Corpse Brands (My Starter)

So, I have been running a Witch (Necromancer) with Arcanist Brands to trigger Desecrate and Volatile Dead. It probably isn't the most efficient build in the world but it works wonders and gets me into high tier maps with minimal gear investment.

My question for the community as a whole is about the following...

- If the Brand is creating the corpses through Desecrate. Do I get the benefits of "Corpses you spawn"? Ex: Passive skill 'Undertaker'.
I know that I get the Necromancer benefits of Corpse Pact (Enemies are
visibly effected by shock and chill) but I wasn't sure if I get the bonus
life to these corpses being spawned. Is there any way for me to find out?

- Also, do the Volatile Dead bubbles get the increased damage of Brand skills? Ex: Explosive Runes 20% Increased Brand Damage.
Arcanist Brand 55%-46% damage reduction to skills is very obvious when
linked, but I wonder if the Volatile Dead bubbles get the 40%-59% More
damage on Branded targets.

- Lastly, Do mobs take the extra damage to branded targets from Runesmith?
With me producing cap Volatile Dead bubbles per second. I was just
wondering if each of those bubbles were getting the 5% per brand
increased damage taken.

If anyone can answer one or all three of these questions that would be fantastic. I have been running this build for 2 seasons now and am in love.
Last bumped on 9 нояб. 2020 г., 14:08:50

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