do where.
How about you fix performance issues instead of dishing out new packs. Amazing game made unplayable.
Naw not going to even be altered until February. Why? Tons f Newbies to sell armor and mtx to.
Lots of money to be made and not much work.

Tons of newbies + Mtx & Armor for sale = POE gone til February.
So it's Fuck Off Mate personally from POE to you.
I honestly thought Delve was bad, but this league turns out to be even worse, so many bugs, so many pointless grinds and dumb waste of time, this syndicate bullshit has to be the most boring content I've ever had to deal with on this game, really, I just fell like I wasted money and time on this game.
Uhh there's a lot of flaming in this forum as far as i can see but there's not much feedback from the staff so i guess that is generating it... In any case, is there any chance that winter orb gets a hotfix whereas it doesn't lag as much ? Cheers.
Thanks for fixing the syndicate stacking bug! That was really annoying.

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