🏆 3.11 - Kelza`s VD 🏆 From SSF League Start up to EZ T19 100% 🏆

Hi there fellow exiles:

Let me present you this High-ENd DPS and Extremely Tanky VD Necromancer Build.

(English is not my native language, apologize in case I commit grammar mistakes)

* Version History/Updates:
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* June 18th: Made new thread since no space to add more data into original thread.
* June 15th: Added more deep Leveling Guide, adapted to SSF/League Start
* May 26th: Added new optional potion into Flask Setup
* May 24th: Added Leveling PoB with multiple Passive Trees progression
* May 23th: Added Budget Version of the Build
* May 21th: Created front page GiF and several Art for Twitch Channel
* May 12th: Updated a new PoB for High End version
* May 11th: Added Leveling section, with basic info about Gems for Leveling
* May 10th: Added Pantheon and Bandits section
* May 9th: Added FaQ section
* May 8th: Added basic sections including PoB, Gear and Gem setups
* May 7th: Creation of the Post

* 3.11 PoBs:

1 to 100 Leveling PoB with BUDGET gear: https://pastebin.com/uURFVcTu

* This PoB has multiple trees, with points from early levels untill level 100.
* Jumps of 10 points in between each tree

100 PoB with VD/Hypothermia: https://pastebin.com/H52G9w3B
100 PoB with VD/Cont. Dest: https://pastebin.com/p69tsby5
100 PoB with VD/DD: https://pastebin.com/8fz32cAk

* Previous PoB iterations:
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June/12/20: https://pastebin.com/1h2MKBxK VD/DD - 3.10
June/12/20: https://pastebin.com/3j5fv5DU VD/Controll Destruction - 3.10
May/12/20: https://pastebin.com/QJzdA0P6 - 3.10

* Screenshoots from PoB: (3.10)
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DPS without RF or VRF:

DPS with RF and VRF on:

My 3.10 Gear as Reference:
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- Sensitive Content Below:
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(thats Kosis on 20th Wave Simulacrum, cough cough)

Table of contents:

0) LEVELING GUIDE - From Lvl 1 to T16
1) Quick overview
2) PROs
3) CONs
4) Gear
5) Gems
6) Pantheon
7) Bandits
8) FAQ
9) Videos
10) Credit
11) 5EX Budget version (3.10 show case)


0) LEVELING GUIDE - From Lvl 1 to T16 100%

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Follow this route and you will be able to go from Solo Self Found or League Start to GodMode:

- 1st Iteration of the Build (From Lvl 1 to T16 maps)
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Lvl 1-24)
Freezing Pulse + Frost Bomb + Explosive Trap will be your leveling spells.
* Link your 3 spells with Arcane Surge and/or Added Lightning Damage and/or Onslaught and/or Any Spell Support gem.
* Make sure to get Frost Bomb and Explosive Trap (Buy A1 town) at level 4 to level them up for Brutus/Mereveil
* Get 2x White Iron Rings loot/vendor, and vendor with a Blue Skill Gem to get back a 20-30 Cold Res Ring (Mereveil help)
* DONT LEVEL UP Arcane Surge gem

Lvl 10)
Flame Dash Arcane Surge Support
* Once you get Flame Dash, link it to Arcane Surge level 1
* Make sure your Flame Dash level is high enough to make one single cast of it activate your Arcane Surge Support.

Lvl 10-18-31)
Shield Charge - Faster Attacks Support - Fortify Support
* Equip this 3L as you get the jewels to keep leveling them
* Fortify and Faster Attack support can always be bought on Library A3 (Siosa)

Lvl 24)
Spellslinger - Spell Cascade Suport - Volatile Dead
Spellslinger - Spell Cascade Support - Desecrate
Spellslinger - Wave of Conviction - Combustion Support
* Make sure you get your VD and Desecrate and Spell Cascades as you get acces to them, and level them prior to hit A3/Level 24
* Once you finish Lost in Love quest in A3, you will be able to get Spellslinger gem as reward.
* Buy all the other gems you need to make your 3x3L setup - 3B 2B1G 2B1G
* Once you set up the 3x Spellslinger set, you can remove Mana Potion.
* I recomend using 1hp potion and 4x utility (Quicksilver, Granite, Basalt, Onslaught)

Lvl 24 - 38)
Frenzy - Barrage Support - Curse on Hit Support - Elemental Weakness
* Get Frenzy as soon as possible (A3 Siossa, Library)
* Get Barrage Support and Curse on Hit Setup asap

Lvl 30+)
Enduring Cry
* Get your enduring cry from A3 Library
* 3 Charges of Endurance will help you mitigating Physical damage, but also raising your Elemental resistances and give a big boost to your HP regen through leveling (and maps)

Lvl 30-70)
* Get 1st lab done before A5 Kitava (Plaguebringer)
* Get 2nd lab done before A10 Kitava (Corpse Pact)
* Make sure all resistances are at 75 once you hit A6 (If they are not, remember you can go Hideout and craft some resistances for cheap price in the open suffixes of your gear)
* Make sure all resistances are at 105 once you hit Kitava A10 (that way you will be capped and ready to go maps)

Lvl 70+) Congratulations, you have got into the maps:
* Do as many Betrayal misions as possible in order to get "Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill craft)
* 3rd lab will be Mistress of Sacrifice if you have the Trigger craft.
* 3rd lab will be Commander of Darkness if you DONT have the Trigger craft.
* 4th lab will be the remaining one

- 2nd Iteration of the Build (Trigger Spells craft) (T16 100%, Higher Single Target DPS)

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Lvl 70+) What happens when I get Trigger Spells when use a skill craft?

