3.13 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

Kaoms_Heart написал:
I don't mean to insult you sir, but your build is extremely garbage for howmuch you advertise it to be the ultimate best build.

The advertisement is out of date I would agree, as it is definitely not the King of summoners now. However, it is still a really strong build and more to the point, it's clear for a new player to try out. The quality of a guide is not in the build alone, it's in the presentation of it, and this is an established guide for an established type of summoner. King it is not, valuable as a resource it still is. I have no idea why I'm now talking like a low budget Yoda, but whatever.
Just wanted to say thanks for a great build guide. I've been using this build since I really started playing in Metamorph league and its the only build I play since I stick to 1 character only.

Thinking about trying to build a standard league variant as OP as possible :)
this is actually my first planned build in PoE and it really helped a lot.
I was actually playing mindlessly on my first characters and decided to look into the forums for the first time and this is what I tried.
I experienced most of the end game contents with this build (tanky variant) and thought me a lot of mechanics of the game.
Maybe not the best there is but still pretty awesome especially for beginners like me.

Thanks brunowa and PoE community who helped me out and still helping me today.
brunowa написал:
3.12 - Looks good. Enjoy!

2 April 2020: Simulacrum Waves 18-20: https://youtu.be/jOsJeAHCRPw (thanks Elorathiel)

28 March 2020: 60 SECOND MINOTAUR CLEAR (Using Bow and Quiver!): https://youtu.be/7xFUq7bkqIM

27 March 2020: T19 FULLY JUICED MAP DEMOLISHED BY RANGED SPECTRES: https://youtu.be/ZGxcwtiNBG0

25 March 2020: RANGED SPECTRES SETUP: Super fun and versatile gameplay! And Yes, that is Al-Hezmin getting SMOKED in 2 seconds again in 3.10, with just 11 zombies: https://youtu.be/2dz8Rf7fE_I

22 March 2020: SPEED SETUP: 8 Auras PUMPING WITH OVER 1MILLION DPS PER ZOMBIE: https://youtu.be/CAZaWbFtoqI

20 March 2020: The Lazy mans game: DUAL WAND and DUAL OFFERINGS setup:https://youtu.be/NSb0zXVpr4c

19 March 2020: STILL THE TANKIEST AND STRONGEST in POE!: https://youtu.be/6biodQfpzRg

18 March 2020: Farming T16s on a BUDGET! https://youtu.be/8g_DGSyN-o8

17 March 2020: Vaal Molten Shell is Your Friend: https://youtu.be/hBLTNpGvXg4

15 March 2020: We still KICK ASS!! Mapping + Metamorph + Al-Hezmin. Life Barely Budges: https://youtu.be/lbZXP1ZiKYc

12 March 2020: Simulator for 3.10 as a Worst Case Scenario: https://youtu.be/lzoZJ87BR9A


Welcome to the FASTEST, the STRONGEST, and the TANKIEST summoner in the history of POE (no, that is not an exaggeration).

Sep 2020 Update: Ok, the above is now an exaggeration... this build was so insanely OP when it was created in 3.8 that it has been nerfed every league since then. So unfortunately you can no longer experience the game-breaking mechanics of this build... but it has now become an average to strong, casual and relaxed style build that can still carry you all the way through the game with some investment.

DPS: Over 1 million DPS per zombie (upwards of 2 million per zombie... multiply that by 11+ or so zombies. You can also throw on an extra few Skeletons doing another 1 million DPS each if you wish).
TANKY: Over 6,000 eHP (historically we achieved 25,000 eHP)
SPEED: Over 150% movespeed (historically we achieved 300%)

Not only that, but this build is probably the most VERSATILE summoner in the history of POE. The core build runs with Zombies as the main source of DPS, but we can easily run Skeletons, Spectres, Golems and Holy Relic to demolish all content. There are so many cool variations you can do with this build while still creaming all content, you can enjoy this from league-start to league-end.

