[3.13]: Выполнение испытаний лиги Ритуал (EN/RU)

Это копипаста англоязычного обзора ипытаний лиги Ритуал и способов их выполнения.
Оригинал можно прочитать здесь: https://old.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/l2eg6y/ritual_league_challenges_analysisnewbie_guide/

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Примечания автора
Весь этот анализ рассчитан на играющих в пое полный день (4~6 часов).

(40/40) пометка означает, что это можно пропустить, если вы собираетесь выполнить только 36 испытаний для получения мтх.

Уровень сложности:

Very Easy: Очень легко - можно сделать за 1 день ~ 1 неделю.
Easy: Легко - можно сделать за пару недель ~ месяц.
Normal: Нормально - можно сделать за месяц или дольше, также требует доступа к эндгейм контенту для выполнения.
Hard: Тяжело - требуется много гринда (около 2 месяцев или больше).
Very Hard: Очень тяжело - почти невозможно выполнить испытание за 3 месяца (обычная длительность лиги).
Под гриндом здесь подразумевается общее игровое время, а не только время фарма отдельных вещей.


Важно: В игре есть специальные чаты для взаимопомощи игроков, в т.ч. там помогают друг другу в выполнении редких испытаний:

/global 820 EN - глобальный чат бесплатной взаимопомощи
/trade 820 EN - торговый чат платной взаимопомощи

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1. Adequate Preparation - Надлежащая подготовка
Any Rare Weapon - Freshly drop from monster OR use Essence/Orb of Alchemy to craft ur weapon from normal(white) to rare(yellow)

Quicksilver Flask - Freshly drop from monster OR from Mercy Mission quest reward.

Boots with at least 10% Movement Speed - Freshly drop from monster OR doing a vendor recipe (1 normal Boots, 1 of any rarity Quicksilver Flask, and 1 Orb of Augmentation)

Very Easy. This challenge teaches us how to progress the campaign with basic equipment.

2. Complete Ritual Encounters I - События Ритуала I
Complete a Ritual - During this league, every area will contain at least 2~4 ritual. You have to kill few enemies around the ritual before it can be activate, and you activate it you have to kill the enemies around it again, also enemies will gets stronger each time you done a ritual in the same area.

Spend Tribute on a Favour - Upon completing a ritual u gain tribute(favour) that able to buy item from the ritual, and these tribute points can't bring forward to next area/map.

Defer a Favour - If you can't afford the item, you can defer it which make the item show up again(not guarantee) in the next ritual with discounted price.

Very Easy. Is a basic guide on how to interact with current league mechanic.

3. Complete these Quests - Завершить задания
The Great White Beast - In Act2, kill The Great White Beast in the Den(from The Old Fields).

An Indomitable Spirit - In Act4, release the spirit in The Mines Level 2 by clicking it.

Bestel's Epic - In Act6, retrieve Bestel's Manuscript in The Tidal Island.

The Wings of Vastiri - In Act8, retrieve the Wings of Vastiri after slaying UNDYING HECTOR TITUCIUS, ETERNAL SERVANT in the Bath House.

Map to Tsoatha - In Act10, retrieve The Teardrop in The Reliquary.

Easy. All of these are side-optional-quests are NOT recommend to skip, because they give valuable reward for your leveling process.

4. Defeat these Act Bosses I - Убить боссов I
Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the first-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

5. Complete Encounters I - События I
Complete a Vaal Side Area

(Sacrifice Expansion) A vaal side area is a randomly-generated side area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood. Every of this area will have a Vaal Vessel chest which may contain corrupt skill gems, vaal map fragments, or corrupted equipment which can be open after you beaten the boss at the end of the room. However, endgame vaal side area may contain extra special reward that act-zone vaal side area can't normally drop.

Defeat a Possessed Monster

(Torment League) Torment Spirit a monster that looks like green-ghostly-spirit the roam that will run away from when u near them, also can touch/possesses monster that causing those infected monsters to gain new ability and also drop more loots. This challenge requires you to kill a rare/unique monster that are possessed, which require you to kite a Torment Sprit lure them near a rare/unique monster so that they will possesses the monster, this is the normal way of doing it but now there's many ways of possessing monster easier such as using Possessed Foe prophecy ... even now there's atlas ascendancy causing many monster get possessed instantly when opening a map.

