{3.10} Speaker for the Dead | The Mass Minion Summoner | League Starter, Leveling Guide 💀

Hello, summoners!
I'm rather a new player and I really want to build a small army for myself in this game. Found this build, but... uh... I got lost among the posts and links and I really don't know which information is up-to-date or old. Would somebody be nice and give me links to updated information? Tree, leveling guide, gears etc.
Same here. Also, I have like 30 chaos so there's no way I can afford a single item on the updated list of gear and gem setups.

I guess I'll have to wing it lol
Bit late to the new league, but leveling a necromancer in Heist. I looked at the current guides and found myself missing this one. Anyone playing/played this type of necro in the current league? Do you follow one of the guides here? Or what's your best tips :)

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