30 Dec 2019: King of All Summoners Build Discussion Video... PLUS SOME CRAZY SHIT HAPPENING FROM 47:40 ONWARDS: https://youtu.be/FDxcrhKkuoc

The above video in green has lots of info about this build. Note that this video was done at start of Metamorph league and the build has drastically improved since then... so know that the DPS is far greater than that shown here. For examples see more recent videos below this sticky:


QUICK VIDEOS (For all latest videos and updates see top of guide):

16 Feb 2020: 1 SECOND Conqueror Kills... Yes, 1 SECOND!: https://youtu.be/u9REbV9jfh4

29 Jan 2020: THE ULTIMATE FUN SETUP! 6L Zombies, 5L Ranged Spectres, 4L Holy Relic, all buffed by 7 Auras, and Headhunter Shenadigans: https://youtu.be/bp9VBV1FJpE

23 Jan 2020: NEW BUILD SETUP and showcase: This is a "Balanced" version giving 7 Auras.. yes, 7!! Also discuss Aura options as well as Lethal Pride vs Elegant Hubris: https://youtu.be/RGSwUc8e6kg

8 Jan 2020: Sirus Fight Guide - We make this an EASY GAME!: https://youtu.be/kEEvVU5CW7w

For more videos of this build that have been recorded recently see the Video and Updates Log Archive in the second post in this thread.




Welcome to the FASTEST, the STRONGEST, and the TANKIEST summoner in the history of POE!

This build OUTPERFORMS every dedicated Spectre build there is (and we are not even a dedicated spectre build). Example: https://youtu.be/ldZZ_FmDLCs

This build OUTPERFORMS every dedicated Golem build there is (and we are not even a dedicated golem build) Example: https://youtu.be/MEImsLQKbMg

This build is the FASTEST SUMMONER in the history of POE. We reach over 200% MOVEMENT SPEED consistently and can get over 300% movement speed if you want to go all out on speed. Example: https://youtu.be/WA046CFs7Mk

This build is EXTREMELY VERSATILE to suit any playstyle. See Alternate Setups for some fun suggestions.

This build is INSANELY SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE. There is no crazy crafting required or massive 10+ exalt gear like other builds. It's built around uniques that everyone can easily access and replicate. You can do all content without clicking any buttons. Examples:
- Minotaur run using just a quicksilver flask: https://youtu.be/DE3Kcx_jfGM

Every flask, every skill you use, ever golem, every aura, every curse are OPTIONAL. We do all content WITHOUT THEM so you can put in whatever you like to suit your playstyle.

Here's the FASTEST UBER ELDER KILL IN HISTORY PLAYING WITH ONE HAND (no flasks, no skill bar, and no chest armour to show you are super tanky even if you were to use nothing or a tabula):


And here is Uber Elder killed using NO GEAR WHATSOEVER... yes that's right... WE DON'T NEED ANY GEAR to complete end-game content:


Don't let the OP'ness of this build put you off. Yes, it can be your LEAGUE STARTER as unlike other build guides that require a crazy piece of gear, all items are relatively cheap to get started (see budget gear) and can be upgraded along the way.


Pro's and Con's

The Greatest Summoner Build in the History of POE
Fast clear
Fast farming
Easy Sirus
Easy Shaper
Easy Uber Elder
Easy all content
90 minions doing everything for you
Minimal buttons
Can play POE while watching Netflix
Can play POE with one hand (mouse only)
Feels as smooth as butter
Versatile, can go more offensive or defensive with easy gem/gear swap to suit any playstyle
All map mods (except Phys reflect)
Cheap (can do T15 on a few chaos... simply upgrade your gear as you progress)
Extremely high damage (Fastest Uber Elder kill in the history of POE)
Tanky (15000+ life, overcapped resistances, physical mitigation, leech, defensive minions, fortify, meat shield, and more.. and of course, extremely fast)... just watch me absorb a Shaper Beam in the Uber Elder gif at the top.
With late game setup you will reach over 15,000 eHP!!
Never die

People will get jealous of how you can farm three times as much currency as them and take down all content so easily on such a cheap starting build without pressing buttons


Regular Setup:
75 second T16 Phoenix Clear: https://youtu.be/NKxRWk8msEY

Ranged Spectres Setup
Showcase of various ranged spectres: https://youtu.be/bp9VBV1FJpE
Showcase with combination spectres: https://youtu.be/ldZZ_FmDLCs

