Looking for advices on my SRS build

Hello there.

I'm a fairly recent player (started on Metamorph) and have tried quite some stuff so far.
This season I'm focusing on a SRS Necromancer using The Covenant so SRS doesn't cost any mana, Victario's Shield/Necromantic Aegis passive and Storm Brand Curse on Hit to trigger Elemental Equilibrium.

The damages are quite high and the char is fairly safe at long range.. But still I'd like to be able to resist a bit more.. I feel a bit too Glass Cannon and it stresses me a bit (death is too punishing on this game :/)

Here's my full build, mostly self found.
Tree : www.poeurl.com/c382
Stuff :
Скрытый текст

Of course there is still plenty of improvements to be done.
My jewels are all dual resist to reach the 75@, minion damage, blind on hit, immunity to corrupted blood.
I'll eventually get more life on them, rmr..
Haven't checked possibilities on Watcher's Eye, guess there could be some nice option.

I'm thinking about changing armor. Dropping The Covenant for something more defensive (Loreweave which I miss the max res and lower resistance immunity so much, Belly of the Beast, Perfect Form ?). I'd replace Precision for Clarity, eventually a mod on stuff to lower mana cost if that ain't enough.

Also about changing CWDT setup for a better one ? Or removing it to get some defensive aura and add an Illumination support ?

Eventually dropping Victatio for an even more defensive shield and the Necro Aegis point, losing the charges on SRS.. ?

Any thoughts on all this ? What are you guys playing as SRS ? Any recommandations ? :)
Harvest in a nutshell : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2021/17/1/1619449859-poeh.jpg
Ultimatum : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2021/17/1/1619449861-ultimatum-league.png
Expedition : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2021/28/6/1626504707-poe-expedition-in-a-nutshell.png
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