[3.11] LL VD+DD Spellslinger|10k ES |75%Block/75% Spell Block | GOD TIER T19 100% Delirious [Videos]

Hey hey people zzang here time to provide another supreme build to do everything the game has to offer.

This build is for you if you like massive single target damage combined with tankiness that has screenwide AoE autoaim one button gameplay skill which off screens and clears all game content including Hall of Grandmasters easy and deathless.

100% League Viable

☑ T19 100% Delirious max juiced map deathless - official God Tier build
☑ Solo Delve 1200 T3 Azurite easy game
☑ Easy AL 8 Sirus sub 2 minute kill and any other content in the game
☑ Detonate Dead replaces explody chest - very fast clearspeed
☑ No need to get carried by Headhunter
☑ Autotarget off screen one button gameplay build no need thinking while playing
☑ Pretty Tanky with 10k ES capped block/spell block
☑ Stun & Freeze Immune
☑ Up to 2600 ES Leech/second
☑ 1600 ES regen/second up to 2000ES regen/s with Essence Glutton
☑ Not negative Chaos resistance

Why my build?

There are plenty of Volatile Dead Spellslinger builds but the builds published on the forum are quite low dps and/or low survivability. This build combines superb single target dps with high tankiness and insane clearspeed which makes you not rip against bosses. This build manages T19 100% Delirious content and is NOT using Headhunter or Voices Build there are not many builds at all that do this deathless. With the Detonate Dead update the performance of this build has gone through the roof.

Скрытый текст

----------- New Videos with Detonate Dead -----------

Solo Delve Depth 1200 Tier 3 Azurie Mine:

AL 8 Sirus from start to finish killed in 01:49' minutes. Last Phase 4 seconds:

T19 100% Delirious God Mode MAX juiced - cleared hardest content in the game no Righteous Fire, no Headhunter simply NO BULLSHIT:

Detonate Dead Update: 100% Delirious T16 beyonded, beasted with Gilded Habinger, Gidled Breach, Gilded Elder, Gilded Legion in 5 minutes No Headhunter, No Righteous Fire:

----------- Old Videos without Detonate Dead -----------

Bonus Content - Hall of Grandmasters - deathles:

AL 8 Sirus Phase 3 in less than 10 seconds:

100% Delirious T17 Canyon max juiced - 153% Quantity, 56% Packsize, Beyond & Beasts inside:

Simulacrum Wave 20 Essence Glutton update never miss a trigger again - Kosis Spawn insta deleted watch the perfect triggering in skillbar:

Simulacrum Wave 20 Kosis Deletion Condition: Facetank no moving:

All 4 Conquerors in 40 seconds total in one video:

Rewritten Distant Memory Boss 68% Monster Life - still could not do one hit before died:

Maze of the Minotaur - Minotaur has 93% more life map mods - facetank to showcase normal mapping:

Mapping Showcase - T19 122% Quantity, 47% Packsize Underground River:

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3.11 recommdenation:

- Spellslinger reduced reservation enchant is ESSENTIAL in League instead of CDR because Ring of Anguish reservation changes. For alternatives check the FAQ section point 9. This way we still can use the supreme combo of Volatile Dead + Detonate Dead.

- Get CDR on Boots to hit 52% CDR cap
- Use Buff Effect/ Fire Damage Circle of Anguish rings in league
- Annoint Charisma on amulet

For me in standard nothing changes my rings are legacy as of patch 3.11

Note: You will have a tiny bit less ES and 10% less Spell Block in League - really no big deal.

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The ordinary PoB might not work and is inaccurate.

Planned lvl 100 PoB with lelveled gems:

So far with different rings in PoB. The Mana Reservation enchant seems even a bit stronger than the Cooldown recovery one.

After some testing it became clear that Detonate Dead in combination with Volatile Dead has the most damage single target AND clearspeed. Even though we lose a 40% more Multiplier gem we still double our damage with Volatile Dead + Deatonate Dead combo.

Special Thanks and Credit goes to Yoelikooo for his submitted idea.

Essence Glutton allows us to never miss a trigger again even against single target without flasks therefore maximizing our DPS to the fuellst with 69% CDR break point because we will always have full mana. Additionally we get up to 800 more ES regen per second although 600 will not be shown in PoB because Essence Glutton Corpse Recovery does not fully work in PoB display. In total this makes us have 1800 ES regen/s in combat! It will require some resistance tweaking though.