Instagibbing Bosses:
1 Second Conqueror Kills: https://youtu.be/u9REbV9jfh4
T16 Minotaur Kill and Shaper Kill (30 sec vid): https://youtu.be/r9k-W15E3ZA

World Records:
Uber Elder using a weapon only. As of writing, I believe I am still the only player in the history of the game to have achieved this:https://youtu.be/l3P3cTQL_qA

One-handed Uber Elder (Fastest in POE History - 1min 34sec): https://youtu.be/mn7exUyqf48

Using nothing but a quicksilver flask:
60 Second T16 Minotaur clear (using only a quicksilver flask): https://youtu.be/DE3Kcx_jfGM
Shaper Kill (using only a quicksilver flask): https://youtu.be/ODM3ZRsQByQ
Uber Elder done deathless (using only a quicksilver flask): https://youtu.be/4shwf57qF5Q

Guides (with my commentary):
General Build Discussion: https://youtu.be/FDxcrhKkuoc
Sirus Fight Guide: https://youtu.be/kEEvVU5CW7w
Auras, Lethal Pride, and Elegant Hubris discussion: https://youtu.be/RGSwUc8e6kg

Many more videos in the video logs at top and bottom of guide.



Gear, Gems, Tree, POB Code

There are various options of setups (did I mention that this is one of the most versatile builds?). Use these as a starting point and then as you learn the build and how it all works, flex it to suit your own style!:


Yes, you can comfortably farm T16s on a budget with this build.


My recommendation is to start with this setup, farm end-game and make some $$$ to transition into a late-game setup.

POB: https://pastebin.com/Xx3EAYWC

Ignore gem levels in the setup. You do NOT need level 21 gems etc.. just get a level 1 gem and start leveling it up as you go. Same with Enlighten, just start leveling one and get it to level 3. If you can't run all auras (which you won't be able to initially), simply drop Flesh and Stone.

An alternative to the chest below is a Geoffri's Sanctuary chest.


POB: https://pastebin.com/ByZBVHFj

This is a solid all-round choice that most people transition to after starting with the Budget Setup. It doesn't have the Speed or DPS of the SPEED FARMING or RANGED SPECTRES versions, but it's the safest way to level to 100 if that's what you want to do.

For Thread of Hope, allocate Ravenous Horde and Cruel Preparation.

For the Bottom Left jewel, that is my Elegant Hubris giving me 240% increased minion damage. So ignore the Skull Cracking pathing. Your Elegant Hubris or Lethal Pride will be unique to you. See the FAQ on Lethal Pride/Elegant Hubris if you don't know what I am talking about.


Ok guys so you wanna just run around without cycloning and just watch everything die around you?

You wanna run with two wands? Why? Because your a WITCH and that's what witches use.

And you wanna run with not one, but TWO OFFERINGS (or THREE if you REALLY want)?

I got your back!

Just grab yourself this baby:

And also a trigger wand:

and then just watch your offerings get auto-triggered as you just run through and around packs while things melt around you. And YES, we take Mistress of Sacrifice with this setup so YOU also get the benefit of the offerings. YES, you CAN run all three offerings at the same time.

Video: https://youtu.be/NSb0zXVpr4c

POB: https://pastebin.com/SxwQ9y4H

For Thread of Hope, allocate Ravenous Horde and Cruel Preparation.

For the Bottom Left jewel, that is my Elegant Hubris giving me 240% increased minion damage. So ignore the Skull Cracking pathing. Your Elegant Hubris or Lethal Pride will be unique to you. See the FAQ on Lethal Pride/Elegant Hubris if you don't know what I am talking about.



This is courtesy of Elorathiel who has been vigorously testing out Cluster Jewels with this build and has come across a winning combination that provides massive minion life (they will never die) and massive DPS!

Elorathiel написал:
I've been asked by some to drop a small build guide in the thread when it's finalized so here goes:

Let me preface this guide by saying that you don't have to have my gear. I understand that my gear may not be obtainable for everybody, at least not immediately. The gear is not GG but it is fairly expensive to players not involved in crafting/selling. I have several friends running this build with lesser gear. It's working just fine.

