Beta keys Dates when signed up?

i've basicly checked almost every one that has gotten betakey since i signed up, how come That i havn't seen anyone from september got any?, any part of the "randomness" :D just wondering, and would be pleased if there was an answer to this :)
It's a conspiracy.
Disregard witches, aquire currency.
dust7 написал:
It's a conspiracy.

that made me laugh, good 1
I walk alone...

lol i really hope for a beta key :)
The dev team doesn't like you.
Yesterday I saw someone who had signed up *yesterday* get one of the random keys.

Dear random god give me a key!!!
nikuss написал:
Dear random god give me a key!!!

Looks like it is time to worship the timer god and accept his random decisions :D
I walk alone...

It's a conspiracy to keep the September man down. :(
Ever vigilant, ever patient.

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