[3.11] GOLEMENTALIST (Flame Golems Elementalist) Build (Easy & Safe for everyone!) +Video guide!

Well done, I won't hit 100 for a bit, not able to play much right now.

Zombie build does look interesting, but I may toy with ice golems after I ding 100, then again, I may go zombie flame hybrid of sorts.

Последняя редакция: ShadowHamed. Время: 18 нояб. 2019 г., 18:53:26
Won't be looking interesting much longer... the Zombie/minion nerf is pretty much guaranteed to be coming in 3.9. :)
Zombies yes, golems no, I don't see a need at play, other than messing with the passive tree in slight ways as per usual.

Not sure how they dial back zombie OP
Whether you see a "need at play" ultimately won't matter much, I have this distinct feeling that other minions won't get away unscathed... ;)

And make no mistake, Ice Golem damage will certainly be looked at as well.
No doubt, but I don't see them touching a few key things for this build, the elementalist ascendency, the + golem on passive, and other key passives. With content like blight these are necessary and were logical for our ascendancy.

They may or may not dial back zombie DPS potential, but that doesn't impact traditional golem setup.

On a different note, Don't drink and deep delve. I suffered a foolish death due to above the limit bac. The 99 to 100 grind is :( as u well know
Последняя редакция: ShadowHamed. Время: 20 нояб. 2019 г., 8:08:23
Oh the grind is real indeed. On your way to lvl 100 better stay clear of the "fun stuff." ;)

I see you haven't anointed your amulet yet, you should. Some very useful notables you can get reasonably cheap in standard (i.e. anything that does not involve Golden Oils).

If you don't trust "anointment services" you can easily do it yourself: Create a character in Blight HC, complete Sister Cassia's quest in Act1 The Coast, invite her to your Hideout and then rip this character so it will be transferred to standard league. This Character will then have Cassia in your standard league Hideout and you can anoint Amulets to your heart's content. ;)
i will for sure, but it doesnt matter much, my day job has me going 60+ hrs a week for the next month so im not going to get to play much unfortunately.
Spell echo + looks very nice, seeing how it plays in practice will be curious

The gain seems to be rather marginal TBH. If a Magma Ball deals 1k damage before regular Spell Echo we'll get 9,000 damage from 5 casts and repeats with it. With Spell Echo Plus it'd be 9,350... nothing to write home about. But hey, every little helps.;)
If that's true then the in practice is garbage and it is garbage.

I wasn't sure whether one would be able to use both, I guess not.

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