My friend Adriano447 and I put this together when we were discussing whether it might be able to take my single cluster area HUGE ZOMBIE build and possible do two large clusters for even bigger zombies. The build is very tight on points. Expect to have most of your points at 97/98. It depends on your Lethal Pride rolls.

This is NOT strictly a dual wand build. I am using dual wands, yes. I prefer them. However, the passive tree will work just fine with a typical zombie 2H weapon. Simply change the skill gems around to match your preferences. You could even use a Bow/Quiver if you want and manually cast Offerings. It doesn't matter.

This is a very powerful endgame build. Those of you who don't like your minions to die, ever. This is for you. My minions are nigh unkillable. The video below shows minion health (32 zombie, 28 AG, 26 Golem):


The build:

Note: You will need the community PoB fork to utilize clusters, see impale damage, etc.
Instructions for modifying PoB to fork:

Build Overview Video:

My gear:
Скрытый текст

Gameplay Videos (More to follow):
Скрытый текст

Casual Mapping with a 2H weapon:

Mapping with dual wands:

Dual wands vs Chimera:

Dual wands vs Al-Hezmin:

Cluster crafting guide (Not by me):

Wand crafting:
Brunowa has already added my wand crafting guide to the first post. Check it out.

Quick note about trigger wands:
Trigger wands trigger a socketed ability when you cast any ability. They are cast in order, from top to bottom. If you need something to go off first, place it at the top of the wand. I like my Phase Run up there. But others may like Desecrate up top with Spirit offering following it to ensure they have Spirit Offering up as soon as possible.

Please use the normal builds to level. This is an end game build. Whether you are new or not to the game and necromancers, please use the existing build guide to level up your necromancer. When you hit about 85 or so, you can start thinking about migrating to this build. The large clusters are expensive (for good reason) and have a level restriction. And yes, they are essential to the build. All of them.

If you have any questions, I'm available in game. Keep in mind, I'm a player like you and I might be busy. Please don't take offense. I will get to you.


So you like clearing maps faster than those Ranger guys with bows?

And you still like having the fastest boss killing capability in the game?

And you like farming Conquerors and Sirus faster than any other build in the game while making shitloads of $$$?

Then this setup is for you!

Video: https://youtu.be/CAZaWbFtoqI

POB: https://pastebin.com/SZmdnv4A

This build PUMPS Auras to the MAX while zooming around with a speed belt, flesh offering, and phase run (and haste)!

Dread Banner, Haste, Vaal Haste, Pride, Purity of Elements, Flesh & Stone + Maim, Aspect of the Avian, and Clarity if you wish. Yes that's right... up to 8 AURAS getting buffed like crazy.

Definitely my favourite setup (along with ranged spectres) as it's Hella fun demolishing everything so quickly and easily. It is a bit more squishy than other variants but still packs 5000 hp and 1000 es.

For Thread of Hope, allocate Ravenous Horde and Cruel Preparation.

For the Bottom Left jewel, that is my Elegant Hubris giving me 240% increased minion damage. So ignore the Skull Cracking pathing. Your Elegant Hubris or Lethal Pride will be unique to you. See the FAQ on Lethal Pride/Elegant Hubris if you don't know what I am talking about.

P.S. This is the setup where I do my 1 or 2 second Conqueror Kills. Hands down the FASTEST and HIGHEST DPS out of any summoner in the game, and perhaps any build in the game (except for meme builds that have no defence).

Best in slot Bow and Quiver because of speed AND bonus quiver stats:


So you wanna shoot massive beams or balls or missiles out at enemies?

And you like clearing fast and wide and demolishing all content?

And you still like killing Conquerors in 2 seconds?

Well then this setup is for you!

Video: https://youtu.be/2dz8Rf7fE_I

POB: https://pastebin.com/YHXmyzR4

This setup incorporates Ranged Spectres in a Hungry Loop ring. There are a shitload of different ranged spectres to choose from to mix up your gameplay. My favourite is Frost Sentinels found in Act 8 - Lunaris Temple.

