3.6.0 Hotfix 4

Aericura написал:
I'm able to download now using a VPN.

VPN and download is fine for me as well
Experiencing similar issue where download happens at a rate of <1kb/s then times out 30 mins later.

Please help!
4 hotfixs so far, game still crash, nice.
TreadySC написал:
Aericura написал:
I'm able to download now using a VPN.

VPN and download is fine for me as well

May i know what is VPN download?

I am still unable to download the patch file. have been trying for 4 hours now. :(
I am lagging so much. The game is unplayable for me. My connection is fine. The game is working smoothly before the update. Now i cant even kill the boss of kaom stronghold because it keeps on lsgging everytime i encounter a pack of mobs. This didnt happend before just on this update
can't even patch, always time out
why need I use VPN to download?
Game crashes upon loading. There is no error code it just kicks me out to Windows. I'm using steam, help!!
All my problems were solved, yesterday. Yesterday the new League came out. I'm excited to play and I did for over 10 hours without the slightest problem. One or two glitches but easily overcame.
Today there is a tiny patch waiting. I download and install it. Now I can't play. I crash over and over.

Having spent almost all of last league unable to play I now see that staring me in the face yet again.

So I'm gone for a week. I will come back download etc and attempt to play. At the first crash I'm gone two weeks.

Eventually I will rip out poe by the roots and leave it lying by the side of the road as a failed game.

I'm having this problem from the patch.

the game is sooooooo laggy. well it is unplayable imo. everytime when a pack of mobs comes to be im lagging as fuck! this didn't happen to be before synthesis was released. before the update i was playing like i have the fastest computer in the world, now i feel like a potato. PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME!

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