* Since you will most likely get Trigger craft even before than you get HoAsh Rings/Calamitous, you will do the following:

- Once you get Trigger craft, you will change your 3x Spellslinger setup to:

Spellslinger - Cascade Support - Volatile Dead - More if you have more links
Spellslinger - Cascade Support - Desecrate
Spellslinger - Combustion - Vaal Detonate Dead
Trigger Wand -> Bone Offering - Tempest Shield - Conviction

* Moving conviction to Trigger wand, will let you add Vaal Detonate Dead into the 3rd Spellslinger
* That DD and its Vaal version, will pump up your DPS (especially single target)
* Combustion will still be all time up through DD, while conviction will have a lower uptime, though thats compensated through DD

* At this point your gems will looks like:

- 4B 2G 3-6L SS (VD)
- 2B 1G 3L SS (Desecrate)
- 3B 3L SS (DD/Combustion)
- 3B 3L Trigger (Offering, Conviction, Tempest Shield)
- 2B 2G 4L Curse on Hit (Frenzy, Barrage Support, Curse on Hit, Flammability)
- 2R 1G 3L (Shield Charge, Fortify, Faster Attacks)
- 1R solo - Enduring Cry (Or some choice you like)
- 1B solo - Flame Dash (Yes, we lose arcane surge until 3rd iteration)

- 3rd Iteration of the Build (Herald of Ash)(T16 100% with ease - HIGH DPS, HIGH EHP)
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Lvl 80+) When will I swap to Herald of Ash?
* In before swap to Herald of Ash you need to obtain 2x Anguish Rings and Calamitous Visions Small Cluster gem.
* We will remove the 3rd Spellslinger to add Herald of Ash then.
* To be able to run Herald of Ash, you will need 1% extra Mana reservation, otherwise you mana will be exactly 0.

How to obtain that 1% mana reservation?

- 1% mana reserved corruption in 1 tree jewel
- Charisma annointment (8%)
- Anguish Ring with reduced % mana reserved of Herald of Ash

* At this point your gems will looks like:

- 4B 2G 3-6L SS (VD)
- 2B 1G 3L SS (Desecrate)
- 3B 3L Trigger (Offering, Conviction, Combustion)
- 2B 2G 4L Curse on Hit (Frenzy, Barrage Support, Curse on Hit, Flammability)
- 1R solo - Herald of Ash
- 2R 1G 3L (Shield Charge, Fortify, Faster Attacks)
- 1R solo - Enduring Cry (Or some choice you like)
- 2B 2L (Flame Dash, Arcane Surge)
- 1B solo - Vaal Righteous Fire or Tempest shield

- 4th Iteration of the Build (Hypothermia to Controlled Destruction)(God MODE Activated)
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Lvl 90+) Is Hypothermia the best 6th Link Option?


* Not really. Awakened Controlled Destruction will grant about 10% MORE DPS.
* In order to achieve it (since it has a 10% higher mana multiplier), we will need 4-5% more Mana reservation.

* We can achieve it from mana reservation Suffix in amulet ideally (that leaves annoint open to use Arcane Swiftness - Another 6.6% MORE DPS)
* We can aswell achieve it from Charisma Annointment.

* At this point your gems will looks like:

- 5B 1G 6L SS (VD)
- 2B 1G 3L SS (Desecrate)
- 3B 3L Trigger (Offering, Conviction, Combustion)
- 2B 2G 4L Curse on Hit (Frenzy, Barrage Support, Curse on Hit, Flammability)
- 1R solo - Herald of Ash
- 2R 1G 3L (Shield Charge, Fortify, Faster Attacks)
- 1R solo - Enduring Cry (Or some choice you like)
- 2B 2L (Flame Dash, Arcane Surge)
- 1B solo - Vaal Righteous Fire or Tempest shield

- 5th Iteration of the Build (Full Mana Reservation & VD/DD 6L)(Hold My Beer Mode)
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Lvl 90+) Is VD/Controlled the Best DPS option?

* Yes, unless you wanna go for a super hard to achieve list of requirements.
* If we achive all this combined:

- Sovereignity
- 1x 1% mana reserved jewel on tree
- 6% (5% + 20% mana catalyst) mana reserved amulet
- Charisma Anointment
- +46% Herald of Ash mana reserved (2x Anguish with near perfect roll MR)

* We get the option to remove Awakened Controlled Destruction from the 6L and add Vaal Detonate Dead

* This is the highest DPS iteration of this build (that I have came up with so far ... lol)

* At this point your gems will looks like:

- 4B 2G 6L SS (VD & DD)
- 2B 1G 3L SS (Desecrate)
- 3B 3L Trigger (Offering, Conviction, Combustion)
- 2B 2G 4L Curse on Hit (Frenzy, Barrage Support, Curse on Hit, Flammability)
- 1R solo - Herald of Ash
- 2R 1G 3L (Shield Charge, Fortify, Faster Attacks)
- 1R solo - Enduring Cry (Or some choice you like)
- 2B 2L (Flame Dash, Arcane Surge)
- 1B solo - Vaal Righteous Fire or Tempest shield

