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rankor написал:
I'm confused, why is the Unending Hunger jewel socketed with only 30 INT in radius ?

You don't have to spend the points. Nodes just have to be in radius. Jewels specifically say allocate if you, well, have to allocate the passive nodes (e.g anatomical knowledge)
Quick and silly question:
What gems are better to push into lvl 21?
In the beginning the holy fire totem can really help. It heals the minions quite well if placed correctly, but ok wont work once you take EE.
ententrainor написал:
My early mapping gear
My gear so far

Скрытый текст

I have 4,7k life actually and it is really squishy, many monsters are able to one shot me. I don't really know but I think I will give the cwdt+bone offering a chance later. When I am not wrong the blocks from my Minions count then as well...I will tell you if it works or not. If it is working the build could be a lot tankier.

Looks pretty good. I'm at around 4k hp for comparison, but I'm using the phase acro version of the build (in alternate build section).


Tusk_Luv написал:
SO is it possible to make skills cost ~0 mana, including Flame Dash so to use 2 auras?

It might be possible, but do it you need "-9 mana" on both rings (betrayal craft). It costs 1ex for the craft alone.


zeaol написал:
kayella написал:
Is it safe to assume that Vaal Summon Skeletons also pairs nicely with the
cover enemies in ash on hit?

Yes! It's a nice boost before you can craft your 95% wand.
Kay's Spectre Summoner build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2181275
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Aquiline_Fury написал:
Animate Guardian
How would AG fit in with this build? I figure that an AG in an Unset ring could provide some decent benefits.

Feel free to correct/suggest better/alternatives to the gear I was considering placing in them.

Weapon: Kingmaker. The Fortify and Culling Strike sounds like a good bonus for the Fire-Eaters to have. The 50% crit multi is where I may need correcting, as I'm reasonably new to PoE and am unsure what the crit chance of spectres is (or if they even can) but I thought that since they are getting the benefits of Victario's Charity, and will be at 3 Power Charges almost all of the time (each granting 200% crit chance on minions allegedly) I figured this sounded like a great bonus for them.

Chest: either Garb of The Ephemeral or Bloodblond. I figure the action speed benefit, Divinity buff (for AG) and nearby enemies being unable to crit sounds like a decent defensive bonus. That or the life from Bloodbond.

Helm: Crown of The Tyrant. -10% enemy resistances sounds like a nice DPS increase and with only one socket (white) the flat chaos damage bonus won't interfere with EE and will add a little more damage.

Gloves: Southbound

Boots: Victario's Flight (who doesn't love movement speed)

Please feel free to correct any misconceptions I may have :) I have no idea what kind of DPS this would provide, but to my inexperienced PoE mind, it sounds at least reasonably sizeable.

SilverWF написал:
Animate Guardian
Used Ag in the Zombie build.
Dying breath staff - 18% increased damage for nearby allies
Leer Cast mask - 15% increased damage for nearby allies
Ambu's Charge armor - grants Endurance charge for nearby allies (in fact - very rare) and good life regen for AG
Meginord's Vise gloves - Good life regen for AG
Vitario's Flight boots - +10% movement speed for nearby allies.

This can be an option for endgame, but seems that 4 fire eaters have insane DPS without any shaman's dances like this.

Also, all auras from AG have very low range, maybe, 20-25 units.

And AG is not "you", but "minion" - EE can be procced by only you.

I used to recommend one actually. It's useful in mapping, but tends to easily die in T16/shaper/uber elder/delve, so I don't really recommend it anymore.
Kay's Spectre Summoner build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2181275
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Friscoexodus написал:
In the beginning of Act 3 you say use 6 respec points, we dont get 6 until act 4

There's definitely 6. I always switch to spectres when I get the gem in Act 3. Did you go back to do the Act 1 side mission? I suggest skipping it in Act 1.


CustomCreated написал:
Nice guide, I'm currently level 40 but I feel like my spectres are too squishy, they die to every big swarm of enemies. Am I missing something?

I might need to add Wraith Lord as a levelling unique.


Argrhh написал:
fire Vaal Advocate from incursion is really nice option, they are very tanky, deal pretty much damage and it is feel more smooth than Goatman fire-raisers for me.

Oh, yes, they're good. I didn't put them into the guide because they're difficult to get, but I think I'll add it.
Kay's Spectre Summoner build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2181275
My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/KayGaming
Yoyibelle написал:
Controlled destruction on our sprectress still work? or we are just using the gem for the flat spell damage? bcse they will never crit or just our spells will not crit? im confused.

Cannibal Fire-Eaters have 0 crit, so it doesn't matter for them. Just enjoy the damage modifier. Also controlled destruction will affect phantasms (Elemental Focus won't).


Help! I can't seem to get Fire-Eaters to spawn in Shore.

Mechanist_29 написал:
help me. i am in shore and don't call fire-eater.
I have 3 maps
i spend all portals iech at 30 min.
no result

Sazzbot написал:
They moved beach Tier 1 Beach this 3.6 so no fire-eaters for me yet. I am gonna have to slowlly find them. Found Fire-Goats from iceberg map Tier1 But my spectres are still squishy. 4-ascendency points, level 73

In3vitability написал:
How have you guys been finding the CFEs in shore maps this league?

I have wasted 3 maps spending an hour in each and havent found a single one?

If someone can please <3 let me raise one in their hideout will really appreciate it!

SzamanikTM написал:
Cannibal Fire-Eater in 3.6 still only on Shore and Beach ?

Unfrtunately they're not a 100% spawn. Shore has the highest percentage to spawn them, but anything with the beach tileset can spawn them as well.

If you message me in-game, I can share FEs.
Kay's Spectre Summoner build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2181275
My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/KayGaming
Hello i'm a new one into summoner way so i'm sorry about my nooby question!!

If the useful spectres are dying like often for me now do we have to come back in map (act 6 or 8 or shore) and make again the long method? Do i miss something? Is it possible to "revive" the dying spectres without doing all this things?
I have 53 lvl but at this point spectres are doing almost 0 DPS on 4 link. R.I.P build ;/
Looks like CFE spectres inflict too much ignites (if you don't use Elemental Focis) and locations become to lag (i bugged all my path in memory nexus cause of this). So i think it is better to always use Elemental Focus (instead of Minion Damage for example, in 5l. yes, phantasms will do lesser damage, but with 5l it is a best replace i saw).

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