Is there a way to stagger Undying Evangelist's Proximity Shield cast timing for multiple spectres?

I currently have 3 undying evangelists and would love for them to stagger, or at least randomly cast their proximity shield, so that I can get the benefit over a spread out duration. I went to a map and randomly attacked things for a bit but my undying evangelists keep casting their proximity shields all at the same time. Is there a way to stagger it?

Or maybe I'm seeing something wrong. In this video it seems they are sometimes staggered -
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Good idea, hopefully it wont take a whole new game to do this right, but Im afraid it will
Meanwhile link convocation to move. P
I need to test this, but I think you can stagger them with 2 raise spectres gems one with blood magic and one with normal cast, this should stagger the normal one.

I think I actually did this in a sirus fight when it was launched in an attempt to actually tank those cannon barges ( the stagger worked but I didn't tank shit so don't do it.)
Haha same as ol' briney then....

I might swap meat shield then because that's useless too.

I don't think GGG can cater to both minion and radically different builds on long run.
If you join a map with 3 spectres, they will start the cooldown timer at the same time.

The only way to stagger is to raise spectres in the map/boss fight. This will start the cooldown timer from the time they are raised.
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That's sure fiddly :)

I would opt for something else. Now that offerings are toned down a lot and not that cool with mainstream (ball lightning + spectres sure plays better than pure minion now , and its DEF NOT worth going for necro ascendancy because of offerings), maybe offering could be a "minion support gem" too. And you gain such effect like Izaro's or that bow gem. So this could handle 3 times spectre buff differently than subpar graphics with bubbles crossing into other instead of special FX. Note I'm not saying bubbles are bad, but kinda hard to implement, esp. multiple.
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