Note in the video above I simply swapped in Minion Damage on Al-Hezmin purely to see how fast I could kill him. Leaving in Minion Speed will make the fight last about 2.5 seconds instead of 2 seconds :P

Note you can go much FASTER but it takes more balancing of stats. Use a Speed Belt for 36% movespeed and use a bow and quiver for another 20% movespeed. This is what I actually run with, but have added the setup in this section because it is easier to gear.

For Thread of Hope, allocate Ravenous Horde and Cruel Preparation.

For the Bottom Left jewel, that is my Elegant Hubris giving me 240% increased minion damage. So ignore the Skull Cracking pathing. Your Elegant Hubris or Lethal Pride will be unique to you. See the FAQ on Lethal Pride/Elegant Hubris if you don't know what I am talking about.

Best in slot Bow and Quiver because of speed AND bonus quiver stats:


Gear Detailed:

NOTE: IGNORE GEM SETUPS IN THIS SECTION... use the above Setups for gem selection.


Rare crafted weapon is best. See Weapon Crafting Guide section on how to do this.

Queen's Escape is a great option giving good movement speed for minions.

Femurs of the Saints is the best budget version for DPS.

Mon'treguls Grasp is less DPS but is cheaper and can be used with a shield, allowing for more defence such as resistances, life, and energy shield.

A Chaber Cairn can also be used. I killed Uber Elder on a 5L Chaber Cairn pretty easily so that's another cheap option.


Geofri's is the most tanky of the chests. It provides a massive about of defence from strength stacking. We get great ES and resistances.

Victario's is great for speed farming. It provides a massive boost to auras if you are running that setup, enabling you to do a tonne of DPS with your zombies and speed farm through maps easily.

Saqawal's provides a balance with more defence than Victario's (but less than Geofri's), and more offence then Geofri's (but less than Victario's).

Rare Astral Plate is great for overall defence. Life, resistances, armour, and an extra zombie and skeleton. Doesn't provide as much eHP as Geofris but is a good option if Geofri's is too expensive.

Tabula is great for getting started but you will want to upgrade to a 5L of one of the above chests at high tier maps because you will have no defence with a tabula.

Other options include the "The Queen's Hunger" for extra zombie/skeleton, free offerings, good life/ES, or "Saqawal's Nest" for increased attributes, reduced mana reservation, and aspect of the avian buff.

If you want to use ranged spectres, just swap in a Tabula or get any BBBGGR chestpiece. See Spectres section for more details on this setup. Alternatively you can put ranged spectres into gloves on a 4L.


Just great for zombies and all minion builds in general...


Shaper's Touch gives us a huge amount of ES and is best in slot, particularly when coupled with Geofri's Sanctuary.

Triad Grip's are for converting your damage to chaos damage. This allows you to scale chaos damage through Spirit Offering, Withering Touch, Withering Step, and Despair curse. It's a fun playstyle but overall slightly weaker than pure Physical.

Meginord's Vise is a budget item to get +100 strength to help us get to 1000 strength for Baron leech bonus


Alberon's Warpath boots are great for giving us massive strength which we get benefit from all of The Baron, Geofri's Sanctuary, and Shaper's Touch.

Seven-League Steps are perfect for Speed Farming. Throw them on when you are not bossing.

Rare boots are great for helping with resistances. Get ones with strength, resistances, and 30% movement speed.

Stampede's are a cool alternative which you can annoint. This provides less movespeed, less strength, and no resistances, but it is a relaxing playstyle simply cycloning through packs as long as you can get your strength and resistances elsewhere.


Rare belt gives us massive strength which we benefit from The Baron, Shaper's Touch, and Geofri's Sanctuary.

Headhunter gives us great strength, plus all the fun and cool mods for mixing up gameplay.

String of Servitude is best in slot for speed mapping. My favourite belt in the whole game.

Cyclopean Coil is a cheap way of getting 15% increase attributes and more strength. Can also give freeze immunity if you get your stats right.

Soul Tether provides awesome defence. The 2% damage leech we get from Baron helmet pairs perfectly with this belt, giving us a constant supply of life and ES leech.

Umbilicus Immortal is just awesome fun for smashing through bosses as fast as possible. This is more a gimmick and a fun item than for every day use.


