[3.14] Witch Build List

Hi. I would like to share my guide with very interesting mechanics, mix-n-match fusion with our new physical spell.

Reap + Golem + Mines
(Literally, my IGN is ReapGolemMines)

Currently on T15 Maps, and more videos will be uploaded.
Can't wait to share more content with this character.

This is my first character of the league, and I'm still playing this character without making my second!

Elementalist / League-Start Viable.
Little Budget is okay too.
Hi there.

Check out my Crackling Lance Occultist:

Full content, budget, league starter and other buzz words.

Will update the build constantly this league, but it's very solid.
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My second-ever guide (my first was the Herald of Agony Melee Necro, in the "old build list" section). It's actually a little shorter than my first guide!

Corrupting Fever Elementalist, applied with Ball Lightning

Should go under the "Physical" section--the ball lightning is not doing damage :)
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[3.14] Gryph's Burning Witch - CoC Volatile Dead Necromancer - Burn Yourself Through the Atlas

This is my Cast on Crit VD Self Ignite Necromancer.

This is not intended as a league starter (although doable) but is more of a 2nd cahracter build. She can clear all content in the game, functions on minimal budget, and scales very well with investment.

Fast Clearspeed
High DPS.

A build for people who want to just play 1 character for everything they do.

Cold Crit SRS Necro

~40 mil Sirus DPS
~30 Ex cost
Not tanky, 4k life, relying on minions to chill, freeze and kill anything in sight.
Took on all content (aside of delve bosses - they're a pain to find) with relative ease. Encounter knowledge and proper reaction time is mandatory to avoid dying to silly mechanics.
SRS Bomber | League Start to Endgame | All Content

A Classic SRS Bomber aka Popcorn SRS, with quite some defenciv layers.

Easy to League start, will carry you through the whole game.

Did a Major update recently which pushed the damage and defence by quite a bit.

I will keep the Guide updated.
Finsihed the Crackling Lance Occultist guide

Final numbers:
27.8 M Sirus DPS
10k ES

Build is:
- cheap
- league starter capable
- fast clear
- tanky (not invulnerable thou)

More importantly it's the only Lightning Occultist or Crackling Lance Guide I see in this thread, so should be a great addition in terms of diversity :).
Add to builds pls

[3.15] The Chaos Mage - Self Cast Occultist Fobidden Rite Dual Void Battery


its a self cast forbidden rite with lots of defensive stuff and 20m dps on single target and 6k+ life
3.15 Explosive Concoction Elementalist


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