- DPS Upgrade Progression
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* Constant Upgrades of Wand untill Top Affixes
* Awakened Spell Cascade
* Helm Enchant
* Anguish Rings addition to the build
* Calamitous Vision addition to the build
* Large Cluster with Doryani and 1/2 DPS nodes
* Curse Medium Cluster with Unnerve and Culling Strike
* Level 20 Gems
* Level 20/20 Gems
* Level 21/20 Gems
* Optimal Megalomaniac
* Frenzy and Endurance charges generation methods
* Awakened Ele Focus
* Correct Potion Setup
* Sinvicta Off Hand
* Puhuarte Mod in Gloves
* Minion DMG preffix in Gloves
* Flat DMG Preffix in Gloves
* Flat DMG Preffix in Helm
* -9% Nearby Enemies Fire Resist Suffix in helm

If your DPS is low, and you wonder why, check this list, and find out which of this BIG DPS UPGRADES are you missing.

Then work your way in order to slowly achieve them, while allways keeping high your HP and Resistances.

1) Quick overview of the Build Basics:

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1st of all, welcome to this build guide and thanks for spend your time reading this.

My name is Kelza, and this build guide is the deep evolution over this league into my own toon.

I am a PoE and PoB nerd, so I have spend incountable amount of hours theorycrafting and testing data, in game and PoB, to keep developing the behaviour of this, let me say, "AMAZING" build.

You are in front of not only an incredible DPS build, but also an incredibly Tanky and Survival build.

Some of the most important goals you can achieve through this build are:

* High HP
* 90% Phys Mitigation
* 87% Chaos res
* 82% Elemental res (PoB wont calculate GV, so it skips a +4 we get over 78)
* 6% evasion
* 22k armour
* 800+ hp per block
* 75/74 Melee/Spell Block
* Molten Shell up to +4k mitigation (POSSIBLY REMOVED in 3.11!!)
* Vaal Molten Shell up to +14k mitigation
* Decent Fire damage Leech
* Decent Life Regen per second
* Triple Inmunity Potion Setup (Curse, Bleed, Freeze)
* Optional Frenzy/Endurance/Power charges

Basically, by following the tips and recomendations in this guide, you will be able to reach the same Tankyness of some of the Forum most tanky builds, but also at the same time the same (or more) DPS than the Low Life VD builds.

The evolution of this build has taken me some time, to get through all the posibilities, but at the current state, about everything is really polished with a really hard to upgrade anymore result.

You will be able to start with a really low budget, and if you are willing to, there are so many options (which I will detail) to upgrade your DPS x2, x3 or even further.

The only limit is your will to push harder and follow the intructions I will share <3

2) PROs of the Build:

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- Obviously the tankiness is one of Highest pros
- Our defense has multiple layers:

*We block 3 out of every 4 attack/spells
*We still have 1/20 to evade that attack
*We mitigate 90% of the phys damage which bypass that block
*Or we mitigate an 82% elemental or 87% chaos damage of that atack
*So from 3 out of every 4 attacks, we will recover a 5% of our life and another 400hps from Ofering

- We can do No regen, No Leech maps, not a problem. (No regen will be slower maps since no dash/shield charge, but thats it)

- In the offensive layer, we have a very good clear speed, even into the lowest budgets (Inpulsa and League mechanics are huge helpers here)
- The single target, will slowly raise up as we invest more into the build. I can tell you I started myself with 100k dps PoB, ended up (while getting even more defensive layers) at 1350k dps.
- This means, that following my very detailed points, you will save tons of time thinking and wasting currency in non usefull or not that efficient mods, I have done all that road already, now I will share you the fast route.

3) CONs of the Build:

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- Biggest CONs is that your GPU might die, VD is really abussive with our Graphic Card
- Other than that, you can´t do Elemental Reflect maps (You can reroll map or Sextant block reflect)

4) Gear, detailed explanation:

Ok, now we get into the important part. In this build, there will be several madatory items. I will post every single item, jewel, potion, etc and explain WHY do we use it, and if its mandatory Ill let you know.

Some items, will have multiple levels, depending on your budget, I will aswell, explain you the different levels of that item and explain the DPS upgrade that you could reach with it, with a comparison of estimated Currency/%DPS upgrade

So lets start.

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Chest: (Mandatory)
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* Inpulsa 6L (1.5ex)
* The DPS difference from 25% increased or 50% increased on Inpulsa Explicit is 2%
* BIG UPGRADE OPTION: Inpulsa +2 AoE gems corrupted ----> +20% MORE dps (25ex)
* HIGH END UPGRADE OPTION:: Inpulsa +2 AoE gems +1 Socketed gems -----> 30% MORE dps, or +10% over a +2 AoE (150ex +-)

-We use inpulsa for several reasons:

a) Amazing for clear in Delirium since high density mechanic
b) Cheap to obtain on 6L or 6L +2 AoE version
c) VERY EASY to obtain needed colours
d) Extra DPS mod
e) We get non affected by shock

Colours will be:
4B 2G
High End:
5B 1G
BadAss Level:
4B 2G

More information in the Gem section and Leveling Section, under Build Iterations

Rings: Mandatory for Iterations 3-5 of the Build
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* Circle of Anguish with Herald of Ash buff effect (10 chaos)
* BIG UPGRADE OPTIONGetting also the %Fire Damage while affected by Herald of Ash (+6% MORE dps per ring)
* HIGH END UPGRADE OPTION:: Good implicits (%Flat Fire DMG, %Fire DMG, %Elemental DMG, Arcane Surge on Hit, Onslaught on Hit, %Life Regen)
* 5th Iteration Options:: You will need 2x Mana Reservation nodes for the 5th Build Mode. Keep that in mind!

