3.11 - Pure specter builds for solo high delves (1500+)

Hello guys,

I'm playing a specter necromancer this league and did some research on poe ninja to find inspiration for what worked the best the last delirium league. Although, I don't succeed to find which specters were used to go to that crazy solo depth of 2222 in solo by Deltrr (https://poe.ninja/delirium/builds/char/Trrrrrrr/DelTrr?i=0&search=class%3DNecromancer%26sort%3Ddepth-solo) or delves 1619 for HunNecro (https://poe.ninja/delirium/builds/char/%EC%9D%B4%ED%9B%88%EC%84%9D/HunNecro?i=2&search=class%3DNecromancer%26sort%3Ddepth-solo).

These 2 guys use pure specters builds quite similar from the stuff/configuration I see with the support gems vicious projectiles, elemental damage with attack support and GMP support, the gloves Grip of the council (20% of physical damage as extra cold damage) and the hatred aura. From here I'm so pretty sure the specters used do physical ranged dps. However, many new specters were added with 3.10 (more than 300 indeed...). Thus I can't identify which one are used here. I thought about "crazy drivers" specters the physical equivalent in act 10 of slave drivers (control block) but it seems than their dps is lower than slave driver and I'm not sure their physical spell would works with these support gems. Deltrr use equally fork support. Consequently, if any of you had a clue about it, it will be a great help and have a nice league !

Thanks for your time :)

Edit : My friends thought it might be lithomancer specters
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I would love to know as well, I hit a brick wall at around ~~700 depth with spectres.
If you look on the links in the helmet of HunNecro, it looks to be the Redemption Sentries from Redeemer. The links and such is very similar to the regular spectre build for them.

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