Shatter sound.

Please bring back old shatter sound. It was one of iconic things of POE that made cold builds so satisfying to play.

This new sound is like a popcorn popping and ruins feedback of cold builds.
Last bumped on 2 окт. 2019 г., 16:45:07
Please bring the old shatter sound back.
Yep, bring back the old sound; the new one lacks presence and intensity. Shatter should sound like something is getting brutally smashed up - this new fx just sounds whimpy..
Последняя редакция: Jase78. Время: 7 сент. 2019 г., 16:14:31
Yeah old shatter was one of the best parts of the game honestly, this change actually makes the game significantly less fun for me.
+1 for the old sound.
+1 for old sound, new one is bland and playing frost builds now is really dull
For whoever at GGG is the pigheaded one who thinks we're actually dumb enough to buy the "performance" excuse for removing the absolutely perfect old sound effect, as if you can't just recreate it 100 different ways without having whatever the supposed performance issues are you're talking about happening now, I want to say the new sound (or sounds) for what they are aren't bad. But they aren't replacements for THE shatter sound.

I have worked in sound design and you are blowing smoke so far up our asses when you talk about this. Yes - sound in a 3D space can have performance issues, especially when it plays all at once. But I could extract an mp3 of the old shatter sound and do whatever I want with it and I guarantee 100% it would get identical results to any other sound you are swapping into the game right now, so stop trying to reinvent the wheel (without even a patch note for it).

You are trying to replace something that is basically a backbone, a core principle of this game at this point, for no good reason. The shatter sound is iconic, punchy, and for many people, so cathartic that it is in fact THE reason they make builds based around shattering. The new sound simply doesn't have this, and silly as it sounds to say it, I bet people wouldn't like the game or these builds as much if the effect sounded the way it does right now years ago.

This whole debacle is lunacy. You've rolled back changes before so I hope you see reason here and realize what a ridiculous thing it is you've tried to do here. I really, really just do not get it, and your reasoning is technical bullshit, so that's even more baffling. I'm guessing Jim in HR's son is trying to break in to sound design and you didn't want to say no?
No fun allowed.™
Последняя редакция: Ashriel. Время: 1 окт. 2019 г., 19:07:01
+1 for old sound. As silly as it may seem the old shatter sound was my favorite part of playing PoE. This new sound doesn't satisfy me at all like the old one did. Please reconsider. :(
I've also tried out a cold skill (Ice Shot), and the updated sound in 3.8.1d just doesn't cut it.
It sounds like a wet snowball hitting a wall; "plaff". Sounds muffled.

It has a hint of something crunchy when I crit, but it's about as far from being good enough, as a toddler is from running a marathon.
Mastermind fight bugged out at last quadrant. Fixed yet?
Последняя редакция: SpectralDrake. Время: 2 окт. 2019 г., 16:59:02

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