Complete a Prophecy

(Prophecy League) Prophecy are random event created by Navali with a cost of Silver Coin, which she'll start appearing in town after you save her at The Climb.

Complete encounter at Bestiary Blood Altar

(Bestiary League) Bestiary spawn after Act 2 town, Einhar NPC will spawn in help u capture those beast when they're low life, then ask u to visit his encampment after captured all the beasts in the area. In his encampment you'll find a Blood Altar which use for bestiary crafting by sacrificing beasts in the Blood Altar.

Easy. An introduction of some of the past league mechanic added to core game.

6. Complete Ritual Encounters II - События ритуала II
Complete four Ritual Encounters in a single area

You'll start encountering more rituals per area in higher level map.

Reroll Favours

When you didn't saw any item you like in the ritual, you can reroll it by spending an amount of tributes and pressing the button at top right, it'll offer a new set of items in the ritual.

Spend at least 2,500 Tribute on a Favour

You'll gain more tributes point from rituals in higher level map.

Easy. This challenge is like another guide on how to interact with current league mechanic.

7. Complete Ritual Types - Виды ритуалов
Bitter - Monsters deal extra cold damage and can freeze. Ice beams rotate.

Dreaded - Monsters deal extra Chaos Damage and can Wither Anomalies fire Chaos projectiles

Fluctuant - Monsters get increased lightning damage, and damaging lightning balls cross the screen.

Infernal - Monsters do increased fire damage and can ignite, and meteors hit the ground that shoot out smaller fireballs that do damage randomly.

Violent - Monsters do increased physical damage and can cause bleeding. Pain totems pulse damaging waves.

Easy. This challenge just introduce different type of ritual you can encounter in this new league.

8. Defeat these Act Bosses II - Убить боссов II
Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the second-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

9. Complete Encounters II - События II
Complete an Abyss

(Abyss League) You'll start encounter these after Act 6 onward. Upon walking over an abyss encounter, a crack will form on the ground, and a small number of monsters will spawn out of it, the crack will expand till end with a pit which spawn more monsters from the pit. After you clear fast enough monster from the pit, it may start a new crack from the pit, OR a abyss chest spawn that drop some item including Abyssal Jewel that can be use on ur passive tree, OR if you're lucky enough an Abyssal Depth will spawn that contain more treasure with greater challenge.

Complete a Breach

(Breach League) You'll start encounter these in end game maps. Breach encounter looks like a giant purple hand coming out from the ground, when walking over the encounter it'll expand a circle outwards and spawn a mix of breach monsters within the circle; the faster the monsters are killed the faster the circle expands. After a while, the expansion of the breach will slow down until it eventually retracts quickly and closes.

Defeat a Metamorph

(Metamorph League) You'll start encounter these in end game maps. Metamorph encounter always spawn with few monster with green-smoke-pipe attached on their bodies, killing them to collects their organs and when collected enough, Tane NPC will spawn in the map(press V to manual spawn him) and will let you choose the organ you want to create ur metamorph monster. You also can get some organ samples from metamorph if you manage to fill the Green Bar full and at least 1 unique organ picked during the metamorph creation. And the organ samples you collected from metamorph can be use to create a super version of metamorph in Tane's Laboratory which can be access by talking to him in your hideout. Metamorph also drop catalyst which can improve ring, amulet, and belts quality.

Complete a Blight

(Blight League) You'll start encounter these in end game maps. Blight encounter is like a mini tower defense game in a map, best tower type to use is scout tower which acts like a free summoner aid your fight. Finishing blight encounter can get 2 type of special reward, 1st is blighted map which is like a special version of map that content no other monster but the blight mechanic in large scale, 2nd reward is oil which can anoint your amulet(gain notables) and rings(improvement blight towers).

Easy. Another challenge of introducing some of the past league mechanic added to core game.

10. Complete Vendor Recipes - Рецепты торговцев
Life Flask - Vendor 3 same type of flask.

Orb of Chance - Vendor 2 identified rare items with same name OR a full set rare item with their item level 59 below.

Chaos Orb - Vendor a full set rare item with their item level between 60 to 74.

Cartographer's Chisel - Vendor a Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel with 20% quality and a map.

