3.12 The Scourge claw COC DD Necromancer

Hi Guys so this is my first guide. I made this build because it's different and I have always really liked the idea of a necromancer that would fight herself without relying on minions all the time.

There build has a budget version which I used to carry myself to at least to tier 13. The clear speed fast and smooth especially since we're going to use cyclone with the stampede boots (Also extremely useful to be constantly moving around in heists). It's got strong single target DPS using the cheap the Scourge claw unique. If league starting there's 2 paths you could take to reach this. This build is not yet complete because I have been focused on other things but this guide will give you the information you need!

I don't recommend this for league starting as much but you can transition to this by league starting as the usual summoner builds until you can wear the scourge or terminus est weapon.


How does the build work?
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The Scourge claw gives us "Increases and Reductions to Minion Damage also affect you at 150% of their value". This is great for getting a lot of %increased damage for us. Since we're using detonate dead and scaling the corpse life we already have a very high base fire damage and we just need to scale that. This is how we scale it. Thanks to cluster jewels we can get very high numbers! An example is a cheap Medium Cluster jewel that would have 'Endbringer' and 'Cult-Leader'. When using a herald it will give us (35+25) * 1.5 = 90% increased damage! Another example is using an Elder Influenced Bone helmet. 20% from the implicit + 25% from the elder mod which would give us a total of 67.5% increase on the helmet alone.

We also use Phantasmal Desecrate with 2% chance to create a forgotten corpse which is the crushclaw. We need that as a spectre and it helps us do more damage (will explain why below). We get critical by getting a max of 5 Power charges and from our gear+passives. We generate power charges using assassins mark at 20% quality for a 5% chance to gain 1 on hit (it will be fast with our high attack speed) or we can use storm brand + power charge on crit.

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Video example of Baran Awk 7: https://youtu.be/3txNC5C9jik
Will add more vids in future

The way i play is spinning around them and dodging big hits/barrages of ranged attacks with movement speed. When engaging use dash socketed with second with for good mobility. On safe targets you can use storm brand or assassins mark to generate power charges. Make sure the Ice golem is alive.
For bosses you can drop storm brand if they have a starting animation but if they dont just use assassins mark right away. I recommend you spin around them first and get more cast speed from corpse pact THEN you cast vaal detonate dead for a faster cast time.


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In order:
Plaguebringer -> Corpse Pact -> Commander of Darkness -> Mindless Aggression

You can get Mindless Aggression only if you have capped resist without Commander of Darkness and have spiritual aid OR the scourge

Early Gear:
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- Terminus Est or dual weapons with high crit (get spiritual aid passive)
- Tabula rasa
- Ungil's Harmony (Don't go for crit multiplier if using this)
- life + res gear.

Current Gear:
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These are the bread and butter of the build. Gives us a stronger version of spiritual aid. This part will only work once but each gives us 105% increased damage which is very good. Dual wielding this would give us more attack speed to hit optimal speed (more description below).

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This gives us lots of increased damage when you have bone helmet + elder mod for increased minion damage. The next best is the elemental damage or the +1 power charge from warlord.

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Standard life + res rare gloves. We would like the DEX since the build needs plenty of it. Stun recovery is good since we'll get stunned here and there using cyclone.

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A very good unique. We can get an extra annoint + gives us amazing movement speed while cycloning. Also will no longer require the speed flask and get another defensive flask.

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Life + res is good. If you have enough attack speed you should go for the cooldown reduction mod (more info below). Another good option is Replica soul tether if you don't need the res

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Annointed with something that gives us accuracy! Mods we want is crit chance + multiplier (our build needs lots of it) and life again.

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We mainly want Crit chance on our rings with life + res. Atleast 1 should have the -3 to total mana cost because we will be eating up our mana once we have very high attack speed. The circle of anguish is not really needed but it is a nice to have since it covers a lot of the fire res while giving plenty of damage but not required.

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Atleast 1 life flask with the bleed removal. We want the rumi's flask since it will give us more survivability. Diamond flask for crit or a bottle faith if you're rich. Basalt flask with an ailment removal. The atziri's promise isn't really required its better to get another defensive flask with ailment removal.

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Major God:
Soul of the Brine King

Minor God:
Soul of Gruthkul or Shakari
(I use Abberath because I hate burning ground and i forget to change)



Why the Stampede and what annoints?
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Being able to spin and move fast is amazing. Keeps our damage uptime high and being able to quickly move out the way of attacks. It will also give us an annoint which we DESPERATELY need in this build due to the lack of DEX and accuracy. So the annointment we want on our amulet and boots are ones that gives accuracy.

What about volatile dead?
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Volatile dead's explosion has a very small radius and will hardly overlap so most of its damage is from the balls itself. That ball is spell damage which I do not get in this build since my primary focus is scaling the corpse life. You can still use volatile dead for clearing since we have some Fire damage scaling around the build but would not recommend it for bosses.

How much attack speed and CDR?
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Well Cast on Crit has 150ms cd and we use Desecrate + Detonate dead which would have a seperate cooldown. I never really get to ramp up my attack speed with corpse pact since most mobs just die with 1 explosion however at bosses after ramping up my attack speed through corpse pact i hit about 16 atk speed (it oscillates) with my gear.

So if we do the math (0 cdr)
1000/ 150 = 6.67 * 2 = 13.34
This is not good. We have too much attack speed.