- Each Anguish ring, if decently rolled, will mean a 14-17% DPS MORE into our build

Large Tree Jewel: Mandatory
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* We ideally want Doryani and Smoking Remains
* We will try to hit a good 3rd DPS or Defensive node
* We want 2 socket
* We want as less passives as possible (8 ideally)

1st Medium Tree Jewel: Mandatory
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* We will use a Megalomaniac with defensive stats
* Getting 2 out of 3 defensive nodes is good enough
* Some of recomendable nodes are Dragon Hunter, Fettle, Second Skin, Endurance Generation nodes, HP nodes, HP Regen nodes, Block nodes!

2nd Medium Tree Jewel: Mandatory
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* Wish for Death will mean Cull Strike = +11% MORE DPS
* Master of Fear will mean Unnerve Mobs = +7% MORE DPS
* Open socket will lead us to the next jewel for EVEN MORE DPS

Small Tree Jewel: Mandatory
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* Calamitous Visions for Lone Messenger is a HUGE interaction with our Herald of Ash and Dual Circle of Anguish.
* Ideally you wanna buy it with 1% mana reservation , Corrupted Blood or any DPS Mod (Minion, Plain DMG, Non Damaging Ailments...)

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* On your shield we search for %3-5 Life recovered per block (mandatory)
* On the 2nd suffix we can either choose %spell block or frenzy/endurance/power charges gained on block
* If lucky, you can aim to hit the 3 suffixes and get a godly shield
* In the prefixes, if we are lucky we will want +2 all max resistance (shaper mod)
* In the prefixes we would like to get high life as possible
* Ideally shield will be STR based, but even with a non STR based shield we will hit the 90% phys mitigation cap

Скрытый текст

* Two-Toned boots (Mandatory base)
* CDR T1 11-15 (Mandatory)
* Getting as much life as possible
* I recomend craft 20% move speed + Onslaught on kill, can take your personal choice there
* Getting 1 resistance suffix is COOL
* Getting Tailwind on crit is another great option, makes the boots WAY more expensive though.

Скрытый текст

* Get PUHUARTE suffix (46-48 cold res and 35-50 DMG vs Chilled Mobs = up to 5% free dps)
* Get Resistances on suffixes, thats the MOST important
* Get life Preffix
* If possible get open prefix to craft Minion DMG
* If rich, get a flat DMG redeemer slam (up to 3% more dps)

Скрытый текст

* Enchant Spellslinger 30% CDR
* Get triple resistance roll on Suffixes, or double + Open Suffix to craft
* Get Life preffix
* If possible get a hunter or hunter slam FLAT DMG preffix (Fire or Physical are the most desirable, cold and lightning are meh, chaos is BAD)

* BEST BASE will be Bonet Helmet, since its implicit is %increased minion damage, which synergize with out tree

* 3.11 Side Options: If you wanna hit 5th iteration of the build, and not using a HH, you can hit the 52% treeshold with just SS gem, Boots and Belt, so that you can free up the helm enchant into Spellslinger reservation, which will allow you to run other ring options and still be able to run VD/DD. Keep that in mind!

Скрытый текст

* Ok, Amulet is one of the KEY items for the build.

* (1st ro 3rd Build Iterations) The 1st step is to get an Amulet with 3 resistances suffixes (we need resistances in the side items, so that we can get the PURE dps from the important items as rings, or even leave free slots in future in case we would want to use a HH, which negates another slot to hit resistances)
* If we use the 1st step option, resistances amu, we will use Deflection Annoint, which is good for Block and such

* (4th and 5th Build Iterations) Then 2nd, and harder option, is to go after a Mana reservation 3-5% amulet, with even Spell Block. If we reach that, we will still be block capped, and we have more mana, that will allow us to not only remove annointment to add Arcane Swiftness Anoint (+6.5% DPS), but also the reservation will allow us to change 1 gem into the chest setup and hit an extra 10% MORE DPS.

* SO the amulet is a KEY piece to hit an extra +17% potential MORE DPS through the use of the different build Iterations I show you in the very begining of this guide.

* In the amulet we have several craft options depending on our open mods. Being honest, if you wanna hit all resistances through all gear, on amulet you should have no open suffixes, but if you do you can craft Minimun Endurance charges for extra tankiness.
* If we get open prefixes, and life is inbound in the amulet, we can craft AoE + AoE DMG, since we will no longer need mana reduction if follow the build.

Скрытый текст

* Weapon is one of our DPS sources (together with the VD Spell Gem and all of its Supports and other Flat or Elemental DMG sources)
* Biggest DPS Preffixes are: +1 Fire Skills, T1 Fire Flat DMG, T1 Fire Essence Flat DMG, Topotante (78% Fire dmg, 20-35 Fire Flat to spell), T1 Fire Flat Spells DMG.
* Suffixes will be crafted and Multimodded since its near to impossible to beat the 5% chance to double damage, so we aim to hit 3 preffixes and multimod with trigger and 5% double.


