3.6.0 Hotfix 4

Getting very slow download speeds too.
Similar to the post above me, getting very slow download speeds and eventually timeout with server for
I cannot download the patch as well. is there a separate patch download which we can put in the folder manually?
You can use steam. i had a download speed of 12 megabytes/sec
I have been trying to downlaod the patch from 4pm till now 6.36pm. still not able to download it. keep having error msg and the speed is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

please fix servers,
was able to play abit ealier, now i cant even patch
up. same here. please investigate
Hi GGG, I am having trouble downloading a 65mb patch on the stand alone client, i checked my internet multiple times. im wondering if there a way to patch manually
I'm able to download now using a VPN.
hello why is not going to put new maps into stash tabs it was also like that there were maps made they were underlined now that there is no best regards.

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