Map - Vendor 3 same type of map.

Sextant - Vendor 3 same type of sextant.

Onyx Amulet - Vendor 1 amulet, 1 blue skill gem, and 1 red skill gem, and 1 green skill gem.

Prismatic Ring - Vendor 3 different type of Two-stone Rings(fire and cold;cold and lightning;fire and lightning)

Very Easy. A good introduction of vendor recipe to newbies, the best way to get rich easily in PoE. Also for experience player you can skip some of these easily buy using Gilded Fossil crafting.

11. Acquire The Maven's Beacon - Добыть Маяк Мейвен
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

12. Complete Encounters III - События III
Captain Clayborne, The Accursed - Tier2 Frozen Cabins Map, NEW CONTENT! Will update later .... But you can burst down your damage this boss kill it fast enough that it doesn't have time to cast out it skills.

Ormud, Fiend of the Flood - Tier3 Forking River Map, NEW CONTENT! Will update later .... But you can burst down your damage this boss kill it fast enough that it doesn't have time to cast out it skills.

Lycius, Midnight's Howl - Tier2 Lair Map, can be done easily in low tier, just have to stand in his barrage of wolf skills then kill him, doing in low tier map should be able to tank it's barrage skill.

The Gorgon - Tier3 Sulphur Vents Map, this challenge require you to have something else attacking the boss while you're not, for melee build can make use of the ancenstral/warchief totem, range build can use balista totem, and for spell build can use spell totem instead.

Normal. These challenges makes the boss a bit tricky to do, can be done in low tier map so should be no problem.

13. Turn in Divination Cards - Сдать гадальные карты
Тип задания => Подходящие карты для выполнения

Itemised Prophecy => Akil's Prophecy
Map => Cartographer's Delight
Scarab => Cameria's Cut
Six-Linked Item => The Porcupine, Humility
Unique Item => The Throne, Humilty
Vaal Gem => Volatile Power
Normal. They make divination card challenge becomes less annoying and as always ... nice improvement, GGG!

14. Obtain Ritual Rewards - Получить награды Ритуала
Normal. Just try to buy all type of reward each time u encounter ritual, none of them are rare.

15. Complete Harvest Encounters - События Жатвы
Harvest a plot of seeds

Each sacred grove contain at least 2 area of seeds, and you can only pick 1 per area.

Store a Harvest Craft in Horticrafting Station

Once u complete a harvest, you can store the crafting mod u want to keep later by pressing this button after selecting the craft mod u wanted. And then you can use the store crafting mod in your hideout from the horticrafting bench(hideout decoration), after you placed it in your hideout of course.

Defeat a Harvest Boss

There are 3 type of harvest boss, base on 3 different type of seeds that's into Tier 4 version:

Ersi, Mother of Thorns - Wild Thornfruit
Janaar, the Omen - Primal Blisterfruit
Namharim, Born of Night - Vivid Scalefruit
Harvest the Heart of the Grove

There's a small chance your sacred grove encounter may contain a boss. Here's a preview video of the boss fight.

Normal. This challenge teaches how to interact with one of the most controversial old league mechanic, very useful yet powerful system!

16. Obtain Ritual Base Types - Добыть предметы базовых типов Ритуала
Normal. You can complete these challenge just by deferring these new item from the ritual only, also note that you won't get completion from buying other player then equip.

17. Complete Ritual Encounters III - События Ритуала III
Combine Ritual Splinters into a Ritual Vessel

Ritual Splinters can only be obtain from ritual encounters, when you collected enough of them(100 splinters) it'll turn into Ritual Vessel automatically.

Use a Ritual Vessel on a Ritual Altar

When you completed a ritual encounter, you can use Ritual Vessel to store the monster from the ritual.

Use a Blood-filled Vessel in your Map Device

The used(stored) ritual vessel will become a Blood-filled vessel, which can be put in your map device together with a map, it'll makes a stronger version of ritual encounter in the activated map. The stronger version of ritual will offer more item and gain more tribute points to spend in the map.

Normal. This challenge teaches us how to make use of the new currency that's obtainable exclusively from ritual league.

18. Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas - Победить Завоевателей Атласа
Baran, The Crusader

Veritania, The Redeemer
Al-Hezmin, The Hunter
Drox, The Warlord
Sirus, Awakener of Worlds
Normal. These are the new end game bosses since 3.9.0 update, if you build can't really kill them then just ask for experience player to help you kill them off when u got the map to spawn them.

19. Complete Encounters IV - События IV
Defeat 150 Warband Leaders - Can be farm-able from Zana's Warband map modifier, or using The Scout/The Warmongers prophecy.

Defeat 200 Rogue Exiles - Can be farm-able from Zana's Anarchy map modifier, or farm Precinct Map which contain multiple rogue exile as bosses, or New Vastir atlas ascendancy.

Open 200 Strongboxes - Can be farm-able from Zana's Ambush map modifier, or using Monstrous Treasure prophecy, or using Ambush Scarab, or Glennach Cairns atlas ascendancy.

Interact with 250 Shrines - Can be farm-able from Zana's Domination map modifier, or sextant "Areas contain an extra Shrine" modifier on watchstone.

Open 150 Perandus Chests - Can be farm-able from Zana's Perandus map modifier, or using Perandus Scarab, or Lex Ejoris atlas ascendancy.

Defeat 150 Beyond Bosses - Can be farm-able from Zana's Beyond map modifier, or sextant "Areas contain an extra Shrine" modifier on watchstone, or Glennach Cairns/Haewark Hamlet atlas ascendancy.

Complete 75 Legion Encounters - Can be farm-able from Zana's Legion map modifier, or Glennach Cairns/New Vastir atlas ascendancy.

Open Maps with 30 Fortune Favours the Brave - This challenge is exclusively from Zana's map modifier only.

Normal. Mostly are just additional mechanic from zana's map device, can spend some chaos orb on her device if you're wanna rush this challenge. Is a good investment too you not only get these mechanic, but also league-exclusive-unique drops too.

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20. Achieve Ascension - Восхождение
PoELAB is a good resource to check whether today is a short/safe layout to be run or not. Also try install LabCompass for more convenient, is a MUST tools for labyrinth camper! Here's are the locations for each trial to obtain before able to enter certain difficulty labyrinth:

Normal Difficulty: Act1 The Lower Prison, Act2 The Crypt Level 1, Act2 The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Act3 The Crematorium, Act3 The Catacombs, Act3 The Imperial Gardens

Cruel Difficulty: Act6 The Prison, Act7 The Crypt, Act7 The Chamber of Sins Level 2

Merciless Difficulty: Act8 The Bath House, Act9 The Tunnel, Act10 The Ossuary

Uber/Eternal Difficulty: Random spawn in end game maps, here's a picture for easier tracking which trial u haven't done yet. You can seek for other trials in Global Chat channel 820 where people mostly share their challenges and trials at there.

Normal. Labyrinth will get easier when you practice more, if your build can't do it, just pay someone to bring you to do it ;)

21. Complete The Maven's Crucible - Завершить испытания Мейвен
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

22. Complete Heist Encounters - События Кражи
Heist Contract - Contract can be obtained everywhere, Whakano also sells them. You can do the contract by bring the "contract" item to Adiyah in Rogue Harbor(right click Rogue's Marker in town or hideout will open a portal to access this place) then let her open it for you.

Heist Blueprint - Blueprint can be obtained everywhere, but slightly rarer than contract drop rate. It can be use to do a Grand Heist by bringing the item to Adiyah to open it, after you reveal some of the rooms/wings with Whakano, and plan your rogue for the heist in the Planning Room which located in the middle of Rogue Harbor town.

Blueprint Type => Final room reward type
library/laboratory => replicas and experimented
smuggler den/underbelly => trinkets
tunnels/repository => gems
office/bunker/mansion => enchanted armaments

Unique Contract - It can be drop from Smuggler's Cache that random spawn in map, or monsters from doing heist contracts.

Defeat The Twins - These boss can be access by doing Vengeful Contract which contain 2 bosses, that's why the name The Twins. Here's a video preview of the fight.

Watch Grimro video here to learn about min-max rogue item

Watch Grimro video about rogue tier list

Normal. This challenge is wanting you to do all the content available from the previous league mechanic which had been added to the core game. Here's the cheat sheet regarding their reward.

