Uniques only Bane Occultist

- fast map clear (1 button to kill a pack of mobs)
- do not require any Flasks while mapping
- over 9k ES with good regen;
- immunity to Ailments
- ok defenses: Malediction (10% reduced damage), Lori's Lantern (~6-20% reduced damage from hits), Enfeeble/Temporal Chains, Flesh and Stone

- can feel slow on bosses (a bit less than 1 million combined Shaper DpS)
- require 2 buttons press in tough situations: 1 for damage and 1 for survivability (before Vixen's nerf it was 1 button build)

Endgame content viability

Can do confidently:
- T16 AL9 Maps
- Simulacrum
- Shaper
- Uber Atziri
- Elder
- Uber Elder

Require fight knowledge:
- Sirus
- Maven

Very Hard:
- 100% Delirious Maps
- The Feared

Can comfortably do pretty much any content: can safely do all map mods except "no regen" ones, they are still doable but can be rippy.

Occultist gives good damage boost, quality of life with ability to curse Hexproof enemies and explosions from Profane Bloom have really nice sound. Bane gives nice AoE clear and one cast is enough to kill even Rare monsters.


Dreadbeak, Rusted Sword gives us cast permanent Onslaught and increased damage since we are a Low-Life build.

Prism Guardian, Archon Kite Shield is really good for reserving Life.

The Ivory Tower, Saint's Hauberk is our main defence option: it redirects Chaos damages to Mana and gives us really big amount of ES. Double corrupt can be somewhat expencive, but just one good corruption is noticeably cheaper and enough for almost all content. Currently there are just 3 good corruptions:
- +1 to Level of Socketed Gems;
- +2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems;
- +2 to Level of Socketed Duration Gems.

Crown of the Inward Eye, Prophet Crown is good item since we are scaling Energy Shield and Mana and Life.

Vixen Entrapment, Embroidered Gloves now is not that good, since Bane do not proc Curses in them. But still can be usefull for extra curse.

Windshriek, Reinforced Graves gives us Curse radius, which is good for mapping.

Presence of Chayula, Onyx Amulet gives us more Energy Shield, Chaos Resistance and stun immunity. Use Tempering Catalyst on it to increase ES even more.

Lori's Lantern, Prismatic Ring most importantly reduces incoming damage by approximately 10-15% and the higher incoming hit is the higher will be reduction (up to 20% or something like that).

Dream Fragments, Sapphire Ring Freeze/Chill immunity and a bit of Mana.

Cyclopean Coil, Leather Belt:
- Strength > Dexterity gives Ignite immunity;
- Intelligence > Strength gives Shock immunity.

For Transcendent Mind, Cobalt Jewel and Unnatural Instinct, Viridian Jewel placement is really important.

My current items are pretty min-maxed, but that's not that necessary, I just like to have perfect items or ones with some nice looking numbers. Perfect items could cost quite some currency, but if you are looking for just high enough rolls prices will be much lower (like 1% off perfect item won't decrease your damage/defences, but will be noticeably cheaper).

Labyrinth Enchantments
Helmet: "30% Increased Despair Curse Efeect" is the best enchant you can get.

- "Commandment of Light" can be nice for Consecrated Ground to increase regen;
- "Commandment of Spite" for Chilled Ground to slow enemies even more.

- "Regenerate 2% of Life per second if you were Hit Recently";
- "70% increased Mana Regeneration Rate if you've cast a Spell Recently".

Belt: "Enemies Withered by you have -6% to all Resistances" for extra damage.

What uniques can be easily changed
- Dreadbeak, Rusted Sword for a rare wand with plus level to Chaos/Spell gems;
- Lori's Lantern, Prismatic Ring for some other good ring;
- Cyclopean Coil, Leather Belt for ES Crystal Belt, but you will need to get Ignite/Shock immunity somwhere else, for example on Flasks.

Main Skill: Bane + Despair + Awakened Void Manipulation Support + Empower Support + Awakened Swift Affliction Support + Awakened Controlled Destruction Support

Additional damage: Essence Drain + Awakened Controlled Destruction Support + Efficay Support+Awakened Swift Affliction Support
For Hall of Grandmasters, Promenade Map swap Essence Drain for Scorching Ray in helmet and use it vs CI characters.

Movement: Flame Dash + Arcane Surge Support + Second Wind Support + Steelskin
Keep Arcane Surge Support at level 7. Also place Steelskin on your movement button, so it will be automatically casted while moving, because it has instant cast time.

Auras and buffs:
- Purity of Lightning
- Purity of Fire
- Vaal Discipline, is great for survivability
- Malevolence
- Flesh and Stone for Sand Stance
You can also use Clarity or Vitality but they are not really needed.

Additional curses in gloves: Temporal Chains + Punishment + Enhance Support
Also put Portal there, because Enhance Support will increase its cast time.

Put Enfeeble somewhere else to self cast it and proc Temporal Chains and Punishment from gloves.

Bandits and Pantheon
Bandits: just go for 2 points (kill all) option.

For the minor god i'm going for Soul of Gruthkul for damage reduction, because there is nothing better.

For the major god- usually Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris for survivability.

Leveling tips
Freezing Pulse is good enough for early levels, and Frost Bomb has nice damage and applies Cold Exposure. Also it is nice use Orb of Storms for extra damage.

Damage from Spell gems greatly benefit from levels, so having a wand with gem levels craft is nice. Also sometimes overleveling can be nice if you lack damage/survivability.

As soon as you can get Bane at Act 3 yyou can start leveling with it. You can just link available curses for the start, but beware of Curse limit.

At first Labyrinth take Vile Bastion for Stun protection and survivability. In second Lab go with Void Beacon for extra damage. Third Lab is Profane Bloom, for quality of life on maps. And in the last Lab you can take Withering Presence.

After you aquire Presence of Chayula, Onyx Amulet change Void Beacon for Malediction.

Couple good Unique items:
- Doedre's Damning, Paua Ring extra Curse and a bit of resists;
- Bated Breath, Chain Belt good amount of ES, can even be used in maps;
- Lifesprig, Driftwood Wand extra level for socketed gems.
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Hello, thanks for this! I'm enjoying the build so much so far.
Just a quick note when you said:

At first Labyrinth take Vile Bastion for Stun protection and survivability. In second Lab go with Void Beacon for extra damage. Third Lab is Profane Bloom, for quality of life on maps. And in the last Lab you can take Withering Presence.

After you aquire Presence of Chayula, Onyx Amulet change Void Beacon for Malediction.

you meant to swap Vile Bastion for Malediction right? Because Void Beacon is needed for Withering Presence.

Other than that, I really love this full uniques build.
Hello there, wanna respec to your build from other bane build, how imortant is megalomaniac with exact your nodes here? Can i replace it with something? Because even with two these nodes price 10ex+, maybe some medium+small cluster?
howw just how can you beat all that ube atziri and stuf.. i made exact build and can't do it.. only thing i don;t have is the corupted armour

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