[Sub-guide] MOM for Skele Mages

Wolfuricane написал:
Hey i been following this build as a next level to Odif's guide. started late this league and im new.
question is how do we proc EE with this build? (Storm Brand is for proc EE in Odif's guide)
However you like, this page is just for the MOM component. I used Blade Blast for the Unnerve but 3.15 removes the Unnerve so now it's just whatever is most convenient to apply it. Skeles deal the least damage in Cold, so that's technically the best element to use for EE by a small margin, I liked using Hydrosphere before. Others like using Brands but I haven't tried.
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Dead Reckoning is my supporter unique, I've played it many leagues, and I've been looking to push above level 95 and do the big bosses. I play Standard since I don't have time to play leagues, I get like 2 hours/week to play. I took down Uber Atziri but it was mostly Vaal Summon Skeletons that did it. Anyway, last time I built MoM was when Hierophant was brand new and it felt terrible because I would lose all my mana then die because I can't cast. But now I see there's block effects and stuff to layer in.

I've started speccing into this version. I got a 10ex watcher's eye that's the good mods for clarity and vitality, also randomly has flask charge with Precision so I also run a level 1 precision.

It's kinda funny, they are the flat auras with a level 4 Enlighten which I've never ran before:

Anyway, I got shield for 4ex that I can run through Haewark Hamlet to get some reroll prefixes and divine the suffixes:

I got a +2 gem wand on my 3rd or so try using the 4 fossil method so I got lucky. I was using a self-crafted bow until then with Avian Might but it appears the +2 gem wand is kinda silly strong instead.

I also have some legacy +1 skeleton chests I'll figure out which one is best. Zero Energy Shield is not something I have ever really geared for on a summoner but oh well.

Seems to perform well enough even without my resistances cleaned up yet, I'm hoping to remove all my deaths and get say level 98. I mostly just run T16 rare corrupt maps for variety's sake.
Your version is performing well!

I am including a Tempest Shield which help proc Elemental Equilibrium passively while getting my spell block to 70%. I am using the +2 chain alt quality one, and I won’t corrupt it because I don’t need its damage better and it could lose a chain if it goes below 20% quality.

My Animate Guardian is just a cheapo one with Leer Cast, Dying Breath, Southbound, Victario’s Flight,

I use two Carnage Chietains and two Host Chieftains. It does seem like the high level Clarity lets them keep charges up.

I got pretty lucky on my amulet so far, I awakened orb a +1 int gems with +1 skeletons, prefixes can’t be changed, then Aisling level 4 slam gave me better recoup mana:

I will have to use some harvest and prefixes can’t be changed more to figure out suffixes.

I am now working on a helmet. I have a legacy 40% bone helmet that I will eventually craft to be better than a 6link chest. Then then only two slots to upgrade will be boots and chest.

I have found whatever Vaal Summon Skeletons excels at is where I prefer to farm. I am doing Valdo’s Rest metamorph farming, it is quite relaxing. My internet is pretty slow and sometimes instances crash, but this farm method means not too much investment per map and I don’t have any kind of timer forcing me to run forward into monsters. I don’t use the King Harbingers since they crash my client or instance, I instead run Jun since Immortal Syndicates just die to Vaal Summon Skeletons even if they call in reforcements. The intervention ones can teleport so running away doesn’t work against them, just stand inside skeleton army works ok. I use both Courtyard and Arena maps because of their triple bosses.


I am using a legacy 8% Forbidden Taste with trigger on Savage Hit. It’s like the best life flask ever. I can tell it’s working wonders because my mana drops but my life doesn’t, It appears that I can’t die as long as that flask has charges. I can even press it manually against damage over time. Forbidden Taste downside damage is split among life and mana thanks to Mind Over Matter so I suspect it’s the best life flask in 3.15 for this build.

The other defensive is a legacy Taste of Hate with trigger when full charges. I suspect it is doing a ton of work against physical but I can’t “feel” it since it’s a preemptive flask.
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