Скрытый текст
* I personally use an HH, but its not mandatory, it actually will give you less boss DPS, but I like to play with it.
* Another problem of HH is that your gearing to fit all resistances will become MUCH harder, since you get 1 less item on where to add resistances to make all fit in place, and in the end, the less resistances you can obtain, is the less actual DMG mods you can add, unless you wanna YoloRambo the way with no resistances. I wont recomend that tho. This guide is to be a badass DPSer while also a BADASS tank.

* In the belt we want CDR T1
* Ideally we will hit Life
* Secondary we will hit some resistance in case we need
* If we dont need them resistances, the best option will be to hit a Stygian Vyse with CDR, DMG vs Chilled Mobs, Elemental DMG. That trifecta is so good, which together with some high DPS/Life Abyss Jewel will make of the belt an easy 10% MORE dps slot.

Potion Setup: MANDATORY
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* I know, you might not like a mandatory potion setup, but this is the most effective in both deffensive and offensive layers.
* You will get Curse, Bleed and Freeze inmunity, so that you will run maps pretty safely
* On the 4th potion you will get extra armour mod (up to 100%, which is HUGE phys reduction boost)
* The life potion, can be the extra 40% mod like mine if you plan to play RF, since thats the highest life per second regen variation
* The life potion, if you dont plan to use standar RF, can be an instant health variation one (thats up to your playstile)
*Rumi is TOTALLY MANDATORY, and if possible hit it as higher values as you can.

* End of League change:
- After several testing I came out to the conclusion that Life Flask Antibleed can be exchange into this:

- Same base, same preffix. The Burning Suffix will allow us to play a way more safer and controlled RF setup. So even if no mobs around we will have an option to stop burning damage from RF if we wanna AFK of whatever.

South Tree/HP Area Jewel: MANDATORY
Скрытый текст

* Might of the meek will give you an interesting HP boost with our tree nodes selection
* You can buy it with corrupted blood or any other fancy corruption of your choice
* Tree wil looks like:

North Tree/HP Area Jewel: OPEN CHOICES
Скрытый текст

* Into the north area, over witch, socket, we will get a pure Fire Flat, Fire Flat with shield, Life jewel
* We can aim to get a corrupted version, but pure DMG and life will be good enough

Скрытый текст

* Glorious Vanity jewels in that spot, under the god of Xibaqua, will give us a HUGE options, but at the cost of having to test tons of them
* This gems, will give us the option to get into the Divine Flesh node:

* Our chaos res will become then 86
* Considering our Ele Resistances are caped at 76, since 50% the Ele DMG will count as chaos, our effective Ele Resistances will actually be 80
* Equiping a glorious vanity will give us a -68% Spell DMG, -14% life, -0.6% life regen, -60 INT, -10 DEX and the life/dps we could have had in that socket with an abyss jewel
* So we would wanna find some Glorious, if possible, with a high Fire DMG, Double Damage or Curse effect.
* The tree would looks like:

* Once we equip, we have to check the GREEN CIRCLE. If that slot is not once of the before mentioned (Fire, Double DMG or Curse effect) we will not check anything else.
* If that node is good, we will test the RED CIRCLE node, at two points above.
* If thats cool, we might pick it up.
* If thats not good we will just add the extra points (Since we remove the natural 3 points of the Life Area and Spend one in the Divine Flesh node, so 2 free point) into 2 5% life nodes in the south
* We can check then all the nodes at 3 points distance, but unless something crazy in there, it wont be worth.
* REMEMBER if the 1st GREEN CIRCLE NODE is bad, dont check anything else, it wont be worth.

* Glorious Vanity and Divine Flesh can give amazing boost, it takes a lot of time to get the jewels on market, and test them (and then sell them back)

* This step is OPTIONAL
* If you dont use Glorious Vanity, use simply one other jewel like previous one. Flat, Flat, Life.

* If you wanna add Glorious Vanity jewel into your PoB you can do following:
-Go items tab
-Find any Unique Jewel
-Click EDIT
-Delete all his info
-Add following:
Скрытый текст
---------------------- CURRENT GLORIOUS VANITY ------------------------
Glorious Vanity
Cobalt Jewel
Radius: Large
Implicits: 0
---> Loses from tree
Allocated Small Passive Skills in Radius grant nothing
Notable Passive Skills in Radius grant nothing
Keystone Passive Skills in Radius grant nothing
---> Gains from Vanity
x% increased fire damage
x% increased Area damage
x% chance to deal double damage
x% increased curse effect
x% increased Physical damage
+x% to lightning resistance
x% increased maximum life
+x% to chaos resistance
+x% to fire resistance
+x% to lightning resistance
+x% to cold resistance
x% increased skill effect duration

-Values in RED are the highest valuable mods in terms of DPS output.

*Now, you have your normal nodes removed, but also you get a template to add all important nodes you can get, so that you get a calculation of its actual values.
*This template is included into the NOTES tab of the PoB

Weapon Swap: OPTIONAL
Скрытый текст

* Get a sinvicta on the swap, and then you will have a Free and Easy Rampage method
* How to use? Start map/whatever, throw some balls, let them travel to the mobs, right before the hit/kill 1 mob swap to sinvicta, swap back instantly. Enjoy your buff. Repeat if need.

5) Gem Setup and Explanations:

Ok, gem setup is some of the most important parts of this build.

I took several days evolving ideas, PoB testing, in testing, theorycrafting, untill finding the sweet spot into a greatly tank build but also aswell a high-end DPS capable build.

There is some open options, depending on the budget and items each one manage, but now we will get into it.

