[3.10] Herald of Purity Summoner | 36/40 | Deathless Sirus lvl 8 | By far my strongest Build

what about the new option ggg gives us for spectres?
maybe we can get some better spectres now? (breach for example)
any idea?
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Rodneyking написал:

what do you think on using cyclone or another skill? Im just not a big fan of ball lightning. :/

I understand your frustration lol, Ball Lighting is used because it has the proc rate to keep the up HOP, similar to the mana guardian build last season, ball lighting was used to keep the Agony stacks at 40 without dropping, Thats my understanding, I hated BL too, but with this build you can DEF use cyclone. You can run Cyclone Cast while channeling ball lighting and/or Culling strike, lesser or greater projectiles. Since HOP doesn't require stacks, you can get creative if you want too.

Thank you for replying! What do you recommend for the weapon slots if I'm going for cyclone x BL?
experimenting alot with the cluster jewels and i guess i will upload a new physical+impale version of this build soon. atm not sure if it will be as an own guide or integrating in this guide
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you want to run cyclone in boots or gloves, boots with fortify if you can afford them, weapons, you want to look for anything +1 to minion skills, +1 to all spell skills, its going to be a lot if the have both mods on it, also looking for anything .. cold iron point is the best and cheapest option. Cold iron and tank shield doesnt hurt.
experimenting alot with the cluster jewels and i guess i will upload a new physical+impale version of this build soon. atm not sure if it will be as an own guide or integrating in this guide

Honestly I have been playing with different ideas for this build. I play a guardian so little different set up, but been trying out different chest and and gems and such. I also spent an ex worth on cluster and such, TOO many cool set ups to test, the heraldy and pure joy have been my favorite and been exploring the shield and HP medium and small clusters. Right now I am exploring HOA and HOP not the best idea, but wanted to see if the dmg output. Most likely will go back to HOP . I have been exploring with block and recover hp when ever you block. With Vit and guardian asc, I can reg 3k health every 5 and then with the medium and small I can reg 20% life every one second.
Hi thanks for your Guide! I m currently enjoying it very much!

Can you give a prioritisation of which gems to qualitiy First?

I'm trying this as my first charater in this leage and see how goes.
Never played a purify summoner before so thought i would test it out.

I'm level 86 atm and not gotten to red maps yet, so not sure how that goes.

I did however just try to run a Chayula breachstone that dropped for me.
I couldn't deal fast enough damage to kill the spawns so timer ran out :(

Would you think it's the missing quality in most of my gems that is the biggest problem?

Thanks for build.
First off Chayula is really meant to be run with more people, the more people, the better the loot.....Not something ya run by yourself and at level 86 for that matter of fact....I just hit 90 and just touching red maps, patience my friend. You need to a six link chest, gems upgraded, you should look on poe ninja or check out the poe wiki and see what the QUALITY of the gem does.Some Gems dont need quality at all some do.. You should learn how to use Path of building and you can literally figure what ya need. You should be looking for a wand with at least +1 to spell skill or +1 to minion skills. Helmet I would looking for something minions are support by minion life and just put specs zombies meatshield and blood magic in there. Makes minions more tankier.You can also look at the herald clusters. I ditched that chest and got two mana red rings with herald of purity and went tank chesty. This isnt speed farm build, your level 86 going to take time.
Looking to pickup a 3rd specter as I will be getting a lvl 21 gem, any suggestions as to what to grab?

I personally was looking at one that cast Enfeeble without a CD and was going to use it to be more tankier as that seems to be my only issue atm.
First of all thanks for the detailed build!
I started of Delirium with it and it works quite well (Lvl 91, T16 maps at the moment).

At the weekend I started testing cluster jewels:
With a medium cluster you can get a 5th Sentinel of Purity (Pure Agony) to increase the damage output. Of course you lose some life nodes for the cluster jewel.
Maybe worth thinking about.

The only thing that causes me headache are the exploding Delirium creeps. I don't see them in the mist of my horde of Zombies/spectres...

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