23. Reach level 90 - Достичь 90 уровня
Normal. This .... require a decent build to do this, require around 2 weeks to reach this level, as long you willing to spend a bit more money to do other content such as beachhead or breaches, you gonna level pretty fast you didn't even notice. But of course, require at least a decent build that doesn't die too often ...

24. Allocate Atlas Passive Trees - Пассивные умения Атласа
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

25. Complete Maps with Eight Mods - Завершить карты с 8 свойствами
Normal. This is harder than unidentified rare map, to have 8 mods on red maps(T11+), you need to use Vaal Orb to corrupt a map into 8 mods. And again, just ask ppl help you deal with the dangerous map that u crafted, or make a rotation party to farm 8 mods red tier maps will be a bit easier.

Click HERE for 8 modifiers red map search via PoE Official Trading Website

26. Complete Ritual Encounters IV - События Ритуала IV

Apocalyptic - Monsters deal extra Fire Damage and can Ignite Meteors fall from the sky => Area Level 68
Charged - Monsters gain Endurance, Frenzy or Power Charges on Hit Altar charges up and Discharges monsters => Area Level 33
Emboldening - Monsters are Massive Altar causes Monsters to grow even larger Area Level 33
Ensconced - Monsters gain extra Energy Shield based on Life Altar restores monster Energy Shield => Area Level 10
Fortressed - Monsters take reduced Damage Fortress Totems further reduce the damage Monsters take => Area Level 33
Foul - Monsters deal extra Chaos Damage and can Poison Toxic vines grasp you while stationary => Area Level 33
Glacial - Monsters deal extra Cold Damage and can Freeze Icy Beams rotate 68
Haunted - Tormented Spirits haunt the Ritual => Area Level 33
Invigorating - Monsters are Fast Gales further accelerate you and Monsters => Area Level 16
Malevolent - Monsters deal extra Chaos Damage and can Wither Anomalies fire Chaos projectiles => Area Level 68
Opulent - Monsters have greatly increased Item Rarity and Quantity Contains cursed coin showers => Area Level 68
Sanguine - Monsters deal extra Physical Damage and can inflict Bleeding Pain Totems pulse damaging waves => Area Level 68
Suppressive - Monsters Regenerate Life Smothering Mist lowers your Life Regeneration => Area Level 1
Vaal - Items dropped by slain Monsters are Corrupted Favours may cost less Tribute on average Atziri's apparition protects the Altar => Area Level 33
Volatile - Monsters deal extra Lightning Damage and can Shock Skull Spires fire Lightning orbs at each other => Area Level 68

Normal. This challenge just to show more variation of ritual types in higher level area.

27. Complete Encounters V - События V
Defeat a Delve Boss

There's 3 kind of delve boss, and out of all 3 Aul is the hardest boss to fight with:

Ahuatotli, the Blind spawn in minimum delve 22 or deeper.
Kurgal, the Blackblooded spawn in minimum delve 51 or deeper.
Aul, the Crystal King spawn in minimum delve 150 or deeper.
Defeat the Mastermind

This is the last boss of syndicate hierarchy, you can access the mastermind safehouse after fill the information bar to full from killing captains of each safehouse divisions. It's full fight is all about running around the arena avoid the middle laser beam and the burning arena from 4 edges.

Complete Domain of Timeless Conflict

When collect a total of 100 timeless splinter will become a Timeless Emblem map fragment, which can be use to unlock the 5th slot of map device, if running 4 type of emblem at once. For this challenge it can be need do putting any one piece of the timeless emblem on your map device, pretty easy.

Complete the Simulacrum

You can collect simulacrum splinters from a delirium mechanic at the end of the encounter, depending how many monster you killing inside the fog. And when you collected 300 splinters, it be converted into a unique map name Simulacrum. Is a pretty difficult map, but gives a lot of rewards and experience if you manage to beat it.

Normal. Finding these bosses is not a problem in this challenges, the BIG problem is to defeat them .... might require a good build to do these challenges OR invite an experience player to help with after you found these bosses.

28. Complete Unique Maps - Завершить уникальные карты
Normal. Do 15 out of 18, with the help of The Encroaching Darkness divination card, this challenge will be slightly easier to complete as you keep grinding end game maps collecting this cards. Even your RNG is sux collecting these card, you could buy some of the unique map at here, most of the unique map are quite cheap.

