Path of Exile: Synthesis Patch Notes

Psykrom написал:
Really upset here about the last minute stealth change to Shadow's Resourcefulness node wheel.
I liked it as it was and try to plan builds in POB, now everything will be broken with the next update, not amused.

Using Reddit should certainly not be the way to properly share important news with the community.

So the picture on Reddit was the old node wheel? Cause there is still no update for POB. Your news feed is simply confusing. Don't post news on Reddit please.
Getting Shader file size error! Send help!
Finnien написал:
Syndicate, my least favorite league mechanic ever, is now a permanent thing, and can't be ignored via locking laboratory anymore.

Wait...what? Is this true? Edit: Is it true we can't leave it on lab anymore???
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also getting Shader file size error!
Same error for as well
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
Psykrom написал:
Nibelton написал:

also,yes arc is dead,pls dont play it so i could make instakillanything build almost for free.

Arc is not dead, learn to read.

exactly my thoughts ! LEARN TO READ.
Is there any bug with mortal conviction ( low life ) life reserved or im mission something ?

IGN = Tominsideeeee

The constant nerfs to leech, jeez.

Diablo 3 all over again.
I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't help the way people interpret my words.
Trying to figure out why or how my movement speed was nerfed, when my effective bonus was above 50% previously (Don't recall the exact number) and now it's only 49%

The character in question is an SRS Lycosidae Witch build and as far as I can tell after combing and ctrl+F-ing the patch notes multipel times, none of my items, gems, or skill nodes have been changed, except for the noted changes to SRS itself.

Any ideas?

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