[3.10] Ice Golem Golemancer Build -DELIRIUM-BALANCED- ALL CONTENT -Everything Dies-Huge Damage

Hello, your PoB suggest Multistrike and Ruthless although PoEDB states Cyclone cannot be supported by those.

Damage enemies around you, then perform a spinning series of attacks as you travel to a target location. Cannot be supported by Ruthless or Multistrike.

Am I missing something ?
someone complete the new labs??

Died by one shoot Izaro`s
by the way my gear is not the last:
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z_zjazz написал:
someone complete the new labs??

Died by one shoot Izaro`s
by the way my gear is not the last:
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nevermind, completed all 3
Thanks for nice build. i fixed something for my playstyle. crush all content.

Последняя редакция: luongsihung. Время: 4 авг. 2020 г., 1:18:39
wow luong, almost all mirror-tier gear...
So i wanted to give an update on my gear and how i crafted some things.

Todo: Augment the chest with T1 Life (Hit T2 Life for now) and boots with T1 Speed.
Stats: 4996 Life 1609 Mana
Res: 115 fr 126 cr 114 lr 79 cr
Dmg per Golem (x6): 2,35 Mio for Sirius A8

The wand and belt I bought. The helmet I also bought, but modified it with harvestcrafts.

How I crafted:
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Redeemer ilvl 86 base (around 10c)
1x time perfect gilded and encrusted
Spam pefect fossil till 29% qual
craft 6s
This is where i got insanely lucky.
1x faceted fossil
got me both str and dex gem mods, life and the redeemer influence aura mod
Removed life
Blocked the elemtal redeemer influence mod with avoid aliments crafting bench mod.
Augment influence mod with harvestcraft (hit blind)
Now there are only 2 influence prefix options left.
( hits as cold dmg and the desired support gem lvl)
Repeated augment influence mod and remove phs mod till support gem mod.
Force 6link via crafting bench.

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Alt spam until T1 minion damage + Mana (took a while)
Regal (hope for workable harvest mods)
Augment what i needed.

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Spam pefect fossil till 30% qual
Spam Pristine fossil
Hit both T1 life mods
Locked prefixes to anul a strength mod, but u also can harvestcraft keep prefixes, reroll suffixes.
Added res T1 mods

Последняя редакция: YuriDT. Время: 14 авг. 2020 г., 15:32:27
Hey! Thanks for a great build. This is my third league playing this game. First time I played was in betrayal where I played Solar Guard spectres and second was in Legion where I used this Ice Golem build.

When playing Legion I thought the clear speed wasn't too good with this build, especially when it came to clearing monoliths. I decided to make my own build this league taking inspiration from this build. In my iteration I use Redemption Sentries for Clearing and Ice Golems for single target which grants insane clearspeeds. Both minion types scale excellently through Hatred.

Clearing is used through a 8-link gg head where the Spectres are linked with GMP, Fork and Chain. For 'harder' bosses I swap with Deathmark, Vicious Projectiles and Elemental damage with attacks.

I'm using a 3 curse setup (Vurnability, Assassin's and Mark Frost Bite) applied by Blade Vortex that's on trigger. Together with Pendulum of Destruction ascendancy we get some great synergy with the +75% area of effect which easily aplies curses everywhere.
Since Blade Vortex is physical I'm using lightning damage conversion on gloves to apply Elemental Equilibrium.

An immortal Animated Guardian is also used with Kingmaker to boost all minions.

I use offhand swapping to cast Flesh Offering since the buff persist through swapping. Baiscally weapon swap -> Cast Flame Dash since the ability for some reason triggers both Desecrate + Flesh Offering -> Swap back.
It's some nifty min max. When linked with increased duration and Efficacy Support the flesh offering lasts for a long time too.

Here's a video of the gameplay:

No mind over matter makes this build squishier than the original version but I'll take it :)

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