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Do Solar Guards deal now more dmg since Fireball was buffed?

Short answer: unfortunately not.

Long answer: Monsters (and their Spectres) are snapshots of when they were added to the game, so their skill effect and damage are fixed and don't change even when the skill is reworked.

A nice thing to know as a novice player, thank you! Well, may be they will one day change the minion skill changes as well.
kayella, are you planning to start the league with this build?
Would you recommend to go IIQ gear (rings, belt, gloves, may be ammy)?
Also new convocation with 20q gem and skill will be less than 2sec?
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Build and guide looks great, thanks for it, plan to use it as a league starter.

One very small thing in the pantheon section:

Useful Pantheons
Soul of Lunaris - use this 99% of the time
Soul of Lunaris - use this against bosses without adds, eg. Aul

You repeat Soul of Lunaris twice.

Sorry if this was answered but do I have to go through the corpse summoning process every time I log in or does the save persist on the gem throughout logouts?
Spectre's remain summoned until they die or you remove the gem from your gear or the piece of gear containing the gem. I played all of Betrayal as a summoner and Spectres always survived a relog.

Some additional advice on Spectre's, if for example you have the Spectre gem in your body armour and you want to swap you body armour for a new piece, go to town to swap the armour and gems over, then go back to hideout, map etc. and your spectres will not disappear and will be the same level as before.

If you swapped armour outside of the town (With the Spectres "summoned") your spectres will despawn and you would have to summon them again.

Hey Since lab enchants have been changed to be their own thing instead of implicit's .
"Item Balance
Enchantments (such as those found from the Labyrinth) now have their own mod slot on items. They no longer use the Implicit mod slot.

We could possible be able to get specter damage or skeleton damage in addition to
Bone Helmet: Minion Damage lowered to (15-20%) from (30-40%).

So technically we can get 60% damage. ( derp math wrote 70) Eddited
My question is is Specter damage additional or multiplicative with minion damage?]

ALSO i was under the impression that "Minions deal # to # additional Fire Damage" Scales specter damage by a large amount. IS this the case with Ghastly eye jewels ?? Specifically for Solar Guards. ??

I have been playing summoner every season but your guide is one of the best i have seen.
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Yes indeed, "- Bone Helmet: Minion Damage lowered to (15-20%) from (30-40%). " - this change (and the change regarding two-toned boots) are there only because now we can keep those implicits while also having lab enchants. Overall, you can actually move this to '+', considering that we're going from 40% to 60% (20 from bone helmet and 40 from spectre damage lab enchant).
I read sth about spectres arr gonna be way stronger with the new self cast support gems, any1 who knows sth about this in detail?
that Build looks Amazing I´m in Love with Summoner Since my German Buddy said to me you have to try the "Teppich" (Flame Sentinel) Summoner :) so thanks a lot for this Build gonna be my League Starter.

So my question for an Guy that often gets confused by this Big Skill-Tree is, you made the Guide for 3.5 and there was in the Level-Section for every Act a Screenshot of the Skilltree you nearly have to skill. Will you adding this to the Guide again? and if you do that will that be before the League starts? Would be Great :)

Have a Great Day and Stay Safe in PoE !

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I'm still curious about Unlease Support and whether it benefits minions.

Unleash Support +Spell echo or Unleash Support for replace Spell Echo?

That's what I'm wondering. Currently, Spell Echo only increases minion damage by giving them 70% increased cast speed (at level 20); the double cast doesn't apply to them. So Unleash, with its charges could be an interesting alternative.

However, the first question reall is do spectres count as self-casting, then does Unleash Support work with them? I assume they do since Spell Echo works.

If it does work, how quickly do charges build? If the charges build over a set time (how much time?) or is based on cast speed? And what are the damage modifiers (if any).

intensify and unleash dont work with minions :(

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