3.6.0c Patch Notes

Not exactly sure what happened but after this patch, cavas isnt spawning on the main story maps anymore. Ive gone from the ruined city area in act 5 to the Prison in act 6 full clearing all the maps, but no Cavas spawns. Ive logged out of the game and back in several times. Ill try selecting a different character next.

*Edit 1 - full cleared the Docks with a different character, no part of the map left in fog of war and still no cavas. I havent seen any other posts regarding this so ill try uninstalling and reinstalling next. Could just be my install messed up.*

*Edit 2 - tried to avoid full uninstall reinstall by the simple repair option but did nothing. Full uninstall/reinstall now :-/*

*Edit 3 - Full reinstall does not seem to have resolved the issue. I like the jigsaw puzzle connecting roads. Hope I can play with it again soon. Dont have any more ideas.*

*Final Edit - Cavas finally showed up in the forest area. No clue but guess im good.*
Последняя редакция: Solsora. Время: 13 марта 2019 г., 22:04:16
So when is this patch going live, because the Decay still kicks in to full gear in a matter of seconds.
Was this patch not actually implemented? Most of the issues stated as fixed still seem to be active.

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