Bandits: Alira makes getting resistances a lot easier when going for Essence Glutton instead of Commander of Darkness

Pantheons: I pick Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Tukohama but i think Soul of Lunaris or Soul for Solaris as Major and Soul of Shakari and Soul of Ralakesh for minor are viable choices too.

Note: I use PoB community Fork because its more accurate. Your Numbers might differ if you use the inaccurate ordinary PoB.

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UNDISPUTED Wand has been crafted with best PRICE for fee:

for Service at: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2899356

The % fire damage not only increases our direct damage with DD/VD but also the secondary corspe explody fire damage.

The +1 ALL gem levels is without words simply the best. Every aura, every spell gets +1.

Скрытый текст

As of patch 3.11 aim for 52% Cooldown Recovery Speed in total (boots, belt, gem). This will give you the best single target dps. CDR% is a huge single target damage increase and its not visible in PoB!

The attack speed will get carried by "Corpse Pact" ascendancy as long as you have a 1.5 APS wand no need to worry about your attack speed. Barrage support takes care of triggering your spells.

Long Story:
Read on Reddit

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UNDISPUTED WAND has been crafted:

for Service at: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2899356

The following paragraphs are outdated and dont factor in Harvest crafting.

I recommend to buy a 2x T1 Prefix Wand with open Prefix. As for Prefixes go for T1 Added Fire Damage Prefix and T1 Added Fire Spell Damage or +1 Fire Gem instead.
You can take a gamble with Annulment Orb slam if the Wand is cheap but got 3 Suffixes. If you have open Suffix you can Craft Prefixes cannot be changed and Scour the Suffixes. Afterwards meta craft the a prefix and "Trigger a socketed Spell when you use a Skill". The last Suffix can be slammed with an Exalt as you are Aiming for a T1 Crit Multi which provides the most damage.

This one is simple, look for Cannot be Frozen with the required resists you want and simply metacraft. If neccessary gamble with Annulment Orb if there are only Boots available that doesnt fir 100% what you need. Important is that you either craft Cannot be Frozen or that the boots got it as a Prefix Mod. If you have a open suffix left you can try to slam a Hunters Orb for that juicy Tailwind.

To be honest i bought the base and just chaos spammed until i got something useable.

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1. Q: Is the Abyss Socket in the gloves neccessary?
A: No, i recommend for more budget oriented build to use a normal 4 socket gloves with lvl 3 Arcane Surge because this way you wont need Arcane Surge on a Ring and it will trigger all the time due to constant Dash + Immortal Call casting.

2. Q: Should I use Tailwind Boots?
A: Yes, if you can squeeze in Tailwind Suffix while beeing Immune to Freeze and be capped resist and thats perfect but Tailwind is not neccessary Immune to freeze has priority.

3. Q: What is the estimated budget to get this build rolling?
A: With roughly 20 exalted you will be full equipped and rolling. Some of the more expensive pieces can be left out for later as great upgrades such as Bottled Faith - not neccessary but great to have.
Keep in mind that this is a high end version of Spellslinger with the highest ceiling per investment meaning that you get big gains with big investment. Also keep in mind that this build is not very good as a league starter unless you are very good at currency making and experienced with the game as a whole and the Spellslinger mechanics.

4. Q: Is a rare ES helm a viable alternative with Spellslinger Enchant because Crown of the Inward Eye is so expensive wiith the enchant?
A: Yes, can be used of course as an alternative. I would recommend it especially if there is a cheap Spellslinger enchanted rare ES helm available. But statwise you will need a mirror tier helm to even come close to Inward Eye bonuses in damage and ES. Check Point 9 for further details of fixing mana issues.

5. Q: What Watchers Eye mods are preferable?
A: I recommend to go for Anger Penetration and Zealotry Crit or Penetration but there are plenty of combinations that should provide you with good dps for example Anger Penetration and Anger Multiplier. I recommend chechking out the damage numbers in PoB before you buy a jewel! Leech Zealotry mod is not neccessary but a nice 3rd mod but dont focus on it.

6. Q: Why do you have Ghost Reaver skill node?
A: Because it doubles are ES leech. We get ES leech from the skill node Thaumophage.

7. Q: Why PoB does not work?
A: There are 2 possible reasons:
Import Code 302 means you cannot import it because the paste.com website demands a captcha which can not be done via PoB. In this case you have to import the raw code manually.
The other reason is: You are not using the PoB community Fork minimum version (or newer)

8. Q: Is there a starter variant for this build?
A: No, low life ES is never a starter build in no league ever. Refer to Zizaran`s
Life Starter: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RzgzJdPEnL4 build and transition in end game for low life ES around level 85+ better level 90.