I will start with the gems we will have no options to change, the Mandatory and fixed stuff.

Later I will go into the 6L and some theory in there, take a sit and enjoy

Скрытый текст

3L Setups: Mandatory

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* Our wand, with trigger on cast craft mod, will activate our Bone Offering, Wave of Conviction which will apply combustion Support.
* Through our ascendancy, Bone Offering will work on us at a 75% of its value, granting us 26% Block and Spell Block with a level 21 gem.
* Bone Offering will aso grant us 483 HP per block with a level 21 gem.
* Wave of conviction will be a way to trigger Fire Exposure (-25% Fire Res) which is linked to combustion (-20% Fire Res)

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* Shield charge will be 1 of our 2 movement skills, but also a way to apply Fortify, which will grant us 20% LESS damage taken from hits. (BIG BIG)
* NOTE: While we could have some other setup of 3L in the shield, we dont want anything but this, for 2 reasons:
A) Shield will be mostly STR based, AKA easier to colour reds
B) We will swap to 2nd weapon set for Rampage, so we dont want anything in Hands that will make us lose a buff or spellslinger each time we swap, hence thats why Shield charge in here

4L Setups: Optional Order

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1ST 4L:
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* This will be the Curse on Hit setup, applied through our barrage skill
* 💚VERY IMPORTANT💚 to point out that to be able to apply 2 curses YOU MUST HAVE awakened curse on hit 💚LEVEL 5💚
* So basically barrage is a great skill to apply our curses through a low mana cost attack
* In case there is not enough currency to build up an Awakened Curse on Hit Level 5 setup, then we will hit the plan B

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* For the Cheap version we would run normal Curse on Hit, or a non Level 5 awakened curse on hit. Being main attack frenzy, linked to barrage support and Flammability (This setup will give about 20% LESS DPS)

2ND 4L (actually 3+1)
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* On the 2nd 4 socket Item we will link 3L Spellslinger, Spell Cascade and Desecrate
* The solo gem will be Herald of Ash (HUGE DPS)
* In order to be able to use HoAsh, not only we need to use the tree proposed in PoB, but 💚YOU ALSO NEED 1% EXTRA SOURCE OF MANA RESERVATION💚 which we can obtain through one corrupted gem in the tree with that implicit corruption

3RD 4L (actually 2+1+1):
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or Enduring Cry 3.11

* We have some magic here going on. Flame dash will not only be our 2nd move skill (we will alternate move skills, charge, dash, charge, dash, that will give us a WAY HIGHER movility in the fields) but it will also trigger out Arcane Surge Support which will grant us 12% MORE dps

* Here we get something tricky. Depending on our Mana on cost, +level of skill mods and such, we will have to level our Arcane Surge and Flame Dash accordingly so that the actual mana cost of flame dash is exactly the same as our Arcane Surge support. (In my case I run level 10 pure Flame Dash with Level 5 arcane surge, getting a 22 mana cost Flame Dash, and an Arcane Surge which activates at 22 mana grating 12% MORE DPS, so every single flame dash activates Arcane Surge.

* Another important section of Arcane Surge is that it slightly boost our mana regen, which together with the low level of our gems will make that WE NO LONGER NEED MANA COST REDUCTION craft anywhere. /cheers!!

* On this setup we also get 2 gems alone.
* Molten shell is a HUGE defensive buff, we will spam the normal version as we do maps, and we will reserve vaal version which is absurdly OP for hard situations on our choice
* The other gem is Vaal Righteous Fire, which requires its own talk
* Vaal Righteous Fire will be use on its Vaal version, under your own risk to pop on bosses or some situations
* NORMAL RF version I wouldnt recomend untill level 100 or unless you dont care about playing with extra hard dificulty.
* NORMAL RF pumps your dps by a crazy ... 40% MORE DPS
* I personally can sustain it on maps since I get a very High Fire Max resistance through glorious vanity and +2 max res in shield, all together with the best HP per second potion

* But as I said, NORMAL RF is risky, and while I recomend to have the gem, I wont recomend the perma use of it untill done leveling or not caring anymore about XP lose if it happens (I started using normal at 100, not before)

* If you dont even like the option of having Vaal RF in the bar you can swap it to:

* Since Tempest Shield last about 17 seconds, and it reactivates timer on each block, you will mostly have it up all the time. Your choice!

6L Setup: (Different option to Different Iterations of the Build)

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STANDAR OPTION: Iterations #1-3 of the Build:

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* Links reading from left to right, thats the importance order

* This is the standar setup for 6L
* We play a 4B 2G Setup
* This is the easy way, since to be able to equip Herald of Ash we "only" need 1% extra mana reservation in the form of a Tree Jewel for example
* DPS wise is ok, I leveld up to 100 like this, wasnt untill later when I managed of the High End Option

HIGH END: Iteration #4 of the Build:

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* In the HIGH END option, we run 5B 1G
* This opens the option to swap Hypothermia (40% MORE DPS) to Awakened Controlled Destruction (50% MORE DPS) which means a 10% clean MORE DPS
* There is a problem, Controlled Destruction require 4% extra mana reservation.
* We can achieve that through several affixes, one of them is mana reservation in the shield, or mana reservation mod into the Anguish rings, or even mana reservation on helm ... but the best and most desirable option is mana reservation suffix into the amulet, which can roll up to 5%, which with life and mana catalyst 20% will make it even rise to 6%
* Getting that mod in the amulet allows you to now remove Hypothermia to Run Controlled

* 💚EXTRA💚 Amulet, will normally run with Deflection, a pure block/spell block annointment, but if you manage to also get %Spell Block (since melee block should be maxed even without it) into the amulet suffixes, you get a new door open, since you can now also remove the Deflection Annointment and pull in Arcane Swiftness, for another 6.5% MORE DPS

TOP HIGH END: Iteration #5 of the Build:

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* In the HIGH END option, we run 4B 2G
* We will remove Awakened Controlled Destruction in order to ADD a 2nd DPS spell, VAAL Detonate Dead.
* There is a problem, we will require another +-8% extra mana reservation at least.

