[3.9 Video Guide] Vortex Cold Snap DoT [HC/SC/Uber Elder/Shaper viable]

Kellen_RH написал:
Does anyone know why the minion nodes on the updated pastbin tree? Specifically the Righteous Army, Redemption, Spiritual Aid cluster?

This is done in order to gain increases for Minions as gains for yourself instead.

1 of the options for this build, esp good if combined with gear that also has Minion increases on it.

But is optional.
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Can plz someone tell me what i em doing wrong.
i dont hawe damage ???
Thanks for the build, best I played so far, just amazingly safe and crazy damage.
I just cleared all the content except the delve bosses.
I got 9.7k shield right now with a really good regalia.
Can you advice anything about the timeless jewel? Is there we can do for this build?
Sorry if this was already asked, but what acsendancy should I pick first as of 3.7 Wicker Ward was removed?
I took vile bastion first I believe.
What's the gem setup for Storm Brand please?
Do you think this build has "Hall of the Grand Masters" capabilities?

Very interesting but since Wicked Ward have been put in the Passive Skill Tree, which are the Occultist nodes available now ?

I assume it's Vile Bastion ==> Void Beacon ==> Frigid Wake ==> ?

What is the 4th node to take ?
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ravenousjesus написал:
Do you think this build has "Hall of the Grand Masters" capabilities?

Havent played it this league, but i did main this build last league and i did HoGM without any issues at all, deathless on first attempt. Can kill all champions as Vortex is a degen and not a dot.
Hey guys,

Just letting everyone know, I will be playing WoW Classic (Shazzrah Horde EU) but once we have more information on PoE I'll be updating ALL my build guides for 3.8 LIVE on stream and create new builds all the way up until the release of 3.8 Blight :)
Due to popular demand and me not being a full-time streamer I'm unable to go through all forum threads as I used to, however, I still respond to every question on my YouTube videos!
Build Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1686036

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