3.6.1 Patch Notes

Any ETA on the next patch? Playing Purifying Flame with no pot smashing and almost no curse on hit is getting frustrating. Not to mention the syndicate and nexus problems that still exist.
i tired skip maps where Betrayal so f lagy
Squishysquish написал:
Collapsing a placed Memory now sets your checkpoint to the Memory Stabiliser used to collapse the Memory.

no! get rid of this shit. 4 path memory fragments are now garbage since you cant return to the enter point on memory modifier points. if youre going to keep this change then you ABSOLUTELY have to give a portal to the start of the zone as well!

Completely 100% agree, this change is so insanely counter initiative I don't understand how/why this was implemented. I know that people have figured out that you can avoid this by just not clicking on the center area but why should the player have to avoid doing something they are supposed to do just to work around this change??? Please please please fix this, synthesis feels so disappointing with this change...
whan will you fix the preformance issues at least give us back the texture edit cmon guys
Can we have a league that doesn't shit all over the core game with pointless resource caps soon please? The memory cap is comically low, repeating all the mistakes made with sulfur. I already gave up on synthesis because it's miserable to deal with the memory caps. It should be about 200x higher or just removed.
I wish there was a way to completely disable Betrayal mechanics. When I get a lag spike and see the shitty portal open the *ONLY* option is to ALT+F4, restart the game and open a new map and hope for the best. No way to defeat those fuckers with all the lag and their incredible one-shot ability.

Unfortunately it seems Betrayal content will just stay as is, randomly one-shotting you in the game.

Fix idea: Disable this shit permanently or until it is fixed, or reduce damage values to about 20% of the current ones. This stuff is totally breaking the game.
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