3.14 viable Witch zombiemancer very tanker and decent dps, fast map

Hi, this will not be a full guide, i wanna just show a different approach to zombie necromancer.
The idea is become very tanky with a decent dps and ms and only 1 button to play for clearing map fast
The build get 75/70 block with Glacing Bows, huge life steal with Vall Pact and immortal ambition and huge pys resistance with Iron Reflexes.
And runs 6 auras: Determination, Grace, Purity of Elements, Aspect of Avian, Flesh and Stone and Dread banner
Also the full gear is very expensive, but budget itens can be used and have nice results too

Any suggestion will be welcomed, the idea here is to share ideias.

BANDITS : kill all



Must be a staff for block and have aspect of avian+ crafted and minions modes

Budget : femurs of the saint 6L


core, save a lot os stats key nodes and let us run our auras to become tank and deal damage, don't need to be 6L, a 5l can run the build.

this slot is flexible, this one is the legacy version, but even the nerfed new one will fit very well here( it gives a lot of armor and ES becouse we use iron relexes and baron )

rings with all res + str and life or ES, we only need to reach 1k, so find a combination that maximize all res

core item to boost our armour

Drop grace and iron reflexes until you got this

Flexible slot, but imo bleeding immunity is too good to pass

budget : Rainbowstride, will fit very well

Flask > any u want i use ms and remove poison/ignite flasks


Notable Skills:
Glancing Blows
Immortal Ambition
Iron Reflexes
Vall Pact

Jewls -
Abbys jewl minion leech on belt or tree
some res jewl if u dont capped all
efficient training
emperro'r mastery - u can use another efficient training or brawn
emperro'r might - u can use another efficient training or brawn
watcher's eye - the only mandatory is + chaos res with purity of elements
Glorius vanity ahuana - any roll, we just need Immortal Ambition


I have 2 setup of CWDT becouse i really dont like to press buttons, but the gems link are very flexible, the only core links are the staff and body armour

Animate Guardian - Spectre - Meat Shield - Arrogance or Minion Life

Spectres: carnage x2 and host chieftian, animate guardian with fortify

IMO Minion life is better than arrogance, even with some lost on dps spectres die very often without it

5L Grace, Purity of Elements, Flesh and Stone, Enlighten lvl 4, Maim + Flame Dash

Zombie + Multi Strike + Melle Pysh + Empower + Impale + Feeding Frenzy

Even with lost of greater amount of DPS, Feeding Frenzy is a must IMO

CWDT + Bone Offering + Molten Shell + Duration Support
all level 20 gems

CWDT - Desecrate - Convocation + Dread Banner
CWDT Setup all gems level 1

Ring - Determination

Any suggestions are welcomed.

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Looks really nice, going to try it out. For the budget version i guess you go for aspect of the avian on the ring since we're using Femurs staff there

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