3.6.1 Patch Notes

Pls fix when ambush syndicate make my char freeze for a couple sec. Ripped 10%
So I guess the community is going to just continue getting slaughtered while frozen every time a syndicate fight pops up anywhere on the map, Doesn't matter if it's a portal, Fortress or a Safe house. FIX YOUR DAMN GAME OR LOSE PLAYERS.
Sora_Imanity написал:
You didn't made betrayal optional encounter?
What is wrong with you? This is literally destroying the game, i mean, come on, don't you hear all the community shouting this to you?

first day league twitch watchers 90k+
today 15k and going down.
just hear what community is saying
What happened to the following line in the news update from Bax?
Items that drop during Memories will respect their original item allocation when dropped near Cavas at the completion of a memory.

As I would like to see it Soon.™
No fix for Spell Cascade not working with Icestorm/Firestorm linked with Cast While Channelling?

Icestorm/Firestorm work fine with Spell Cascade only, they work with Cast While Channelling only, but they don't work with Spell Cascade and Cast While Channelling together.
Последняя редакция: Chris37599. Время: 14 марта 2019 г., 18:16:45
What about the Sunspire Portal fix around the map device? Spent $60 on the supporter pack and it's still not fixed...
No Syndicate intervention performance issue fixes :(
pls fix all syndicate ancounters =/

thx =)
Intervention and overall syndicate spawning still freezes the game and you die... I am so sick of losing my XP because of this.
Последняя редакция: surtovdusha. Время: 14 марта 2019 г., 18:32:13

beside you want more players to quit this league. Seems you don't care about MTX money

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