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3.15 Expedition Updates

Probably will be using new supports, once PoB updates I will do that. Clusters got nerfed again but nothing too crazy. We used both diamond and bottled faith flasks so we're taking a big hit to critical strike chance, very likely we run a crit gem in 6L.

Build is ready though.

An occultist version of my storm brand build, more damage than guardian and flexibility with offensive/defensive curse options. This version has a higher top end but a slower ramp up so feel free to play whichever you prefer. Brands are still very strong and I love the playstyle plus they make a fantastic league start requiring low investment to enter maps.

Path of Building: Leaguestart/Pre-LL | Midrange | Endgame | Literal God

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/Velyna

Build Video: https://www.youtube.com/velyna

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/velyna

Other Builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/2688095

1. Introduction

1.1. Why brands?

Brands offer a highly mobile and therefore very safe playstyle, it's basically like a little totem that sticks to things and can't be killed. Along with the changes in 3.11 and addition of Swiftbrand support, storm brand had its damage increased and I'm enjoying the more active playstyle. It's also a fantastic levelling skill.

1.2. Pros/Cons
  • Smooth levelling: We use storm brand all the way through into endgame and the power curve feels great. In addition to being strong, it's an insanely fast skill for levelling with its drop and go playstyle.
  • Big scaling: We have tons of options to boost DPS, with all the aura's we run and the ability to scale them our potential is massive. This is a fantastic build to work on over time.
  • Safety: The playstyle of brands offers superior mobility compared to most other skills. We can spend our time focusing on staying alive.

  • Ramping: This build can take some investment to comfortably steamroll high tier maps, and may have low boss dps when starting out. Can end up being expensive, as many LowLife builds are. Will feel fantastic with the investment though.
  • Not immortal: We don't have fortify or a massive health pool, you need to use your mobility well and not take oneshot hits.

1.4. HC/SSF/Leaguestart Viable?

Easy leaguestart, should be HC viable but it's not the tankiest build ever.

SSF will require dedication, lots of required uniques.

1.5. Upgraded PoB

This version is updated faster and has extra features. The PoB links in the guide all use this and there might be differences from the standard one.

Uninstall PoB before installing this or you might get errors.

1.6. FAQ
-Why am I dying in phys reflect maps?-
Wave of conviction deals phys damage and will give issues in reflect maps, you can either swap to frost bomb or remove wave for those maps.

1.7. Thanks
Theorycrafting mastermind and handsome gentleman.

2. Leveling

This will show what I used and how I specced while levelling a simulated leaguestart. We go life and armour at first while gathering gear for LL, if you have gear already feel free to skip this section and level however you want. I had a very easy time through the acts following this path.

Act 1





I use Freeze Pulse until brands, try to get a shield ASAP.

After doing tidal island and opening the cave you can get Frostblink, Flame Totem and Steelskin in town. Infused Channeling is also a quest reward at some point.

I put Steelskin on my move button so it autocasts as a free defence layer. You might need an Amber Amulet to meet STR requirements for awhile.

You get Clarity/Vitality after killing Brutus, level them a couple times then wait on more unless you need mana sustain badly. You can buy Flamedash now to replace Frostblink.

We're looking for 2 BBB link setups for our Brand/Totem by end of act + a cold res ring.

Act 2






Help Alira.

Start levelling Controlled Destruction in a weapon swap.

Act 3





When you spec into Runebinder the Flame Totem can't be used anymore unless you have Multi Totem support, which you dont get until act 4. Feel free to delay taking the node until then.

Keep an eye out for BBBB 4links we need 2 of them.

Do the library and buy Swiftbrand, Elemental Weakness and Conductivity.

Can also buy Enfeeble if you want a defensive option later.

Take Malediction from first lab.

Act 4-6






After killing Kaom and Daresso you can get Hextouch and run 2 curses in a 4L with Herald of Lightning.

CWDT setup is a nice defence layer, I usually put it in an armour base shield for easy coloring.

Second lab around level 52, take Profane Bloom.

Act 7-10






Once your mana sustain is high enough, swap out Clarity and Vitality for Zealotry.

From third lab you can either take Vile Bastion for some stun protection and respec later, or just take Void Beacon now it's up to you.

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3. Gear

Phase 1 is for leaguestart or if you don't have the gear for LowLife yet, it should be able to clear the acts easily and enter maps to start grinding out some upgrades.

Phase 1: Leaguestart (Before LowLife)

Keep an eye out for Armour+ES bases because the build uses a lot of blue sockets and armour is nice to have.

There's 2 options for some easy life leech here, I use Cerberus Limb but you can also put 2 points into another power charge and use The Highwayman. With that method you don't have leech without 5 charges however.

Make sure you follow the leaguestart tree as its very different from the LL one.

Phase 2: Midrange (LowLife Transition)

Before switching to LowLife have the chest, amulet and shield at very least. High ES on gloves and belt is also recommended.

