3.5.1 Patch Notes

<Fixed a bug where Safehouse rewards were entirely based on the leader's rank, rather than each reward being based on the rank of the syndicate member associated with that reward.>

This WAS a bug ?
"-Moments of clarity are so rare, i´d better document this."
My wallet is ready, sir!
I'm Razielim, son of Raziel.

"Raziel, you're worthy..." - Elder God
How about fix Syndicate events NOT SPAWNING?! Jesus Christ ...
In which patch you will make overlapping a feature since you can’t fix it without monster collision detection?
Please fix unexpected crashes, leap slam is randomly closing my game without any errors
Quick! I like it.
From Holland, witlof.
Nice :D
IGN: Jerle_MSJ
hehe, doing what Blizz has never cared about - LISTENING. TY GGG!
great game, great development team, great community, great fun!

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