3.6.1 Hotfix 2

I don't think it's working. Still droping dogshit instead of red maps.
imLuCaSsS написал:
It's not GGG fault dude u just need to play better and find some maps.

you know, its not devs fault if u are bad at the game.

lmao being bad at the game I_NO? even more when the devs specifically admitted there was a map drop nerf? wtf. it is exactly the devs fault, as they thought we would be swimming on maps due 3.6 new content.

Biovital написал:
So let me see if I understand this.

So you nerfed drop rates, than saw that the drop rates were shit, so you unnerfed your own fuckery?

Who is making all these awful decisions over there lately? They either need to be moved back to being a janitor or fired.

no no I think they nerfed the base drop rate because they thought 3.6 Nexus thing would give a lot of maps and items xD
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I like how people with 5 challenges are like... "be good at the game" LOL
i don't care about this as much as finding my mysterious barrel clusters inside the god damn fragmented memories. been losing so many sextants monsters and bonuses inside the memory...…………..
PREMIUM-MAP-STASH-TAB solution for standard please !
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Sad that this discouraged a lot of players to play the league any further.
skayu написал:
I like how people with 5 challenges are like... "be good at the game" LOL

kinda like how you can suck at the game and just buy challenges so you can brag about the number beside your name. LOL
We need a buff to divination cards next, that too probably has been nerfed.
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Ashriel написал:
I_NO написал:
Incompetence honestly why did you fuck with it in the first place?

They do it all the time, every league. They just, as Chris would say, "got it wrong" this time.

Who knew people like being rewarded for running content. Having 16/159 maps completed at level 83 felt terrible, but no, it took (of all things) a tweet from Havoc to get anything done about this. 10 days into the league. Now if we can fix Betrayal integration, and for the love of God, do something to make this league worth interacting with.

I'm lvl 86 and I'm stuck at tier 4 maps for over a week now (very ocassionally getting tier 5 or tier 6 map). This is the shittiest league that I've played so far.

I've got 35 maps unlocked, total. While playing at least 6-8+ hours a day.

And guess what - when I do actually play the tier 6 map (3 times a day at most) - instead of getting at least tier 5-6 maps in return and occasionally tier 7+ maps - I'm getting mostly TIER 1-2 maps in these tier 6 areas.

This is truly demented. I want to progress, to try and play different builds. Have fun and enjoy the game.

Instead I'm stuck in this grind for over one week in low tiered areas, playing the same fucking Dungeon map because it was dropping OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again within three days in a row.

And I believe this crap isn't restricted to maps. The whole random generator seems to be broken.
Dropping currency like Orb of Annulment on two maps in a row. And then again - one or two maps later. Or Silver Coins, or the same map (like Dungeon or Alleways) over and over again.
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