Visiting and living in Russia

So, I've been having a desire to visit Russia for a long time, and if circumstances allow it stay there.

Like, work and live there.

I have a deep respect for Russian people, culture and history, and in ideal world, I'd like to be part of it.

If any Russian dudes are reading this, how hard would it be for a foreigner from Croatia to find a job there?(speaks fluent English, no Russian, but I would be very diligent in learning, plus Croatian and Russian language, being Slavic, are like 10% similar already)

Could you offer me any advice on where I could start looking in order to start this process, like companies dealing with foreigner workforce (like in Japan), or something similar

I'm thirty years old. I worked on a cruise ship as a waiter, went to college for a few years, English and Croatian language studies, however, I had some health problems so I never finished it.

Could possibly get a degree in a two year period.

How hard would an everyday life be for such a foreigner, from linguistic standpoint (Judging from Poe experience, Russian fluency in English language is not on that high of a level. Would that be a reasonable estimate? )

Are Russian girls open to dating a foreigner? :)

Thanks a lot.
(spasibo bolshoe) :)
I am patient.
I don't want beta.
I look forward to playing the finalized product and enjoy waiting for it.
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Hi mate and welcome!

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Just asking.
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