[3.8 WIP] Bane Occultist - Good Clear and many defensive mechanics

This is my first build guide, so please be patient with me.

After watching this mbXTreme video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay3Q1ArSTA4, I decided to turn my Cyclone elementalist into an Occultist and the results were fantastic. After making a couple adjustments to the build, I had a character that could do almost all content very safely (deathless uber elder is still a challenge for the build).

Pob: https://pastebin.com/pBhhGXMQ

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* Good clear speed
* Good defenses
* Good budget options
* Great for party play
* Can do every map mod
* Doesn't require Enlighten/Empower level 4
* Helm Enchant isn't necessary
* EB means we can spam spell without ever worrying about running out of mana/ES.

* Slower than QoTF/ranger builds
* Still dies to one-shots (Uber Elder and Minotaur can kill you)
* Particle effects are tough on older/cheap computers (don't try it on consoles)
* Can't insta-kill bosses because we're using a DoT instead of individual powerful hits.

Defensive mechanics
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We use Temporal Chains, Enfeeble, Aspect of the Spider, Flesh and Stone, Phase Acrobatics, Acrobatics, and a Quartz flask to avoid getting hit.
When we get hit, we have Warlord's Mark for endurance charges, a basalt flask, and EB MoM + Divine Flesh to soak up the damage.
Cinderswallow Urn gives us a lot of recovery while mapping. Feast of Flesh instantly restores all of our Life/ES every 5 seconds if there are corpses nearby. CWDT-Desecrate ensures that there are corpses nearby if we've been hit in the last 4 seconds.

Other mechanics
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Curses: We get 5 curses from Malediction, Windshriek, Doedre's Damning, and Vixen's Entrapment.
Mana reservation: We take Sovereignty, Charisma, and the reduced mana node leading to Influence on the tree. Devouring Diadem provides 20% reduced mana reserved to our Herald of Ash setup or Malevolence + Flesh and Stone.
Herald of Ash: mbextreme already has a thorough guide on this and can explain it better than me.
Chaos resistance: Withering Presence grants 60% chaos resistances. We take Purity of Flesh, Atrophy, and Method to the Madness on the tree. With chaos res on our Devouring Diadem, we have +55% chaos resistance with almost zero investment.

Gem Links
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Chest: Bane - Despair - Swift Affliction - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Void Manipulation
Helmet/Boots - Malevolence, Flesh and Stone, Cast when damage taken (1) - Desecrate (1)
Helmet/Boots: Herald of Ash - Burning Damage - Swift Affliction - Increased Area of Effect
Gloves: Poacher's Mark - Temporal Chains - Warlord's Mark - Enfeeble
Weapons: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Portal
Weapons: Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems

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Helmet: The Devouring Diadem
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This is one of the mandatory uniques for the build. It gives us Mind over Matter, reduced mana reserved, AND heals us to full HP/ES every 5 seconds as long as there are corpses nearby. You can play Bane Occultist without it, but it wouldn't be the same (there are other guides on that). The best veiled mods are resistances because our other uniques have low ele res. You can level with a generic life-based Bane build before you get this item.
Encahntments are the lowest priority for this build, but here they are in descending order by DPS:
30% increased Despair curse effect
15% increased effect of curses applied by Bane
40% increased Bane damage

Chest: Carcass Jack
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Life and elemental resistance are the most important stats on this. Since you're mostly using it to scale Herald of Ash, you only need 41% increased AoE. Any corruption that affects both Bane and Despair is ideal, but not necessary. Use a tabula or rare 5/6L until you can buy a 6L Carcass Jack.

Weapons: Obliteration Wands
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We use these to proc Herald of Ash explosions which gives us a huge boost to clear speed. The rolls don't matter much, but you may as well bless them up to 35% spell damage

Weapon Swap: Rare Wands
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This is an optional weapon swap for killing stuff like guardians, Shaper and Uber Elder (they're overkill for Eternal Lab and most map bosses). All you're looking for is decent spell damage, +1 chaos gems, and an open prefix for chaos Dot multiplier. You can also use the Disintegrator Staff if you have enough strength. Again, these aren't required and just help speed up endgame boss fights.

Gloves: Vixen's Entrapment
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These let you cast 4 curses every single time you cast Bane. There is no replacement. Prioritize cast speed with curse skills and ES.

Boots: WindShriek
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We use these for +1 curse. Prioritize all res. Movement speed, chance to dodge, and cast speed are the only useful enchantments afaik.

Belt: Rare Stygian Vise
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Life and resistances are the only things that matter here. I use a stygian so I can use a cheap abyss jewel with Corrupted Blood. You can use a rare leather or heavy belt before you buy/craft a decent Stygian.

Amulet: Rare
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You want Life, Resistances, Dex, Strength, and Chaos DoT Multi. Since elder amulets with CDM can be pricey, you can start out with a cheaper rare without it. Corruption is the best annointment for DPS because I don't path thought much of the witch side of the tree.

Ring 1: Rare
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Just looking for Life, resistances, and an empty suffix for Aspect of the Spider

Ring 2: Doedre's Damning
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Gives us an extra curse. If you can buy them cheap, you might as well corrupt them since the normal implicit is completely useless to us.

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Nothing too special. I use a Witchfire Brew for onslaught and a bit of life/ES recovery, but you could replace it with a plain silver flask for Shock/ignite immunity.

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Prioritize life, then chaos Dot multi on rares. Fill out any missing resists/stats if you absolutely need to.
If you're using a stygian vise, just pick up any abyss jewel with corrupted blood and life.
We use a Glorious Vanity: Doryani to turn Pain Attunement into Divine Flesh. This one jewel gives us about 900 ES.
A Malevolence DoT multi watcher's eye is our best choice.

If you have any questions or ideas to improve this build, please let me know!
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Any tips on how to level up?
fenzor написал:
Any tips on how to level up?

You can use any normal leveling spells in act 1 (Frostbolt, Blight, Frost Bomb, Contagion, etc). By Act 2 you should use Essence Drain and Contagion. In Act 3 you should use Bane linked with Despair, Void Manipulation, and Controlled Destruction. From there, you can just use Bane for everything. Alternatively you can get Blight + the Spreading Rot Jewel to get a bit more DPS against bosses and tanky rares.
Using a simlilar but still different build atm, same thoughts but different outcome. Bane is strong
Hi why do we take Pain Attunement?
awawawawa написал:
Hi why do we take Pain Attunement?
"We use a Glorious Vanity: Doryani to turn Pain Attunement into Divine Flesh. This one jewel gives us about 900 ES." (It's in the jewels section)

PoB doesn't work with legion jewels yet, he places the jewel on the empty slot near pain attunement (changing it to another keystone).
any more info on how to allocate passives when leveling up?
Any chance of a video? Where to go at leaguestart, what links to use at leagestart
Any chance of a video? Where to go at leaguestart, what links to use at leagestart

Video of delve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSEY4DpF_DQ

Link to the best Bane leveling guide by Thi3n: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2489249
So The Devouring Diadem is approx 200-300c leaguestart, what would you do until then?
Cant run herald of ash and malevolence together on leaguestart

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