[3.10] Ice Golem Golemancer Build -DELIRIUM-BALANCED- ALL CONTENT -Everything Dies-Huge Damage

recommend a +4 lvl and 7link mace
Me and my buddy want to play primarily play in group together this league. Would you recomend double this build or this build + Aura Guarian support?
Bro please, new leveling tree!! Thanks so mush for rhis guide. Can't find it.
Coming back to this build as a league starter after playing cyclone and heralds last league. Looks like the new tree and stuff are not up yet, will just go by the 3.10 stuff. Would love to know if there are any patch notes that conflict with this build, I scanned them and don't see anything?
Primordial chain is expensive. Besides that build seems great again!
Koheleth написал:
Primordial chain is expensive. Besides that build seems great again!
IMHO the build is very expensive in this league. Primordial chain - 160c+
Primordial Might - 75c+
and that is the min setup that u need to have to play the golemancer.
OMFG what's wrong with this League?
Could you please post a screen of your full passive and acendancy as well as where and what cluster jewels you used. Not everone has pob.
Been enjoying this build very much; Just about to hit level 95.
I've done flame golems a few times and had been eager to give ice golems a try this league. The damage is great, definitely killing bosses faster than I'm used to. Clear speed is also up there, though maybe not as fast as flame golems (I expected this going in).

Survivability is ok so far. I have a good amount of gear I can improve, and I don't have the optimal amount of mana for MoM yet. I just switched from clayshaper to a +2 convoking wand (around 7ex at the time of purchase), and while the damage increase is pretty nuts, I may recommend prioritizing more defensive options first, since this build has pretty wonderful damage regardless. Harvest crafting has made getting some defensive gear much easier than other leagues.

Maps as high as T16 have been a breeze so far, so long as I'm paying attention and dodging well. Delving in lvl 80 areas has been the same, even including delve bosses, which I've never actually fought before. This is also a pretty good build for running in the dark for fossils since the health regen is so high. Most of my deaths have been the consequence of overconfidence, such as flame-dashing through strong packs, or not reacting quick enough to telegraphed one-shots.

I'm looking forward to completing content with this build that I have not been able to interact with before. It might even be my first 100 if things keep going so smoothly!

Quick word on the +2 wand again -
I'm not sure if I find the "trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" attribute particularly useful or enjoyable. While it definitely simplifies gameplay, allowing you to focus even more on avoiding damage, I did feel like I lost a little bit of control over my minions. I'm considering removing it to regain manual control over my convocation, flesh offering, and desecrate. It didn't seem to have much impact at all on the price of wands I was looking at, so I recommend thinking about whether or not a more involved playstyle matters to you before getting one under the assumption that it's just better.
Just my 2c.

Thanks for the guide!

Edit 7/17: Updated gear. I have come to prefer command of the pit gloves with jewels that give taunt/blind and some hp. Seems to help a good bit with survivability, and also half the cost of the Grip of the Council gloves! Also a massive fan of A Rumi's + taste of hate combo. Rumi's brings me to ~85% phys mitigation, and combining it with taste of hate makes things extremely safe!

Edit 7/27: More updated gear. 6L rare chest with life/resists is a very large survivability boost over skin of the loyal, I should have made the switch earlier. DPS loss from single lost gem level is negligible. Helm enchant + awakened skill gems have also provided a nice boost to damage. Sitting at 4.9k HP atm, looking to boost it to 5k with a vermillion ring, rerolling life on the chest, and getting a better life % belt.

Current Gear:
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After skipping last league, i was itching to play ice golems again.
For the first time i really got Endgame Gear (7,8 Mio Shaper DPS 1,3 per IceGolem). I traded for the BIS wand today and the gameplay feels completely different. Killspeed is throught the roof. Should have gone for it first in hindsight.

Started out as srs zombie, switch to stone golems before maps and made the final switch to ice golems after getting the primordial chain.

Gear progressing was as follows:
Helm and ring are WIP
Gloves (base found) and ring (bought the base) are selfcrafted
1. clayshaper + vic shield + Essence worm
2. primordial might
3. 3x primordial Eminence
4. The anima stone
5. all primordial harmonys
6. The primordial chain
7. Chest + Gloves
8. Helmet
9. Belt
10. Boots
11. Wand
12. Empower 4 for Ice Golem
13. Vermillion Ring

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