* We will need to combine multiple mana reservation perks in order to hit this:

- Sovereignity in the tree
- 1% Reservation in 1 jewel of the tree
- 6% Reservation in suffix amulet
- 8% Reservation through charisma annoint into the amulet
- 2x 23-24% Herald of Ash mana reservation Anguish Rings

* Optional: We can play into the 52% Treeshold CDR and free up the Helmet enchat, swapping it back to Spellslinger 15% reservation, which will free up multiple of the above options, so that you can still get VD/DD with not as many Reservation requirements as said above.

3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
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Last bumped on 15 сент. 2020 г., 1:38:10
6) Pantheon:
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Pantheon is a personal choice according your taste, gameplay and preferences, but if you wanna know what I choose or recomend:

7) Bandits:
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8) FAQ:
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Q: Wait, how do we chill or shock mobs if we have Elemental Focus??

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A: The ascendancy is the solution:

Q: I can´t tank good enough, what is going wrong?
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A: Make sure that your potion setup is in place (Life, Move Speed, Armour and Phys Reduction and Consecrated Ground potions), and also that one of your potions has "of Iron Skin" mod (60-100% increased armour)

Make sure that you use properly your Molten Shell (pop it after or while potions are up, so that you beneficts of higher base armour)

Make sure that your Block and Spell Block are in good place. Double check your amulet annointment.

Make sure your shield has 5% life recover on block.

Try to hit all armour based gear on shield, boots and gloves if possible, we want mitigation, not evasion.

Q: Which of this wands is better???
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A: You wanna learn how to fish, not getting the fish served.

* Open PoB
* Click import
* Select your account, character
* Import
* Go under ITEM tab
* Select your weapon
* Click EDIT
* Remove the lines with values on your weapon and write carefully (no typos or ull get wrong result) the mods you wanna check
* Put your cursor over the save button, without clicking it.
* Check what the tooltip says
* Now you are PRO! Congratz

Q: Is your gear a low level budget?

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A: No, its not. But the reality is that you are gonna be able to do ALL content even with lower stats than I have.

I will let you know my route. I started following Ancine Basic VD build. That was cool, he had a 105k DPS PoB setup with a cool tanky setup. That allowed me to get into T16, A8 Sirus and all content. DPS was low, very low in single target (Say 20 seconds to kill a conqueror).

I started then to evolute the gear, find every single way, item or affix in the search of upgrading DPS.

I remember I was happy when I hit 200k dps, that was initially double the original damage. About next day, after more research I was hitting 300k, then it was 450, then it was 550, then it was 600, 650, 700, 750 and that not even turning on Righteous Fire.

The AMAZING part, is that I was not only learning how to evolve the build getting more DPS while maintaining and upgrading the Defensive layers, but I also was being able to farm all end game content, building up currency which allowed me to craft and obtain upgrades in a constant basis.

Short story long, if you like the build, you will be able to get to a really high end point as long as you enjoy the gameplay and you farm the content.

Q: Is this build possible without Cluster Jewels?
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A:Yes, it is, but there would need to be done some adjustement.

Without cluster jewels we would lose severa defensive nodes, fire life leech, smoke cloud, culling strike, unnervation and Lone Messenger.

In shorter terms, we would lose DPS and Tankines, but in the other hand we would earn 20 passive points, with which we can obtain a lot of interesting nodes.

This means that this build is viable in future leagues as long as mechanics not changed, since we dont trully require those League Specific (while they are recomended at this 3.10 in my version of the build)

Q: I have problems with my attributes, what´s wrong?
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A: This build will require the following:

- Hypothermia Version: 114 DEX
- Controlled Destruction Version: 108 DEX (or even less if you dont care about lowering Faster Attack Support some levels to equal desecrate req (98))
- Int for Wands: Imbued 188, Tornado 212, Opal 212, Prophecy 240

To adquire dexterity, you might need to run 2 affixes along whole gear to hit those values. You will have to plan accordingly to your pieces and resistance needs.

If you are Glorious Vanity user, you will lose 60 INT and 10 DEX out of your natural tree, so thats why, Glorious Vanity, even being a potentially powerful tool, makes our setup fitting much harder in many ways.

Q: Do I need mana reduction items?
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A: Considering we use 2 Anguish Rings, the only place left in gear to craft that mod is the amulet.

But you dont even really need that mod, because even if the skills have a cost, your regen together with the extra regen from Arcane Surge will make it so that you wont need it at all. You are gonna get some here and there "Im out of mana" messages, but even if that happens, it does not really matter, since you can still proc your Spellslingers with the base attack

Q: Why does the build uses some % increased minion damage mods if we are not even using minions?
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A: % increases to minion Damage from items or tree or anything else are also applied to ourselves trough Spiritual Aid node in the tree.