9. Q: Im playing League and i dont have the essential mana reservation helm enchant. What can i do to fix mana reservation?
A: There are seven options.
1) Skip herald of ash for now.
2) Use a 5 link instead of 6 link until you get the enchant
3) Use Volatile Dead or Detonate Dead only with 5 damage supports
4) Use Circle of Anguish rings with mana reservation/buff effect AND change Concentrated effect for Hypotermia in 6 link until you get your helm enchant.
5) Use Circle of Anguish with HoA mana reserve and HoA on blood magic see here as an example: https://pastebin.com/QjRPRnKq
Note: Option 5 was posted by a user, so verify for yourself in PoB if this works out for you! Also a Gem socket will be lost in the process as a drawback.

10. Q: Im having trouble getting a perfect Large Cluster Jewel on what affixes should i focus?
A: A fix from GGG is coming for Cluster Jewels see here :https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2885363
In the meantime focus on 2 sockets + Thaumophage and one of the both prefixes (Conjured Wall/Magehunter).

Feedback from Players
Скрытый текст

This is a new section showing the success players had with this build:

Sasha_Aus написал:
Just pushed to 100 in Harvest League with this build! I initially made my own changes with tree and items ( mainly just going for more damage and less ES, pushing pob and Poe ninja ) and I’ve realised the build is perfect as is! It’s performs amazingly well, Ridiculously Tanky and the Damage once I switched to DD is more than enough for anything in the game.
I will say that it’s not soo smooth if you don’t have all the ideal pieces and nodes but once you do Oh man it’s worth it!
Props to you ZZANG for a great build.

Isso_nao_vai_presta написал:
Changed the build a bit to be more tank and i'm really happy with the results, really recomend it

reggie_gakil написал:

i am so lucky this league second try on temple. Will most likely sell this to get +2 aoe
i am now rocking 110k in hideout without flasks

SavedEight написал:
Hello, first and foremost, thank you for making this build. I love it. It's running wonderfully and it's easily my new favorite build!

Repentant_Xar написал:

Hey Zzang swapped to the LL version of your build a week ago and its felt really good and wanted to say thanks.

Skwouick написал:
Hey zzang,
I switched from a life build to yours 4-5 days ago and the damage / survivability is amazing.
I already have okayish gear, but there is still so much room for improvement ! I love it.

Here is my stuff right now. 8810 ES and insaine leech / regen. I decided to use Circle of anguish with reduced reservation and put HoA with blood magic. It works great and i can now put CDR on boots / belt / helmet (lol at the enchant price ...)

Mech_ написал:

Hey everyone. Just wanted to post some of my gear and provide a little rundown of how the build is working for me.

Currently 83. 5.7k ES. Build is stupid strong at the moment. Really wish I could fit in more ES since 5.7k is pretty low IMO but I think i'd have to invest quite a bit.

ledbanger написал:

Finally got it :D just need to fix the stats and we are golden

crayolamix написал:

Crafted this wand thanks to harvest :) Shame about the spell damage but it'll do!

ntpphong написал:
This build is a blast to play. I finally managed to do deathless A8 sirus last night, other bosses besides harvest are just straight up delete at this point.
Sitting on 9k ES.

rolandojuantamad написал:
Happy with my build. thanks zznang really good feeling once the items are in place

HDTanel написал:
Well I did it!

Awakener 8 down, one silly death..
But the entire game seems total faceroll!

Great clearspeed only limited by Dash.
Otherwise bosses, shaper, Sirus everything dies easily and I feel super tanky.
LVL95 now.

ALL of this without any Awokened gems and a pretty mediocre wand.
Gonna farm one awokened spell cascade and see how T19 100% delirus maps are.

Still using like 1C boots lol.
And also very cheap helmet :)
Crafted my belt and gloves very easily thanks to Harvest.
Think I should craft better gloves without dex next and belt still waiting to unroll armour defence mod.
Didn´t use any seed buying. All self farmed Harvest wise.

Acardipane написал:
Finished my Wand and new Gloves yesterday :)

HDTanel написал:
Hey guys!

