[3.8] The Queensguard - LL Aurabot Dominating Blow Necromancer - Easy Uber Elder, Clear All Content


I'm new to you site i'm building a witch necromancer. every time i go to put passive points into my tree the web site says its out of date.

i'm doing a witch dominating blow necromancer.

if there is a new tree please send me a link.

I am using the queens-guard necromancer build it has alot of auras with the build.

I am very new at the game.

I love the build but i am not sure what what auras to activate to give me the best bang for my buck.

If anyone has had the same issue and could assist me i would very much appreciate the advise.

John Mulligan

very new player.
Is it posible to run same build, with zombies and skeletons instead, so i dont have to be in monsters face?

And if yes, what can i then run as aura instead of herald of purity

Many thanks for the build - I am trying it out and seems really powerful. I have one question though - I am not sure I am getting the slotting of gems right. Using the equipment you mention and taking a look at the gems, I see i.e. at level 18, I have to LINK Smite, Elemental Focus, Summon Phantasm, Ancestral Call, Added Lightning Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks all in ONE item, which would have to be a weapon given Smite doesn't work in the T/R.

I am ending up with the right gems and equipment but not enough places to slot them! I am obviously getting it wrong somewhere. Could you give me a bit of guidance on this?

Many thanks!


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