Astramentis gives strength for Baron bonuses. Also helps with dex/int stats for gems such as Haste.

Aul's gives some strength, but also Pride reserves no mana, so it's a free damage aura! This is a great option if you are not strugglign with strength or dexterity elsewhere.

Rare amulet gives a lot of strength and can help with resistances.

- Anoint Death Attunement


Rare rings give strength, life, resists.

Hungry Loop is an option to get another 5 link. This makes capping resistances harder but it can be done. You can add your 5L skeletons here or even a 5L ranged spectre setup which is insanely fun.


3.11 Weapon Craft Guide


Buy As many Prime Alchemical Resonators as you can afford (say 5 or 10). Buy the same amount of these fossils:


Buy ilevel 72 convoking wands, if you want best chance at making something good.

Buy ilevel 84 convoking wands if you want to make a GG wand but have less chance of making something good.

Scour the bases if they aren't white.

Smash the resonators into the plain bases. If you get 1/1. You win. If you don't like the one you receive, if you are blessed to receive one, sell it and use the proceeds to make some more until you are happy.

Good luck!

Two-Handed Mace/Staff

There are a few options for crafting weapons (I am currently using the second one with fortify):

They all work great... craft one like below or simply buy one on the market.

Here is a simple guide for the staff:

1) Buy the base that has (or goto Alva's temple to try drop it):
+1 to level of socketed gems; and
Minions have x% increased damage
Minions have x% chance to deal double damage

You will probably get something like this:

I had the above with another prefix "Adds x% fire damage".

2) Use an Orb of Annulemt to hopefully annul off the prefix you don't want. As in the above, I used an orb and had a 1 in 4 chance to remove ""Adds x% fire damage"". I was lucky and got it.

3) If your suffix remaining is good, you can craft from here. If not you may want to remove it. In the case above, I would want to remove "reduced attributes" because it's worth nothing and I would rather exalt slam something good down the track.

So I would craft "Prefixes cannot be changed".

4) Scour the Staff. This leaves only the prefixes we want: +1 gems and the minion mods.

5) Craft "Can have 3 additional mods"

6) Craft "+2 Socketed Support Gems"

7) Craft "Minion Attack/Cast Speed"

That will end you up with this:

For the Fortify route which gives 20% More Damage, you need to do the following:

1) Buy an Elder 2h Mace or Sword.

2) Scour it

3) Orb of Transumation to make it a magic item.

4) Use orbs of Alternations until you land either:
+1 to Level of Socketed Gems; OR
Socketed gems are supported by Level 1 Fortify

5) Use an Orb of Augmentation to try add the other mods you need.

6) Use a Regal Orb to try add the other mods you need.

7) If you don't get +1 Socketed Gems AND fortify, scour the weaopon and go back to 1).

8) If you have _1 Socketed Gems AND either fortify or onslaught, congrats!

9) You are now at Step 3 in the Staff example above.. progress from there.

Spectres and Animated Guardian

We get 4 Spectres with our build (you need a level 21 Raise Spectre gem to get the fourth).

Offensive options:
Carnage Chieftain: Gives frenzy charges to all of your minions (Act 7 Ashen Fields)

Host Chieftain: Gives power charges to all of your minions (Act 7 Ashen Fields)

Mervail's Retainer: Curses enemies with Vulnerability (in maps with mod "Area is inhabited by Sea Witches and their Spawn")

Defensive options:
Ruins Hellion: Taunts enemies giving extra damage and less damage taken (Act 8 The Quay)

Diabolist: Curses enemies with Enfeeble (Act 1 Upper Prison).

Undying Evangelist: Has a proximity shields and defends the army (Act 3 The Sceptre of God).

When running Melee Spectres, my recommendation is to ALWAYS have at least 1 Carnage and 1 Host Chieftains. Then take your pick of one or two of the other options.

Ranged options:

- Flame Sentinals (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Solar Guards (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Goatman Fire-Raiser (Act 6 Prisoner's Gate)
- Frost Sentinel (act 8 Lunaris Concourse)

Ranged options are great for clearing and just really fun in general. Support your Raise Spectre gem with Greater Multiple Projectiles, Faster Projectiles, and Spell Echo. For a 5th link (ie Hungry Loop) add Empower Level 3.

