[3.8] Exploding Bees of DOOM! | SRS CWC Cyclone Necro - Minion Instability | All Content | Tavukai

dado_hd написал:
hi I saw your build and it's great I would like to know if you can do T15 blighted maps or in general if you can do blighted maps without too much difficulty. thank you very much if you answer

T15 blight maps are so easy its ridiculous. real life.
I made changes based on your advice.


I get one shot in T15 maps, I was thinking of switching a Shavronne's Wrappings instead of the Queen Hunger. What do you think ?

Any more advice on how to make this build a bit more tanky ?
he damage seems ok, though.

Thanks a lot !
How did you manage to get your +1 to spell gems with the minion temple mod on the scepters?

On a side note, what did you think of the new skill gem changes for PoE 2 (If you watched the stream) and how it would shape with this build in the far future?
The sceptres drops RARELY with the +1 spells on the minion sceptres from temple I just watched trade till I found two. The POE2 socket changes will have to somehow be adjusted or minions be nerfed into oblivion because putting every minion on a 6-link will just be busted as hell.

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