What i'm looking forward to.

Diablo was awesome (for its time) and Diablo2 was pretty good too but they didnt have the feeling of dread I always wanted...I'm talking about Hardcore mode.

Hardcore mode is whats making me exited about PoE, I want to worry about each and every little creature, I want to have to loot everything to gain any edge I can to survive as long as possible, I want to be punished for when I make a mistake just like the real character would be had this been a book or a movie. Dying in a game for me has never looked more fun!

Thanks GGG, I cant wait to play your game this weekend!


Yeah hardcore is where its at. It's like the difference between TDM unlimited respawn and Counter Strike style search and destroy. Their is a lot more drama and agonizing over every decision because you only get one chance instead of inifinity which really adds to immersion and focus.
I forgot about Hell mode on Diablo 2. but you would have to grind so hard to get there it wasnt worth it haha
Hardcore is cool, but too many outside factors like lag, or pc troubles could end in death. Which has always made me stray away from hardcore.
I can see that being a problem lol, gotta be extra careful on a stormy night.
Lag was never a problem, I just tried to deviate away from the things that were too far out of my comfort zone.
I recomend playing through an act on normal then braveing the same act on Hardcore.

Who knows, you might find you enjoy the rush you get from near death situations :P
Nothing's more enjoyable then getting mauled, having your health knocked down to the red, then proceeding to spam your potion keys while running as far as you can until you're back to 100%.

The rush...
Feel free to add me on Steam
hardcore mode is fun but when im playing hardcore mode on this game it tells me to resurect and its not a perm death like it was on d2 hc :(
Really? I heard it deletes the character. but remains on the ladder

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