When you get your rings make sure to use Frostbite and not Conductivity.

Upgrade from the cerberus limb ASAP, not only for the damage but also 'Trigger socketed spell' makes our lives easier.

Be on the lookout for any decent gloves corrupted with ele weakness (or enfeeble/temp chains if you prefer). Hands of the templar works for this and should be affordable.

Once you have wand+gloves cursing we can remove Hextouch.

Phase 3: Endgame (Scaling DPS)


Hubris with "-9% to Cold Resistance" plus whatever resists you need and as much ES as possible. If you can afford it, buy or craft one with a lab enchant.


We need a curse here and templars are just super convenient.

Any ES gloves can be used if they have decent stats.


We're pretty much locked into shavs for this slot.

If you have the budget, grab one corrupted with damage or max resistance then bench color it with vaal+chromatics. Increased ES or +1 gems are good options also.


We get a lot of resists from this slot, and hopefully lots of ES.


Presence of Chayula: Remember that once you anoint Tranquility, the helmet from our previous phase loses most of its value. Crown of the Inward Eye should be replaced around the same time you change anoints.

Call of the Brotherhood: Make sure to stack elemental catalysts here for full conversion, if your bored and rich you can catalyst then corrupt to hit cant be ignited or something else juicy.


Crystal belt with high ES and ideally armour, plus resists. High STR on belt can save one point on the tree which is fantastic. Either defense or resist catalysts can be used to get more from this slot.


Watchers Eye: Hatred+Zealotry penetration is probably top dps here, but we have tons of auras and therefore flexibility.

Transcendent Flesh: This jewel gives a very high amount of damage and usually isn't too expensive. We have such a perfect spot it's hard to imagine putting anything else there.

Energy from Within: Gives a lot of ES, and it's a fantastic place for minus reservation corrupt later.

Cluster Jewels

  • Large: You can go with just Snowstorm and Vengeful Commander at first, there are 3 possibilities for the third node and all of them work fine.
  • Medium: Brand Loyalty increases our single target, and we also pick up some duration. Holy Conquest is optional but I prefer how the build feels with it.
  • Small: Probably not used until a very high level. We can grab armour, max res, ES or a few other things here plus some resists.


There's lots of options here, generally we want:

  • +1 Lightning/Spell Gems
  • Spell Damage
  • Crit Chance for spells/Crit Multi
  • Cast Speed
  • Flat lightning to spells
  • Suffix open for "trigger socketed spell"


If you can afford it, get a +2 AOE or Aura gem corrupt.


Atziris Promise: Super cheap, super useful. Damage and defense together means we get a lot of mileage out of this flask. Replace later for higher damage.

Bottled Faith: Crazy damage boost if you can afford it.

Wise Oak: Fantastic DPS when cold resist is highest. You can use this instead of bottled faith if money is tight, or instead of sprint flask.

Utility: We want to get bleed immune here on diamond or silver flasks.

Phase 4: Literal God

With a crafted helmet and 2 corrupted jewels we can add spider aspect to the build. By using Fenumus' Weave we gain an easy source of ele weakness on hit. This can get expensive because you will probably want a corrupted blood jewel as well, so the only real choices are transcendent flesh and energy from within.

4. Misc

4.1 Ascend
  • Malediction
  • Forbidden Power
  • Void Beacon
  • Frigid Wake

When your leaguestarting, take Forbidden Power from second lab for reliable power charges.

When you get Assassin's Mark running in a trigger wand move those points into Profane Bloom.

4.2 Bandit

Alira gives us 3 things we like a lot so we help her.

4.3 Pantheon

Major: Solaris or Lunaris

Minor: Gruthkul

This is my standard setup, feel free to run whatever you want.
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Would this work for a league starter in 3.14??
jollathanRogers написал:
Would this work for a league starter in 3.14??

Will work fine yes.
Added links to media
i love stormbrand.

What do you personally think is the better of your 2 variants.
Guardian or Occultist?

Faralon написал:
i love stormbrand.

What do you personally think is the better of your 2 variants.
Guardian or Occultist?

Guardian is tankier, Occultist has more damage.

That's really the only difference. Occultist can absolutely melt bosses at the top end.
Guardian is tankier, Occultist has more damage.

That's really the only difference. Occultist can absolutely melt bosses at the top end.

I don't suppose you have any rough numbers for the difference there?

I swear the last couple leagues I LOOK at this and I think about starting with it, pick something else, and then regret it. Maybe 3.14 is the time.
CallOfTheVoid написал:
I don't suppose you have any rough numbers for the difference there?

I swear the last couple leagues I LOOK at this and I think about starting with it, pick something else, and then regret it. Maybe 3.14 is the time.

10%, bit more with very high gear
Последняя редакция: Velyna. Время: 13 апр. 2021 г., 20:45:03
Added an endgame montage video with some bosses, delve, delirious map etc.

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