Animated Guardian:

The only mandatory item for your AG is a Kingmaker (weapon). Everything else is totally up to you. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Helmet: Mask of the Stitched Demon
Chest: Crafted chest with "Gain 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield"
Gloves: Southbound
Boots: Victarios Flight

Budget version:
Weapon: Dying Breath
Helmet: Leer Cast
Chest: Belly of the Beast or Bloodbond or Ambush Charge or Gruthkels Pelt
Gloves: Southbound
Boots: Victarios Flight

WARNING: if your Animated Guardian dies you also lose all the gear you equipped on him. To prevent this I would recommend not using him until your gem level is 19 (more HP). AG is not essential, you can kill everything in the game without him, but it's a very nice quality of life.

People have mentioned that their AG has died in the Hall of Grandmasters as well as Acid Cavern maps, so perhaps turn him off for those maps.

Bandits & Ascendency & Pantheon

Bandits: Kill All

Ascendancy order: Mindless Aggression - Unnatural Strength - Commander of Darkness - Mistress of Sacrifice.

Pantheon: Major: Soul of Solaris. Minor: Soul of Shakari


Continues in Next Post.

Hello everyone,

I have invested quite a bit of currency to build the Speed farming version of this build and it is still in my opinion quite strong.

What is for sure and its stated in the build is that now it takes a lot to make this work.

The speed version is still amazingly fast and fun. You simply rush through everything while letting your zombies wreck havoc.

It's not trash as some other have said. I haven't played any other summoner build before this one because it was the first that actually explained the mechanics simply and efficiently.

On additional point to look into is that there seem to be a new supporting spectre we can get from Yellow influenced maps called Arena master.

More info there https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/fug81j/new_buffing_spectre_arena_master_and_what_you

Anyways thanks a lot for this build. I don't think I'll go back to anything else apart maybe a fun melee build :)
IGN : Swisside | Swissleap | DemArchers
Swisside написал:

The speed version is still amazingly fast and fun. You simply rush through everything while letting your zombies wreck havoc.

It's not trash as some other have said.

Thanks for the input. I'm actually considering trying it despite necro nerfs.

When you say "quite a bit" of currency, what are we talking about?
NeoLearner написал:
Swisside написал:

The speed version is still amazingly fast and fun. You simply rush through everything while letting your zombies wreck havoc.

It's not trash as some other have said.

Thanks for the input. I'm actually considering trying it despite necro nerfs.

When you say "quite a bit" of currency, what are we talking about?

Just a guess on the low side:

bow = 7-10 exa
quiver = 1 exa
saqawal armour = 3-5 exa
empower 4 = 4-5 exa
enlighten 4 = 4-5 exa
raise spectre 21 = 2 exa
flasks = 1-2 exa
amulet = 1-2 exa
jewels = 2-3 exa
the rest of the gear, gems, rings = 5-10 exa

I would guess, at least 30 to 45 exa not including the optional elegant hubris, watcher's eye jewels and the awakened gems. The price would also change depending on how far along the league has progressed.
Последняя редакция: 10011001. Время: 12 янв. 2021 г., 9:26:19
Just read the patch note. It dosen't seems to affect tha main build too much correct?

Edit: Nevermind rip the only build I managed to learn proprely back to fucking square 1
Последняя редакция: Seawee. Время: 12 янв. 2021 г., 10:14:08
still trying it, now in standard. i'm level 50 and having so much fun, never died once. easier when you have a bunch of leveling uniques, obviously...
but i'd like a rundown of how it's nerfed for the new patch. my guess is it's gonna be the spectres and golems that's mostly gonna be affected, but i love my skeletons and my zombies so i guess it's still viable? mostly i want an easy way to do t1 to t16 mapping to get the masters quests done, crafting recipes and hideout stuff and fill out the atlas, i won't really do endgame alone and am not interested in breaking the game and be a literal god. will that still be feasible?
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Einhar best npc
Ascendancy nerf for necromancer. Every node with 15% damage increase is now 10% damage increase

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