So after killing Sirus 8, Uber Elder, doing ALL T16 maps with ease I decided to do a quick video to cap everything off.
I added link to this build in the video description and mentioned I got the ideas from here.
I still use different gear and most will say I run with stupid budget gear :D
But as you can see this build is AMAZING even on a budget at the very end game!
Best build I´ve played in POE now.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW6nnH0EiyM

overkligt1 написал:
Been having a blast with this build so far everything works perfectly. Only thing im doing slightly different is having a 2x 2L on gloves Flame Dash + Arcane & Lv 21 Precision + Blood Magic works perfect!

originalgomez написал:

Having an absolute blast with the build. Started out with the life version (Zizaran's version), then slowly transitioned to HOA with crit, then finally LL. Harvest lets me make incremental upgrades that just make progression feel so good.

Super happy with my new wand. Just need to spam remove+add fire for carbonising, hillock 28, ele to quality, divine.

I know I could've used double essences, but I got really really lucky with a base I bought which had +1 to all spells and T1 Fire spells fractured.

Base (3ex)
Harvest crafts (6ex)
Meta crafts (5ex)

Truely a GOD tier build, thanks zzang!

SKT1K написал:

Really awesome build, it just melts everything once you get all of the gear together.

The one button play is really nice, excellent bosser and map clearer.

Working on some upgrades here and there, def looking for a better watchers, and will look to get the +1 shavs down the road.

Might look to mirror that explody wand once I make a zoomer.

Thx for the guide man.

Hedage написал:

The build is amazing, and it's also the one I min-maxed the most of all the ones I played. Thanks to harvest crafts I managed to cap chaos resistance and make all elemental resistances equal (for Wise Oak's defensive mod).

To be honest I think I reached the point where each new upgrade would cost tons of exalts, while not giving that much of a boost, so I think I'll stop here. Maybe I'll pick better Watcher's Eye and maybe I'll craft some proper boots (I managed to get strength on rings, allowing me to get rid of strength on boots, meaning more energy shield on prefix).

Deathless A8 Sirus, clears maps fast (can do one Sirus kill every 1 to 1,5 hours if you rush for boss and seeds, doing only legions and blights on the way), deathless Simulacrum with double boss on last wave. It wrecks all content, no problem with Uber Elder either.

Thanks for the build, it's great fun, and easy to play too. It's like super-buffed SRS. I love them balls.

Questions are welcome!

Let me know if you want a Video on Demand against certain Bosses/content

Thanks for watching and enjoy the build!
Последняя редакция: zzang. Время: 5 авг. 2020 г., 12:32:13
Last bumped on 7 авг. 2020 г., 5:38:39
Nice final items guide !!
Maybe you can add small guide to leveling, and how craft any items.
I go to create a necromancer with your build !! TY
Mans11 написал:
Nice final items guide !!
Maybe you can add small guide to leveling, and how craft any items.
I go to create a necromancer with your build !! TY

Thanks mate.

I added a crafting section for Wand, Boots and Belt.

Update: Also added Wave 19/20 Simulacrum video - easy, fast and deathless of course.
Thanks for the build! :)

I have boots with Elusive and Tailwind, do you think I should change them?
zab9k написал:
Thanks for the build! :)

I have boots with Elusive and Tailwind, do you think I should change them?

Keep them as long as you have Cannot be Frozen and enough resist!

Tailwind would be an upgrade for my setup if i could have enough cold res.
Последняя редакция: zzang. Время: 3 мая 2020 г., 15:47:23
Is the Abyssal Socket on Gloves necessary?
YlwCrvdFruit написал:
Is the Abyssal Socket on Gloves necessary?

No, its not neccessary it just provides a bit more damage and ES for the cost of a gem slot. As Additional Gem Slot Increased Duration could come handy to give thicc 3 seconds of Immortal Call uptime instead of 2.

But you could also use Arcane Surge of course on a more budget setup in the 4th Link instead. It will be triggered by the constant casting of Dash and Immortal Call.

Edit: Added to the FAQ as this was a great question thank you YlwCrvdFruit!
Последняя редакция: zzang. Время: 3 мая 2020 г., 16:43:41
Damn... I have like 10ex, and dunno what to improve first :(
I love the way you put this build.
Can you look at my? Should I go first for Bottled Faith?

zab9k написал:
Damn... I have like 10ex, and dunno what to improve first :(
I love the way you put this build.
Can you look at my? Should I go first for Bottled Faith?


Will check tomorrow after work. Need to sleep now :)
Последняя редакция: zzang. Время: 4 мая 2020 г., 14:09:36
Thanks mate!

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