[3.8] Poet's Pens are back on the menu, boys! Agnostic MoM Indigon Poet's Pens

I find it unlikely that GGG will nerf Agnostic + MoM, but we will see. I'll make sure to update the build once the patch notes are dropped.

Before I get into it, note that this build is NOT cheap. I do not suggest league starting it, using a 5-link, using budget gear, or playing it on HC/SSF. This build will cost roughly 6 ex to start mid-league (heavily dependent on Cloak of Defiance 6L and watcher's eye prices). Here's a quick over-view of how the poet's pens builds were nerfed:

Volatile Dead nef
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3.9: Now has a limit of 60 Orbs.

Hurts a lot for our delving, probably not viable anymore XD

Poet's Pen nerfs
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3.6: The Poet's Pen now only triggers spells socketed within it if you attacked with that specific weapon. Previously, dual-wielding The Poet's Pen would mean that you triggered spells from both weapons with each attack.

3.8: Now triggers socketed spells at the end of an attack, rather than at the start. Now has a cooldown of 0.15 seconds (from 0.25). {Technically a buff!}

Indigon Nerf
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Now grants 20-25% (down from 50-60%) increased Spell Damage for each 200 total Mana you have spent Recently, up to a maximum of 2000%.

Healthy Mind nerf
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3.8: Now limited to 1.

Zerphi's Last Breath nerf
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3.2: Now recovers life over 4 seconds instead of instantly. It now heals you for 450-600% of the mana cost, down from 800%. Divining existing versions of Zerphi's Last Breath will set it to these values.

3.5: Now grants a buff when you use a skill during the flask's effect. This buff recovers 450-600% of the skill's mana cost as life per second. This buff (and the healing) is removed when you are hit.

With basically everything for Poet's Pens, it was thought to be dead. . .


Here's why:

Corpse Pact
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30% increased damage if we've consumed a corpse recently.
Enemies near corpses we spawn are chilled/shocked.
Corpses we spawn have 50% increased maximum life.
2% increased attack and cast speed for each corpse we've consumed recently.

This solves the first problem with the nerf: the attack speed. This is easily accessible attack speed and is precisely what we will abuse with Volatile Dead.

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Now has a corpse limit of 10 (from 15)
Now has a cast time of 0.6 seconds (from 0.8)
Now has a base duration of 4 seconds (from 5).
No longer has a cooldown.

This enables us to easily gain access to 10 corpses on the fly, allowing us to spawn up to 9 volatile dead fireballs per cast.

Cloak of Defiance
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This provides us with Mind over Matter (MoM), 10% damage taken from mana before life, a hefty amount of flat mana, and 1% mana regeneration per second (scalable with increased mana regeneration rate!).

The Agnostic
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Transforms nearby keystones into the Agnostic Keystone, which provides this:
Maximum Energy Shield is 0
While not on Full Life, Sacrifice 20% of Mana per Second to Recover that much Life.

This solves a majority of our survivability issues as it provides easily accessible life recovery and powerful mana regen because of MoM.

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I understand that this is the legacy version, but it is very easy to still hit the spell damage cap with a nerfed version. The legacy version just allows you to reach that point much sooner. This item solves any damage problem that we would ever have. 2000% increased damage is not something to scoff at. However, the nutty part is the "Non-instant mana recovery from flasks is also Recovered as life." With the new enduring mod for mana flasks, we can gain a substantial amount of both life and mana per second with a single flask slot (4200 mana and life over 5.8 seconds).

It's virtually impossible to find a good helmet enchant for our build on an Indigon, but you would want VD consumes +1 corpse, 40% increased VD damage, 21% increased attack/cast speed with Flesh Offering, or +5 unearth corpse level.

Watcher's Eye
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You don't need a 20 ex watcher's eye to make this work, but I snagged it for 90c. The increased mana recovery rate is extremely powerful and allows us to regenerate far more mana (and subsequently life) per second.
Required Mod:
-#% Increased Mana Recovery Rate while affected by Clarity.

Secondary Mods:
-Gain a flask charge when you deal a critical strike while affected by precision
-#% Damage taken from mana before life while affected by Clarity
-#% of Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds when Hit while affected by Clarity.
-#% increased Attack Speed while affected by Precision.

And, of course: The Poet's Pens
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You don't need ridiculous mods like "Damage Penetrates 8-10% elemental resistance" to make this build work, but those would substantially increase our DPS and make bossing against guardians/shaper/elder more viable.

Here's my gear
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Note: An assassin's mark ring will allow you to not run blasphemy assassin's mark. Additionally, Assassin's Mark significantly improves your mapping/delving experience by making your CoC more consistent.

PoB Links
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Current (lvl 91) https://pastebin.com/zmRc5Lzs
Level 100 https://pastebin.com/6gvhx8zr

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T16 Lair
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Recorded, need to upload

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Deathless Minotaur
Deathless Hydra
Edit 1: Lost my Phoenix and Chimaera videos. Will have to re-record them when I have time.
Edit 2: Apparently my hydra video does work, I'm just dumb
Edit 3: My apologies to anyone trying to watch the Minotaur/Hydra videos! I've properly set the videos up this time so you may watch.

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Deathless Shaper
It was my first time ever fighting him so give me some slack if I played bad.

300 Depth Delve showcase
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Lost this footage, need to re-record.

Boss To-do list
-Uber Elder
-Uber Atziri

Haven't done a completed legion splinter thing yet, so that's something I'll do sometime next league.

Stats you are looking for on rare gear
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I am excluding resistances and attributes as those are obvious.
Defensive mods
-Flat life
-Flat mana
-Damage Taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds

Damage mods
-Flat added damage to spells
-Increased Mana Regeneration Rate
-Curse enemies with Assassin's Mark

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-Safe and fast map clear
-Virtually unkillable while mapping
-PoEtS pEnS

-Will lag you out if you are under 3 Mbps (not to be confused with 3 MBps)
-Not EQ Jugg levels of tankiness
-EHP fluctuates constantly while fighting a boss
-Have to use some of your brain when fighting bosses
-Dodge-based survivability (not for everyone)

Q & A that I came up with. Original, I know.

Q: Ok, that's cool and all, but is this build aLl CoNtEnT vIaBlE?
A: Technically, yes, but with heavy investment. You would need Ele Pen Poet's Pens to even consider fighting Uber Elder, along with really powerful rares. I have killed Guardians + Shaper. The damage is there, but it's inconsistent on how much you will get dicked.

Q: WTF?? Not aLl CoNtEnT vIaBlE?! What's even good for?!
A: Mapping, enjoying yourself, delving.

Q: My damage sucks against bosses. What do?
A: Get better gear. Your mana pool will be your biggest limiter on your damage.

Q: I read all this, I don't really understand how it works. Why are you able to tank so much damage?
A: The EHP of the build is based on several factors, the most important being our sources of damage taken as mana before life. MoM + Cloak of Defiance + my Watcher's eye provides me with 49% damage taken as mana before life. This, essentially, makes our HP 49% more effective. Combined with our Attack/Spell dodge and Evade chance, we virtually never get hit or risk death (but can still die if we're not careful).

Q: Why not go crit?
A: Virtually impossible to fit the investment into the build since it's already so cramped.

Q: What should I anoint?
A: Battle Rouse or Arcane Chemistry. Battle Rouse is better for bossing and is significantly cheaper.
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