[3.11] Witch Build List

Submitting my new and ONLY "3.11 kitava's herald build"


Not a single one is found on the "internets" using this spectre. I have a good one here and will be updating the guide I made to two more versions of this spectre's use.

Thanks in advance!
Последняя редакция: malaum. Время: 24 июня 2020 г., 21:22:22
[3.11] Life Based Dark Pact Occultist

Life based self cast Dark Pact Occultist. 5,5k hp 2,5mln shaper dps. 1k/s hp leech rate.
Hey guys! Could you please help me to choose an actual which build which would use chaos inoculation and ranged spells?
Does anyone know of a Soft Core CI VD-SS build . Not LL as i dont have the currency for Shavs. ive never planned a build since im kinda new to the game..so was looking for some help.

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