The least 4 favorite unique map I would skip is ... Perandus Manor(very expensive), Doryani's Machinarium(expensive), and The Putrid Cloister(expensive) depending whose the 3rd expensive map is =D

29. Explore the Atlas - Исследовать Атлас
150 Bonus Objectives

Obtain from completing maps with required rarity.

150 Awakening Bonus Objectives

Obtain from completing maps with required awaken power(amount of watchstone placed in atlas)

Normal. This challenge just guiding us how much those bonuses will impact our atlas drop rate drastically.

30. Complete The Maven's Quests - Выполнить задания Мейвен
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

31. Complete Ritual Encounters V - События Ритуала V
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

32. Complete Encounters VI - События VI
Complete 20 Blighted Maps

Can only get from blight encounter in maps and from ritual offers. You can buy them from other players (link here) too and they're mostly pretty cheap especially the low tiers. Try make as many Scout Towers as you can in blighted map as they act like summoners aiding your fight, super useful when you build is not that good in clear speed. You can also make use of Lira Arthain atlas ascendancy to increase the drop rate of blighted map.

Reach 250 Delve Depth

Reaching depth 171 above is equivalent to tier 16 maps monster level(83+). Monster start slowly scale up their life and damage passively as you pass delve 237. Thank god they didn't ask you to reach depth 600 instead, phew ... Can make use of Lex Proxima & New Vastir atlas ascendancy if you're having problem to sustain sulphite to grind delves.

Depth - Monster Level - Base Sulphite Cost - Darkness & Light Resist - Monster Life - Monster Damage
250 - 83 - 1291 - -352% - 4% - 7%
Complete 15 Syndicate Safehouses

Part of the old betrayal mechanic where you kill syndicate then interrogate them to gain intel for their safehouses and their leader mastermind of betrayal stuff. You can make use of Valdo's Rest and Haewark Hamlet atlas ascendancy to speed up the process to spawn safehouses. Also try make more relationship between syndicates, doesn't matter is rival or trust, doing these you'll increase the chance of spawning multiple syndicate during per encounter. Try make more rivalries than trust instead so that they can fight each other(rival) when they spawn, instead of helping each other(trust) against you. Also killing the mastermind will reset your whole betrayal hierarchy, so best not to kill her and you still able to do safehouses even though her progress bar is full ... unless you need her exclusive items or veil modifiers. Here's a cheat sheet regarding safehouse rewards.

Defeat 10 Metamorphs in Tane's Laboratory

All the sample organs you collected from metamorph encounter(full green bar +1 unique organ picked) can be use in Tane's Laboratory. You can also buy the samples from other players (link here) if you missing some part to make a complete metamorph, but most of the time the EYE part of sample usually worth lot more compare with other parts. You can also make use of Valdo Rest and Lex Ejoris atlas ascendancy to increase metamoprh encounter and drop rate of sample organs.

Normal. Just a small grind on some end game content in few old league mechanic, mostly gives a lot profit for doing them.

33. Allocate Uncharted Realm Passives (40/40) - Пассивные умения Неизведанных земель
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

34. Defeat The Maven - Победить Мейвен

35. Complete Encounters VII - События VII
The Shifting Ire, Ciergan, Shadow Alchemist - Tier15 Foundry Map, NEW CONTENT! Will update later ....

Melur Thornmaul, Orvi Acidbeak, Elida Blisterclaw - Tier15 Bramble Valley Map, NEW CONTENT! Will update later ....

Burtok, Conjurer of Bones - Tier 16 Necropolis Map, the boss sometime will cast a Bone Prison skill around you cage you in it's skill, and you'll get Bone Roil debuff which make your character takes physical degen dmg every second. It's Bone Prison skill last for 3 seconds and will cast again every 10 seconds, if you get caught by it's Prison Cage you got few second to use a movement skill to jump out from the prison before the Bone Roil start debuff your character. To do this challenge, you need something that able to trigger bleed on the boss, for non-attack build try make use of vulnerability curse on the boss OR have a lvl20 golem support with Chance To Bleed gem ... OR just invite a friend to help proc the bleed ;) When you have something to proc the bleed, then just dmg the boss to low life, wait for the boss cast another Prison Cage, stand on it and make sure the boss is bleeding then kill boss.