What if we have at least 20% cdr:
1000/ (150 * 0.8 ) = 8.33 * 2 = 16.67
Yeah this is much better. We can get 20% cdr from the belt craft or using awakened COC at level 4

Why aren't you using Animate Guardian?
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We are not getting minion life nodes so the AG will die very fast.

The Stygian belt you have is too expensive?
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Yeah it's actually not really needed. A really good alternative is Replica Soul tether which gives us a nice amount of strength and up to 6% of our life as extra energy shield and Corrupted soul which is an extra 20% of life as extra energy shield however 50% of the damage taken bypass the ES. But its still very good for the price.

Why do you avoid Spell damage?
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We are using detonate deads' secondary explosion which does not scale of spell related increases which includes critical chance. So we only scale by using Elemental, fire and globals.

Why Herald of Ash?
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A 20% quality Herald of Ash gives us a 15% increased fire dmg and we need it for the medium cluster jewels that gives us #% increased damage while affected by a Herald which gives us the most damage bonus. The burning overkill damage also is very noticeable for clearing out mobs.

Can you explain your auras?
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We do not scale of spell damage so we can't use zealotry and the Anger aura is not very good. Since we are so starved for accuracy and can't use a craft "can't evade" mod on our Unique claws we need maxed out Precision + Divergent War Banner + Ice golem for accuracy. Also there's no need to place the banner. The Discipline aura is not needed but I like the extra layer of protection it provides. The better option would be Aspect of the Spider for that extra 15% increased damage taken.

What is the purpose of the Spectres?
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So the spectres we would like to have is the Crushclaw and They of Tul.
They of Tul gives us a defensive fog in a area that gives us less damage taken and chance to dodge.
The Crushclaw has an extremely high hp. The Spectres you have is added to the corpse pool created by your desecrate so there's a chance for your crushclaw to appear as a corpse (with all the corpse life scaling you have as necro) to do a very strong detonation. There's more information on "How Corpses Can Be Manipulated To Deal INSANE Damage with Detonate Dead" from This is badger. Just note that there some false information he gives in the practical part such as the boss arena maps like sirus/uber elder having no mobs in the corpse pool. However the monster pool in heist maps are very small so summoning our spectre corpses is very frequent! You can drop They of Tul for Auto-enforcer to be able to spawn their high hp corpses.

We also link our spectre with meat shield to give them a chance to taunt (the crushclaw hits more than They of Tul) which helps us on bosses that can be taunted.

Why do you have CWDT with Cremation?
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You honestly don't need it but with 20% phantasmal cremation they volanoes projectiles have a 40% chance to detonate corpses which would do 4% of the corpses' life. Its a tad bit weaker than detonate dead but our detonate dead does not always detonate all the corpses that we generate. This is mainly for stationary fights but a good increase in dps.

If can't afford cremation you can drop it and get Divergent Detonate dead because all the corpses of the mobs we kill we be igntited and the quality gives us 80% increased damage on ignited corpses.

Why are you getting area of effect?
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It's honestly important and the more the better especially once you have awakened spell cascade because this will spread out the explosions a bit more. This is not so required on bigger enemies but at least this much of what I have is enough to overlap most explosions.

Why are you using Cremator notable?
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Porcupines. Ah yes, the bane of most melee builds. I am sacrificing a bit of damage by using a cluster jewel that gives cremator + smoking remains. We are a crit build and will mostly crit and proc ignite on the enemy and cremator has 'Ignited Enemies you hit are destroyed on Kill. That's handy but that's not exactly the only reason!
The main reason is that our detonate dead favours detonate mob corpses from the map over our desecrate. Our desecrate spawns level 100 corpses with SO MUCH more life than mob corpse because of Corpse Pact and Corpse life passives. So this way when we rid of the mob corpses we will be getting more consistent high damaging corpse explosions!

Defense layers?
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Sadly not a lot. It's mostly relying on the defensive flask and moving out the way since we're using the stampede boots, moving and spinning is a great source of defense.

We are dual wielding so we get that 15% chance to block for free and with Rumi's Concoction we get an extra 17% so that's 32% chance to block. It's okay.

We use disorienting display notable to blind nearby enemies when we use an Elemental skill. Which is most of the time. Once we have consumed corpses and ramped up our attack speed, the feast of flesh notable gives us +10 hp per hit for our cyclone. We also use Immortal Call with CWDT.

Why are you using Sadist notable?
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Corpse Pact. We're always spawning corpses and critting with fire dmg. So we will always chill, shock and ignite. so that's a nice 60% elemental damage.

Do I need Unnatural Instinct?
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No I just got lucky and dropped it. Just take the corpse life nodes normally.

Can I do reflect maps?
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Sadly not. Can't do either. With so much global increases even our cyclone with no link does enough damage to do a tier 1 map.
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woooo 1st! Keep up the good works :)
Hey just a quick note! Desecrate does not spawn level 100 corpses. A level 20 desecrate can spawn level 100 corpses but it is limited to the area level you are in. So that usually means it’s capped at about 83. This is why corpse life scaling builds almost always use unearth, as the gem level determines the level of the corpse regardless of area level. The unearth helmet enchant is also very helpful. Great guide though, very well put together!
I'm leveling a character for this right now! As soon as you hit 16 and can get desecrate + detonate dead + spell cascade, it feels really good to self cast it. Looking forward to when I can get the CoC cyclone going.

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