[3.11] Simple Cold Herald of Purity Necromancer - All content - Sirus on a 4-link

What is this?
This is the simplest Herald of Purity summoner with cold damage conversion. I was surprised I haven't seen this build on the forum before, because it's incredibly simple and quite powerful. Two uniques are required: The Coming Calamity and Triad Grip gloves.

The good and the bad
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+ all content viable,
+ very high damage (can reach 1m+ Sirus dps per Sentinel, and you can have 4 of them (5 with helmet enchant)),
+ great boss killer,
+ quite tanky,
+ does well in blighted maps,
+ can run most content on a 4 link.

- it's a summoner,
- the clearspeed is decent, but nothing spectacular,
- requires two uniques to work, so in SSF can only be done on a second character,
- a lot of buttons to press,
- it's bad against legion encounters.

PoB (use the community fork):
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Required uniques:
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This chestpiece lets us use a 6-link Herald of Purity while still having some mana to run Hatred(which is a massive damage boost with Generosity).

Converts all our minion damage to cold. We need 4 off-colour sockets(4 green).

Map mods:
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We can do all map mods except Ele Reflect. For no regen maps grab a mana flask.

Crafting 4 off-colour Triad Grip:
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Triad Grip are Int/Str gloves, so crafting 4 off colours normally will be very expensive. Therefore you can use this method:
1. Set the item to 3 sockets.
2. Craft 3 green sockets using 120 Chromes on the bench.
3. Craft 4 sockets using the bench.
4. If the new socket is not green, craft the item into 3 sockets using the bench.
5. Repeat steps 3-4 until the 4th socket becomes green.

This way you should have your 4 green sockets with minimal investment.

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Use the Carnage Chieftain (found in A2 Old Fields) + Host Chieftain (A6 Southern Forest) on a gem linked to Blood Magic. The spectres are tanky anyway and they give your other minions Frenzy and Power charges.

General tips
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Put Bone Armour in your left click hotkey, so it's automatically cast whenever it's off cooldown.

Cast Ball Lightning often, not only it spawns your Sentinels of Purity, but it also applies Elemental Equilibrium. Also it culls bosses. Don't worry about it not dealing enough damage - you can initially spawn your minions even on t16 maps without any problems.

You can drop Enduring Cry in favor of Curse on Hit Ball Lightning setup. I personally don't do it, because Enduring Cry is absolutely broken. Or you could just use an Unset Ring and have both.

Make sure you don't have any added Cold damage to spells on your gear! It will ruin your EE and in turn your damage will go down drastically. Added Fire or Lightning damage is okay.

There is potential for having even higher damage in this build - you could use one Essence Worm ring, with Hatred in it and also use a Summon Skitterbots - Bonechill - Enlighten setup. This should leave you with enough mana to cast the rest of your skills and probably would bump up your damage to 1m+ per Sentinel. I haven't tested this though, because I haven't dropped the ring this league yet (I play SSF), but looking at PoB it should be perfectly fine.

Gem links:
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Main skill - Herald of Purity:
Herald of Purity - Deathmark - Multistrike - Minion Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Melee Physical Damage

This requires 4 red sockets on an Int base, but we can get away with only 3 - we can replace Melee Physical Damage with Elemental Focus - all we're losing is some defensive ability of minions to chill and freeze.

Dash - Second Wind - Desecrate - Vaal Haste

Other skills:
Raise Zombie - Feeding Frenzy - Elemental Army - Summon Carrion Golem

Raise Spectre - Blood Magic

Hatred - Generosity

Ball Lightning - Culling Strike

Enduring Cry
Flesh Offering

Example Gear:
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Ascendancy, bandits, anointment and Pantheon:
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Ascendancy order:
Mindless Aggression - Unnatural Strength - Mistress of Sacrifice - Bone Barrier

Bandits: 2 passives.

Amulet anointment:
Ravenous Horde.

Whatever you like. I use Lunaris and Shakari.

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A5 Sirus on a 4-link with pretty bad gear, 0% quality level 19 gems. One death comes from me accidentaly double tapping my dash and going right into ground DoT.

General t16 mapping on a 4-link, Promenade map:

This guide is a WIP. I will be adding more information in the future.
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Nice, gonna start trying this tomorrow!
Hi,if I want to kill A8 Sirus,how can i improve based gear?
Or any suggestions for endgame?
Looking forward to your reply,thanks.

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