Q: Should I use Deflection or Arcane Swiftness annoint in my amulet?
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A: That depends on your situation, goals and playstyle. I will detail now, how or when would you like to use each, and explain some other option:


This is a defensive node, which will help us to maximize our block and spell block.
It will also give us an small addition of phy reduction

This is the basic option since normally, block and spell block are not capped until decent/good gear.

If in your case, you have spell block capped, or simply if you want a lil more of damage and dont care about losing 4% into blocks, you can move into next step


Arcane swiftness will mean an aproximate 6.4% DPS upgrade, at the cost of 4% spell block (unless we overcap) and a little of armour.

Interesting DPS option, and its the best option if we manage to get an amulet with Spell Block and Mana reservation


Champion of the cause and Charisma, gives us NO DPS, but it gives us mana reservation. So if we now analize the situation:

- Losing Deflection meant, lose 4-4 block.
- Not adding afterwards Arcane Swiftness meant, not recovering 3% melee block and winnind 6.4% DPS

So why is this good?

The mana reservation, will make it possible to change chest Links from 4B-2G up to 5B 1G.

This colour change would mean that we would remove Hypothermia Support (40% more dps) to add Awakened Controlled Destruction (50% more dps), ergo we would obtain this way 10% MORE dps, which is even more than Arcane Swiftness.

But keep in mind, that Champion of the Cause is an small patch, since the final goal is to hit amulet with reservation/spell block, so that we get those 2 capped, no need reservation from Champion of the cause annointment to get the 5B 1G setup and earn 10% dps, and then, over it add Arcane Swiftness.

Q: My 2nd curse doesnt add any damage in PoB, something wrong?
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A: PoB doesnt calculate 2nd curse DMG addition from Awakened Curse on Hit Level 5, so in order to calculate it we have to add a small trick.

How to do it?

- Go items Tab
- Select any item of your gear
- Double Click it
- Click on Edit
- Add the following line: You can apply an additional curse

Q: Adding Lone Messenger doesnt give me any DPS into the PoB calculations, is there something wrong?
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A: PoB doesnt calculate the Lone Messenger buffs, so in order to calculater it we have to add a small trick

How to do it?

- Go items Tab
- Select any item of your gear
- Double Click it
- Click on Edit
- Add the following line: Herald of Ash has 50% increased Buff Effect

Q: My DPS seems low on PoB .... what values should I use into the Configuration tab??

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It will depend in many variables of your gear/configuration but you will mostly check:

* Power charges? Check your gear/setup and procced
* Frenzy charges? Check your gear/setup and procced
* Endurance charges? Check your gear/setup and procced
* Onslaught? If you have it from some source
* Fortify
* Tailwind? If you have it on boots
* Flask Active
* #Nearby Corpses 1+
* Consecrated Ground
* Have You Crit Recently? Yes
* Have you killed recently? Yes if you want clear DPS, No if you want some bosses dps
* Have you shocked an Enemy recently? Yes
* Have you blocked recently? Yes
* Consumed a corpse recently? Yes
* Exposure Type = Fire
* Is the enemy Ignited? Yes
* Is the enemy Shocked? Yes
* Is the enemy Chilled? Yes
* Is the enemy Unnerved? Yes (If you have Master of Fear on medium cluster)
* Is the enemy a Boss? You choose what you wanna see
* Enemy Fire resistance? You can adjust here if you have nearby enemy minus Fire Res on Helmet

With all of that, What I use for my setup is:

9) Videos:

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Simulacrum 20th Wave Kosis

Summit T16 100% Delirium Lvl 1 VD Gem

A8 Sirus

Promenade T16 100% Delirium

A8 Sirus - No Potions

T16 100% Delirium Minotaur - Facetank

* Some of the records are older stuff, with considerable lower dps! Stay tuned for most recent content at:

10) Credits:

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I would like to thank to Ancine, creator of a VD tanky Build for Delirium League.

His build (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2807474) is a very budget version, with respectable DPS for Map clearing, awesome tankability but some lack of DPS for the highest end game content single target.

His build has been the starting point of what I have evolved into an even more tanky and incredibly higer DPS build.

I also build like to thank to Papaste, another of the Ancine Build users, who had some ideas out of the box which added really interesting options.

11) 5 Ex Budget Version:

Скрытый текст

Currency spent was:
- 5 Ex Complete Gear, Potions and Jewels
- 2 Ex Complete set of Skill Gems (20/20 mostly, some lowers, some from vendor level 1)

List of the prices spent in the gear:

PoB Stats of the build:

PoB Pastebin:

PoE Trade site link with 1 section per item, with its possible interesting mods for Budget Version:

Showcase video clicking link below:

3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
Последняя редакция: Kelzar. Время: 18 июня 2020 г., 13:50:47
3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
Is it possible to add leveling trees to your leveling guide? To have a good pathing on the skill tree please?
nice, thanks for working on it.

While reading the leveling guide i saw that you don't tell wich skill you used to trigger SS when you get them at lvl 24 and before frenzy/barrage.

power syphon or kinetic bolt ? or anything else ?
Laere написал:
Is it possible to add leveling trees to your leveling guide? To have a good pathing on the skill tree please?


* 3.11 PoBs:
1 to 100 PoB with BUDGET gear: xx Coming Soon xx

he is working on it

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