[3.8] Herald of Agony (Melee!) Necro--Get in Monsters' Faces Safely (5M Shaper DPS/8.4kLife+Fortify)

Took a chance.

Neat? I think?

Welp, the other didn't brick...

And the white guys says, I'll have a Coke then.
Последняя редакция: Westwood1121. Время: 21 окт. 2019 г., 21:15:21
Well, it at least buffs your support gems...?

If they ever give Herald of Agony the Projectile tag, the price of that chest will go through the roof. But as it is, it's not going to increase the value that much.
Yea, just Chain and Vicious Projectiles. My heart stopped when I saw the +2 and thought for sure HoA would have the projectiles attribute, haha. Meh, better than bricking I guess. I did about ten temple runs and not a single one of them gave me that double corrupt table so I just popped a Vaal.
And the white guys says, I'll have a Coke then.
codetaku написал:
So, in the character tab, you have to actually click over to the specific attack you're interested in seeing stats for.

If you look at Default Attack (which is the default selection), it will not have any of the bonuses from your support gems. You should find Cyclone and click on it, and it should show your actual poison chance with Cyclone.

Edit: and make sure you're in your hideout rather than a town, because the stats from herald of agony won't apply while you're in town.

Edit 2: I've now looked at your character tab, and if you want the bonuses from Tombfist to apply, you should make sure to actually put a Murderous Eye Jewel in it (or a searching eye jewel if you want maim instead for some reason). I assure you, the Intimidate On Hit will be far more dps than anything a ghastly eye jewel can give you.

Ohhh, okay, thank you! Yeah, I've been meaning to try to find a Murderous eye jewel to replace the one I'm using, but haven't found one decent enough. But guess I should prioritize that.
As you can see from my own gear, I bought one with Just Life. no need to think about other stats, even if some would be decent.
I don't know if this has been said, but I switched to a 6L cyclone with elder gloves (Poison and FA on gloves, LGoH, Fortify, and Withering Touch socketed) and with my now 4L CWDT, I tried CWDT-Desecrate-Spirit Offering-Molten Shell but I didn't like that Molten Shell (even being triggered by CWDT) shared its cooldown with Bone Offering.

Because I use Bone Armour as my source of bleed removal (and it absorbed more damage and I like using it on demand), I swapped Molten Shell for Purifying Flame. The consecrated ground is nice for extra life regen (for me and my minions) and I can keep using Bone Armour. Once I figured that out I really liked 6L Cyclone.

Another thing I've noticed: My stone golem would die frequently because being linked with Feeding Frenzy made it aggressive. Since the Holy Relic already has Feeding Frenzy, I unlinked it with my golem and now it dies a lot less. Also, my zombies, golem, and relic all seem to kill themselves on physical reflect maps, so either resummon often, don't care, or roll over those maps.

Finally, make sure you try to cap resistances while no minions are summoned. One of the ascendancies we take gives elemental resistances so it's easy to think you're capped if all 10 or 11 minions are out, but when minions start dying (to reflect or in high damage situations) you'll suddenly have lower resistances and be even more screwed because your meat shields and sources of life regen are gone. You'll be much more likely to survive those situations if you have overcapped resistances, even if a few minions die.

Hope this helps someone.
Ooh, purifying flame is a good one for CwDT, thanks. I may add that to the first post at some point if I feel like it, and if I do, I'll make sure to credit you.

As for resists, I already have them capped with no minions (I made it so they're capped with minions even with elemental weakness up), but in reality, you only need them capped with 1 minion (the agony crawler) because that's immortal. Generally speaking, you can count on the agony crawler being alive because you always wanna be smacking things, both to give yourself fortify and to enfeeble your enemies as well.
Последняя редакция: codetaku. Время: 25 окт. 2019 г., 7:27:15
I'm playing HoA necromancer, with winter orb instead .. and man! it's a blast ..

Surely better than any bow skill, that you don't need to target or aim at anything .. Just focus on positioning and staying out of harm way.

I should probably make a separate guide for it.
Just make sure it's not too similar to EkarPoe's setup before writing your alternative guide:


He also used winter orb for applying poison stacks.

My guide was made specifically because of how attractive the melee playstyle is. If you want to just not interact with anything, ever, then yeah, my guide has nothing to do with you. But Ekar's does!
Последняя редакция: codetaku. Время: 1 дек. 2019 г., 8:40:27
Hey there! Loving the guide and build - having just gotten it online tonight, I look forward to seeing how it performs in Blighted maps.

I have a small question regarding sockets: While I have been able to afford a 6L Calamity, I was unable to pick one up with GGGBBR sockets - a hundred chromatic orbs later, G3B3 is the best roll I managed to grab. What blue support gem would you recommend using as a replacement for the DoFL gem?

Thanks in advance!

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