3.6.1 Patch Notes

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GusTheGamer написал:
This league is shit lol. Hopefully next league will be decent.

Let’s see, from Abyss, how they standed for me.

Abyss (good)
Bestiary (bad)
Incursion (bad)
Delve (good)
Betrayal (bad)
Synthesis (bad)

Following the trend the next will be good but since they seem to be willing to add the bad ones into the next league I feel that it will turn into an awful experience too.

I liked all of those except for Bestiary and Synthesis. I thought Incursion was one of the smoother leagues out of all of them.

Betrayal was a little rocky. It had some good rewards but I always wished they made the items the safehouse (and especially master safehouse) more challenging. As it was, it felt like it was a good idea that needs to be reworked to follow Shadows Of Mordor style Kingmaking a little more. In the end, the whole challenge was just the random chance of getting the right offers and the end game of it didn't matter that much.
What about fixing fps drop during syndicate encounterment? Dont surprise me,GGG.
Everybody talking bad about Betrayal and Synthesis... and I'm just sitting here and wishing I could even reach Betrayal content to try it out but the game is crashing ALL THE TIME because of something wrong with the directx 11 code and no solution. Sad times
trollkind написал:
Hooray. Some bugs that plagued pretty much everybody got squashed. It's not everything we wished for but the game will be better than before and there's always more patches coming.

I misspoke, the game is worse with the change to Stabilizers in reward zones. Just as I got somewhat comfortable with the Nexus they throw a new wrench into it. I now try to run as fast as I can to the rewards, frantically picking up what might be worth it and still fits into my inventory and run back to the entrance so I don't have to rerun the path (which often means getting new fitting pieces first to repair fresh holes). This is the most stressful league for me and with little pay-off. No persistent progress on anything, just a lot of work for a few chances at somewhat random loot.
... is not a troll
Poe becoming more complicated/bugged and less rewarding. This is a fact.
Thx for fixing the nexus portal proms
Ordinary Civilian.
There been any changes in Syndicate mod on Standard?? I use to have 3 events per map earlier but in last two days I getting like 2 per map constantly...
The fact that we still have to run through every zone just to set a tile is a HUGE problem! One that you guys OBVIOUSLY have no intention of fixing. It hasn't been brought up by a single dev yet people are asking for it. Oh well. Looks like I'll check back with you guys next league because this one is a slog, to put it lightly.
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Yea this patch was pretty sad. This whole league is... just... sad. I don't think im going to make it to 36 challenges because the league mechanic is just, how do I say this nicely... garbage?

I just don't know how its possible to have Betrayal league, with no lag when intervention spawns, then taking it core, and have it lag so hard that you die, are close to death, or trying to run while using every swear word in the book about this league. There are 4 betrayal interactions GGG, 4. You spawn 3 if Jun is in the map. WHY DONT YOU JUST DISABLE INTERVENTION SINCE IT IS SO DAMN SCREWED UP ITS INSANE? Intervention literally spawns EVERY SINGLE JUN ENCOUNTER. How smart is it that Intervention is 100% busted, GGG cannot figure it out, so instead of being SMART, and disabling it, they just skip over it and let the players SUFFER?

The rewards for Synthesis are absolutely underwhelming. I literally have 5 stash tabs full of fractured or synthesized items, they are all trash, not 1 implicit that makes me think "o that is kinda cool" or "o that is kinda OP" nothing. I laugh every single time.

Can't believe I am going to stop playing 1 week into the league, I can see why over 50% of the league players already quit tho. Its bad, real, REAL bad.
Thanks for fixing Allelllollellophy, it was pretty freaking annoying !

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