Suggestion : more building hideout decorations (roofs/walls/floors)

There will probably be a new master added in 3.9 or after which means new decorations too, it would be great to have a lot more possibilities in terms of building/flooring decorations. At the moment it is very hard to make original buildings as the mandatory decorations are pretty limited, especially when it comes to roofs/walls/floors. If we could have more variations of various styles it would be awesome. I think there're many people willing to create their own town but we don't have many possibilities to make a convincing and original decor.

Like stony floors (like in act1, and from the brutal hideout, with different colors). Pointy roofs, and also medieval styled one in rock/wood/straw. Same for the walls, more variations.

These are the very basic things out of which it is possible to extent the range of possibilities, it'd allow the creators to make a LOT more hideouts.

Also a very good thing would be to get a different height variations so we can make several buildings with different sizes, giving a better richness to the hideout.
My hideout thread :
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