[3.10] Herald of Purity Summoner | 36/40 | Deathless Sirus lvl 8 | By far my strongest Build

Walkerz2 написал:
And what about cluster gems?

I'm also having this question, i think Disciples is the best option

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Streaming this build on twitch if anyone wants to come take a look. i take 0 credit for the build just following the guide!

I played this build on this leaguye, it made pretty well through the whole game. I finished thez garden quest with it and then

I only had problem killing Sirus with it as you have to constantly renew your sentinels of purity to do damages which causes him to murder me on the third phase. I wasn't able to kill him with this char. Every other boss, guardian or endgame boss gets murdered by the horde. Not Sirus though.

The build is overal pretty tanky but even with 6705HP, all res maxed out and up to 75% block chances (i took glancing blow at lvl 96 and bought a rumi) and 79% physical damages mitigation, i had to regularly take one shot from random mobs. It actually happend... 124 times. Ity's either you stand or you die one shotted.

It ends up coming on my mind so i decided to reroll another char. It's not like i'm dying that much usually...


Are you going to update this guide for 3.12?


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