Doedre the Defiler - Tier14 Sepulchre Map, in the boss room Doedre will summon up to 3 Accursed Monoliths which apply debuffs to the player character and their allies, known as Doedre's Suffering, Torment and Withering. To stop getting these debuffs you have to destroy these monolith but it'll make the boss fight even more deadly because has one phase it'll jump to the middle then start screaming, and each of it's scream deal A LOT of damage. During it's screaming phase, you have stand behind the monolith the avoid getting hit by the scream. To do this challenge, you'll have to damage the boss to low life first, and when is low enough try walk around the arena to avoid getting hit by boss, while let the monolith debuff you to 5 stacks, don't worry about destroyed the monolith during fight as it will revive back after few seconds. So when u get 5 stacks already go burst down ur dmg on the boss to complete this challenge.


36. Prove Your Worth 1,250 (40/40) - Победить боссов карт на глазах у Мейвен
Hard. Seems like a tone down map boss grind challenge since metamorph league where required you to kill 1,500 bosses instead. You can farm map that have multiple bosses such as Arena Map, or Courthouse Map and so on as long you have Maven Witness toggled "on" on your map device ... the best one will be Precinct map because of it contain 4~5 bosses, also try make use of DEADLY TWINS prophecy. This challenge is roughly require you to farm 417 maps considering you're farming all the map have 3 bosses.

37. Socket Craftable Watchstones - Разместить новые Камни Хранителей
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

38. Defeat The Maven Conditionally (40/40) - Победить Мейвен с условиями
NEW CONTENT! Will update later ...

39. Complete Deadly Encounters - Смертельные сражения
Atziri in the Alluring Abyss

This is the uber Atziri, is hard fight. If you're build not that good, just invite other experience player to do it as long you supply them the map entry which is the mortal fragments.

Abaxoth, The End of All That Is

This boss only spawn from beyond map's mod. He's hardly spawn but you can increase the beyond boss spawn chance by stacking the original map's mod together with zana's map device Beyond Mod but BE WARN this boss is freaking dangerous, so advice try spawn him in low tier map. Also there's magic pack monster than can spawn him too with bloodline modifier name "Voidspawn of Abaxoth" so ... don't get surprise if get Abaxoth spawn in your map even though there's no beyond mod.

Chayula, Who Dreamt in their Domain

This is one of the breachlord variant, a chaos type. To gain access to kill this Chaos Breachlord, you have to collect a stack of 100 Splinters of Chayula which will automatically turn into Chayula's Breachstone. This boss are the hardest among the other breachlord, just ask for help to deal with this.

The Shaper in The Shaper's Realm

Can access this boss domain by combining 4 guardian map fragment, required a good-bossing-build to do this fight.

Uber Elder

Can access this boss domain by combining 2 shaper map fragment(Shape & Knowledge) and 2 elder map fragment(Emptiness & Terror), required a good-bossing-build to do this fight.

Sirus, Awakener of Worlds at Awakening Level 8 or higher

After you collected 16th watchstone, Zana will invite you to help her kill Sirus. But this challenge need awakened which means need 32 watchstones instead. But, you can bypass this watchstone to increase your atlas awakened level by using unique watchstones or craftable watchstones which can be bought from the market.

Hard. Ah! They bring back again the optional deadly encounter challenge again since last league which is VERY NICE! 6 out of 4, for me I would skip SIRUS because of the bad fight mechanic, yes I choose UBER ELDER over SIRUS at least shaper beam doesn't kill instantly like SIRUS does ... 2nd option to skip is maybe ABAXOTH depending how much my RNG to find this boss, but if you manage to find this boss then maybe you could skip UBER ELDER because of the expensive entry to spawn this boss.

40. Complete Endgame Grinds (40/40) - Высокоуровневые испытания
Level 100

Nowadays there's many ways to gain a lot of experience easily such as Infused Beachhead, Pure Breachstone, Domain of Timeless Conflict, and so on ... and now we even have more ways to increase experience bonus gain from other league mechanic using atlas ascendancy. But level to 100 is a huge grind though ... ya poe leveling is still 10 times better than normal MMO had but ... one accidental death at high level, that 10% experience is very hurtful. If your build not very end game or dying often ... highly recommended to skip this.

Kill 100 Izaro in the Eternal Labyrinth

Owh no they bringing back the WORST version of labyrinth challenge with no way to reduce the number :( But nowadays there's 3 new version of uber labyrinth that can get from harvest crafting(Vivid Abberarach) could make labyrinth farming even more fun and profit! Labyrinth layout change daily and you can visit this website for daily labyrinth layout, with their small 3rd party tool name Lab Compass make farming labyrinth even more convenient, very useful. Watch this video too to learn how to make a proper build that able to farm labyrinth smoothly. Here's are the 3 new uber labyrinth:

Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune (Tribute) - Improve the silver chests/end chests to drop better items.
Eternal Labyrinth of Opportunity (Gift) - Grants 6 additional uses of the divine font.
Eternal Labyrinth of Potential (Dedication) - Allows you to enchant belts.
Complete 25 Grand Heists

Wow very tame version of heist grind challenge, I LOVE IT A LOT! Compare to the last league that have to do 750 horrendous contract grind, is really killing my soul ... Thanks GGG! 25 is a really small number, definitely doing this if you planning to do end game grind challenges. You can read up on No.22 challenge for more tips and tricks about grand heist.

Harvest the Heart of the Grove 15 times

Killing 15 times shouldn't be a problem, small number, the boss isn't that hard either ... but the main problem is to finding this boss since is all RNG now to find this boss unlike during harvest league we have a progression to spawn this boss. Here's a preview video of the boss fight, she have 3 form switch around during the fight but she doesn't have phases so you can instantly kill her if you have high damage, just not sure how are they GGG make her to spawn though ... You could make use of Lex Proxima atlas ascendancy to increase it's her spawn rate during harvest encounter.

Use 50 Blood-filled Vessels with Maps and successfully complete all Rituals in the area

50 is not a big number so is a doable, the fights is not that hard either and you can even do this challenge in white tier maps. You can buy the Ritual Vessel from this link, and even the stored Blood-filled vessels can be bought from this link if you really wanna rush this challenge, but not recommended because ... pretty sure cheap one are stored with hard bosses.

Defeat The Maven 40 times

NEW CONTENT! Will update later ... Watch Grimro video about the Maven boss fight mechanic

Hard. Pretty surprise GGG are pretty tame with the numbers in this type of challenges ... which is VERY GOOD! I've already bee traumatize by the 750 contract grind, literally almost trading off my soul to do that .... Doing 4 out of 6, without a doubt I would skip that Level 100 because I can't stand the repetitive grind and also sudden death of that 10% exp lost ... 2nd option to skip might be labyrinth cuz I know many of yo really hate labyrinth ... I mean only 1% ppl can do labyrinth XD For those who willing to do lab then may wanna skip .... 40 Maven because is a new end game boss that could be "harder" than Sirus? I will update this again when i manage to kill this boss.

Последняя редакция: Laven77. Время: 23 янв. 2021 г., 1:46:22
Красава. Хорошая идея перепостить это сюда. А то некоторые никак найти не могут.
Melaviy is a fake.
А почему переведены только заголовки?
Мое творчество на Ютюбе: https://www.youtube.com/c/SilverStagPoE
Нерегулярные стримы на твиче: https://www.twitch.tv/silverstagpoe
SSTAGG написал:
А почему переведены только заголовки?

Это репост англоязычного поста на реддите, не было цели переводить весь текст. Заголовки из русской локализации добавлены для удобства.
Последняя редакция: Laven77. Время: 23 янв. 2021 г., 7:34:23
ап. хорошая подсказка.
я не вижу строчки про то, как не умирать от +адд проджектайл каннибалов горящая банка пыщпыщ, для меня это жесче чем файт с мейвен.
aaimwhite написал:
я не вижу строчки про то, как не умирать от +адд проджектайл каннибалов горящая банка пыщпыщ, для меня это жесче чем файт с мейвен.

хм, у меня с мобами барана подобная проблема возникла. Правда, мне попроще, я не хц плеер
Malevolent - Monsters deal extra Chaos Damage and can Wither Anomalies fire Chaos projectiles => Area Level 68
Cyka где найти этот калич, уже около тысячи карт пробежал и только эту срань ни разу не встретил
Я хочу пососать писюн

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